What Size Pillow Fits A Euro Sham? 4 Standard Sizes!

Are you wondering what size pillow fits a euro sham would fit your bed and your style?

Normally, a pillow sham has a standard size of 26″ × 20,” and surprisingly, there are more pillow shams measurements.

what size pillow fits a euro sham

Designing your bedroom to keep it look pleasant and nice is pretty normal.

By adding an extra decorative pillow sham that could upgrade the style of your bedding set would be stunning.

If you find it more interesting to know different pillow shams’ sizes, just keep reading to see a lot more!


Size Of Pillow That Fits Euro Sham

There are lots of shams that you can choose from, such as what size pillow fits a euro sham to decorate and accessorize your own bedding set simply.


#1. Standard pillow shams

The standard size of a pillow sham is measured approximately 26 inches wide and 20 inches high, just like the size of a standard pillow that we use in our bed.

But remember, whether it is tailored flange, thin and flat, or even has some beautiful flash of ruffles, this only serves as sort of a border in every edge.

The overall sizes of shams depend on the size of the two standard pillows and their design.

If you have a twin bed, the regular quantity of standard sham for this is one, so you should place the pillow sham at the center of the two traditional pillows.


#2. King pillow shams

The Kingsize of a pillow sham measures 36 inches wide and 20 inches high; this dimension does not include any flanged or ruffled border.

As the name says, it is nicely fit in a king-size pillow and two of it across the width of a king-size bed, which is perfect.


#3. Queen pillow shams

A queen size pillow shams have a measurement of 30″ × 20″ and are the best fit for queen-sized pillows.

Same with the standard shams, the overall measurements of a queen size pillow shams depends on the width of any ruffles and design.


#4. European or continental pillow shams

Euro shams or often called continental shams, are 26” × 26″ and sized to fit pillows with the same dimensions.

These pillow shams are traditionally placed at a wholly made bed to give a more luxurious look and could give an extra color that would vibe up to the theme.


What Is A Pillow Sham?

For those who are not familiar with some interior decorators, this may seem a little bit confusing.

A pillow sham is a decorative and attractive pillowcase that could enhance and upgrade a typical sized pillow fills to aesthetic accessories.

Pillow sham typically has an open back part with slightly overlapped fabric, but other pillow shams are enclosed with a hidden zipper.


What Are The Difference Between Pillow Cases And Pillow Shams

The word “sham” means something false, and in this case, pillow sham use as a false front in a pillow to hide a pad behind a more attractive touch.

The difference between pillowcases is that they are designed to be less decorative and more simple than a sham.

These covers are for protection to your pillow to keep it clean as you sleep.

Pillows cases are typically open without even a type of closure, which is made of the same kind of fabric to the matching to the bedsheet.

On the other hand, pillow shams have a hidden closure and commonly have a flat piece of fabric on their four sides, called a flange.

If you want to buy a pillow sham, you have to make sure that it matches the color of your bedding set to put a uniquely designed and pulling a pop up color.


Common Arrangement For A Sham

Here are the common arrangements for a sham:



The stacked arrangement is widely used, especially in every home worldwide, for it is effortless and easy to do.

Start laying down your pillows flat against the bed while the cuff is pointing towards the edge of the bed.

And then simply stacked the pillows with the pillow shams at the top of it.

This creates a quick but clean arrangement, and it is the best for a minimalist type of bedroom.



The layered arrangement allows you to decorate your bedding with more different styles, sizes, and fabrics with all various textures.

Start by just leaning all your pillows against the headboard of your bed with the cuffs toward the side of the bed.

Add two Euro sized pillows shams leaning on it, then place two standard sized pillows also dressed in shams at the front.



The asymmetrical arrangement is not far from the layered arrangement design, but you will be using larger or smaller pillows only on one side of the bed.

But this arrangement best works with a similar color and texture, but you have to keep in mind that you have to put the attractive throw pillows at the front.


For Final Words

It is better to know the standard sizes for pillow shams and making sure what best fits your design and taste in terms of these.

I hope this article helps you answer your question about what size pillow fits a euro sham. Thanks for reading, happy decorating!