What Size Rug Under A King Bed? Follow 3 Easy Steps!

What size rug under a king bed? The size of the rug under a bed might differ depending on the style.

Some of you probably love to re-organize your room once in a while or you’re might be moving to a new house.

What size rug under a king bed

Though whatever the reason is, we all just want our room to be a little bit decorative.

Aside from adding ornament on your cabinets, hanging up curtains on the windows, your floor mustn’t be left bare.

It adds detail to your room especially if you can lend the color and style well.

I mean you have seen some designs that look fab right?

So without further ado, we’ll give you a simple few tips when choosing the right rug for your room- from sizes, styles, and possible designs.


What Size Of Rug Under A King Bed

In choosing the right rug for your room, you might want to consider a few things including the size, design, and placement.


Step #1. Identify the rug placement

The placement of the rug is as important as choosing the size. I mean it is a factor to determine how wide the rug should be.

It should require some thought. You may want a rectangular, oval, or square-shaped.

In placing the rug, you have 4 options.


Entire bed

Place the rug underneath the bed wherein the bed entirely sits on top of the rug.


Bed and bench

Some rooms have beds with a couch right at the end of the bed.

If you want o to add the bench on top of the rug together with the bed, it’ll add to the size.


Lower two thirds and a bench

If you want, you can place the rug in two-thirds of the bed and bench.

This style emits the header’s leg from the top of the rug.


The lower third of the bed and bench

The last one is the lower third of the bed plus the bench on its end.

The lower leg of the bed will sit on top of the rug and the bench.


Step #2. Know what rug size under a king bed

Once you’ve decided on a rug placement, the next is to choose the size that fits best in your bedroom.

You may wonder what size rug under a king bed should you have?

The typical rug size for a king bed is 9 by 12 feet.

Of course, provided that your room must be bigger to have that size of the bed.

Another is to have yourself a little allowance if you plan to include a bench at the end.

If you have nightstands beside your bed, you can place them at least 8 inches away from it.

Make sure that the rug is at least a foot over the bed or the bench to make it look accommodating.

I mean, who would want their bedroom to look cramped? It will look better if there are spaces to move in.


Step #3. Combination

Another factor to consider when choosing which rug you should place is the right color and design combination.

Choosing the right color combination will not only make your room look great but also neat.

Cream-colored rugs are much preferred if you go by the word “simple”.

Go with a pink shade if you prefer to be a little girly.

Black rugs are good from being a little gothic.

Let your rug show your personality. It is your bedroom where you will show your personality by decorating it.

I prefer light colors, the pastel combination is what suits my crafty personality.

I love the others too but this style describes me best.

Which one shows yours?


Keeping Rugs Clean

You may want to change rugs from time to time but to save the hassle, you can just take good care of them.

Even though your rug stays under your bed, the edges don’t.

The areas under your bed might still be full of dust.

To maintain a good rug and also to keep yourself safe, here are some tips to help you out with that.


#1. Rug edges

Your rugs may be under your bed but there are the edges that peek outside it.

These edges may cause a tripping hazard.

You might trip on your carpet’s edges so to avoid that, it is best to use double-sided tape or carpet tape to attach them to the floor.

It’s for safety purposes so no one gets harm.

An alternative to that is by using a non-slip mat under the rug. It will keep the rug in place.


#2. Indented rug

Rugs under the bed leg tend to get indented. Meaning they will leave a mark because of the bed’s weight.

So to lessen or remove these dents, you can use ice or try to move the rug every so often.

If you decided to go with the ice method, move the ice on the indented part and fluff the fibers out using your fingers.

Thoroughly dry the spots where you put your ice cubes in to avoid getting cold puddles on your floor.

We don’t want anyone getting slipped in the morning when you wake up don’t we?



Now that you have an idea in choosing which rug should you choose, you may also have a rough idea of what size rug under a king bed.

You may not appreciate your rug until now but you can see for yourself after you do all the things mentioned above.

You may want to decorate other rooms as well.

Rugs aren’t just for the bedroom you know.

Place these rugs on the dinners and living room too, but that’s going to be another story.

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