What Size Rug For Full-Size Bed? 5 Interesting Options For You!

Today, we are going to ponder on the topic, “what size rug for full-size bed?”

Placing a rug under the bed would add more style and design to your room.

what size rug for full-size bed

And it can prevent your frame from sliding on the floor.

It could also give warmth to your feet.

But you should know how big is the rug you are going to buy.

It mainly depends on the size of your bed.

Some of you prefer to have a rug that is just big enough to cover the surface where your bed is placed.

Nevertheless, this article will assist you in selecting the appropriate rug size for your bedroom.

Read on!


The Sizes of Rug For Full-Sized Bed

For a full-size bed, you should choose a smaller rug that could still be visible even though it’s placed under your bed.

So, there should be more than a foot that expands from each side of the bed.

The rug’s position and bedroom’s overall layout can contribute to the dimensions.

So, what size rug for full-size bed?

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Option #1. Only the bed frame

Let’s consider first the size of a full-size bed or a double-sized bed.

A full-size bed is about 4.5 feet wide (53 inches) and 6.25 feet long (75 inches).

This option is mainly to prevent your bed frame from sliding.

So, you will just put a rug to hold it in place.

The rug should measure 1-2 inches more than the size of your bed frame.

This estimation will make sure that you won’t have a small mat hiding under your bed.

And the additional inches are intended to make your rug stand out.


Option #2. For the bottom two-thirds of your bed

So, your rug must be wider than the size of your frame.

If you want to place it at the bottom two-thirds of your bed, it doesn’t have to be longer.

But it could measure 75 inches also.

We suggest that your rug would be about 8ft in width.

This measurement ensures that there is an extra material to extend on the sides of the bed.

In terms of length, it should be 5-6 ft.


Option #3. Enough for the whole surface of your bed

This option is open for those who want to place a rug underneath their bed’s entire bottom surface.

The rug should be more than the size of your bed frame.

It should also be suitable for those with standard-sized rooms.

This means that the rug should be large enough to be shown on the floor while not covering the entire bedroom surface.

So, our suggestion is to pick a rug with the dimensions of 8x10ft 8in length and 10in width.

This rug will make you include a bed bench on the foot of your bed, your side tables, and a nightstand.

But it’s not necessary to have all of these in your bedroom.


Option #4. For a bigger room

Some prefer more expansive rugs enough not to cover the entire bedroom floor or become in contact with the walls and furniture.

So, this option is made for those who have spacious bedrooms.

If you have a slippery floor, you can also consider this to prevent yourself from slipping.

With this, you can have a rug with about 9ft length and 12ft width.

This measurement could include more than two beds with a nightstand in between.

Not two king and queen beds, though.


Option #5. For the lower one-third of your bed

The rug should be about three or four feet in length and 8 feet in width.

So it’s just a bit smaller than what we’ve suggested in option two.

But it should include the lower third of your bed.

Including the additional bed bench or small cabinet on the foot of your bed.

It’s also enough to have an extension of the material from both sides.



What To Consider In Choosing A Rug

We gave you five size options for your rug earlier.

Now, familiarize yourself with the things you should consider before choosing and placing the rug.


Factor #1. Design

This factor includes the color, pattern, shape, and other visual aspects of your rug.

You may choose from a variety of designs that suits your bedroom’s decor.

Or a color complementary with the dominant color in your room.

If your room is too plain and simple, you can choose a rug with a different shape with various patterns.


Factor #2. Door clearance

When placing and positioning the rug, make sure that it’s not near any doors.

Primarily when the door swings towards your room.

The door should be able to open without difficulty.

If the door is in contact with the rug, it could not swing to the full extent.

It might also damage the rug and tear it off.


Factor #3. Bedroom space

The rug should not be small enough to look like a doormat under your bed.

Or it should not be big enough to look like a whole carpet on the floor.

Instead, you should leave enough space.

Let other parts of your floor become visible.

This factor will enhance your bedroom layout.

Remember that your goal is to place a rug in the center of your room.



And that answers the question, “what size rug for full-size bed?”

An area rug is multi-purposed.

You could use it for many things, such as preventing your bed from sliding and enhancing your bedroom layout.

So, why don’t you try having one?

Have a nice day!

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