What Size Needle For Sewing Jeans: Best Denim Needle

Suppose you want to know what size needle for sewing jeans, find a size 100/16 needle. We will also talk about the denim needle, which is crucial when sewing jeans. 

And speaking of which, we recommend that you also use the best sewing machine for denim. This will ensure that the machine is compatible with something as big as a denim needle and powerful enough to work on thick projects like jeans. 

what size needle for sewing jeans

We also have a review for the best heavy-duty sewing machines if you intend on sewing jeans often. 


What Size Needle Is Good For Jeans?

The best needle size for sewing jeans is 100/16 to ensure that it won’t bend or break during sewing. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t replace the needle after every 6 hours of work. 

Furthermore, always check if you securely attached the needle to the sewing machine to avoid skipped or uneven stitches. You can also only sew thicker denim if your sewing machine is specified to work with heavy materials. 

Remember that there are various denim fabrics for jeans. Some might be light enough for a household machine, but you may need an industrial capacity unit if you’re sewing heavy denim or multiple layers of it. 

Since you’ll replace the needle after every 6 hours of sewing, read how to dispose of sewing needles properly. 


How Do I Know What Sewing Machine Needle To Use For Jeans?

The ideal sewing machine needle for sewing jeans is the denim needle. This needle is specially designed to withstand the toughness of denim layers because of its very sharp point and thicker robust shaft compared to regular needles. 

When working on jeans, you don’t need to worry about fabric snagging, skipped stitches, needle bending, or needle breaking. However, make sure to get the correct size as well according to the fabric weight. 

While size 100/16 is the best needle for jeans, remember various denim types. And, of course, consider the thread you’re using since it should be compatible with your needle. 


What Is A Denim Sewing Needle?

A denim sewing needle is a special needle that you must use when sewing jeans and denim projects. It is sharp with a strong and long shaft for sewing thick and heavy materials. 

You will also notice that the denim needle has a big eye for threads used for sewing denim. And as for the sizes, the denim needle is available from 70/10 to 110/18. 

Can you use a denim sewing needle for other projects besides denim? This needle’s strong and sharp characteristics and available sizes make it also useful for sewing other heavy materials like canvas and even tightly woven fabrics. 


What is a twin denim needle?

Note that there is also a twin needle variation of the denim needle. It’s as durable and sharp as the regular denim needle, but it has two needles on one shaft, where the farther they are apart, the better for heavy fabrics. 

You use a twin needle for sewing two parallel rows in one go, which can be helpful when you’re finishing jeans. Remember to read its sizes correctly where the first number is the distance between the two needles and the second number is the needle size itself. 


What Kind Of Stitch Is Used For Jeans?

According to the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, the best stitches to use when sewing denim include the zigzag stitch and straight stitch, especially when finishing the seams of jeans. Use a straight stitch with a pinked edge or serge the edge to keep the material from raveling. 

The most common seam used with denim is also the flat-felled seam. This would be your best stitch to ensure a professional and durable-looking finish on jeans and jackets. 


How to topstitch on denim

  • Use multiple rows of topstitching with heavy contrasting thread or two strands of regular weight thread on the needle
  • Use a regular weight thread on the bobbin
  • Loosen the top tension
  • Increase the stitch length as needed 


How Hard Is It To Sew Jeans?

Because denim is thicker and harder than other fabrics, sewing jeans can be trickier as well. However, using the right sewing machine, settings, needle, and thread could help you make jeans without issues. 

Here are some tips on sewing jeans for beginners:

  • Check if the type of denim needs to be washed so it will shrink before sewing
  • Use a large needle for heavy-woven denim or a small needle for lighter denim types
  • Set the stitch length longer or about 10 stitches per inch for heavy denim fabrics or 12 stitches per inch for lighter denim types
  • Check the presser foot pressure and adjust accordingly
  • Test the stitches on a scrap denim piece that is twice as thick 
  • Add interest to the jeans by using a contrasting fabric on the pockets and hems
  • Use colorful zippers and buttons
  • Add studs, piping, appliques, or even embroidery stitches to enhance the finish of the jeans



And that’s it! We just found out what size needle for sewing jeans, and the best one to get is size 100/16. 

However, denim needles come in sizes 70/10 to 110/18, so you must get the correct one for the type of denim fabric you’re sewing. From there, sewing jeans shouldn’t intimidate you as long as you practice. 

Furthermore, use a sewing machine that is powerful enough to sew through denim. 


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