What Size Is A Lap Blanket? A Helpful Guide For Newbies

If you are wondering what size is a lap blanket, the typical measurement is between 36×48 inches. Although, that isn’t the only answer.

If you are making a lap blanket for a wheelchair or a nursing home, the measurements are bound to be slightly different. However, lap blankets are good companions during the winter season, which is why getting the right size matters for you and your loved one’s comfort.

There are other things to consider other than the size of the lap blanket, like the shape, the method you will use, and how long it will take to finish. Read through this article to know more!


What Size Should A Lap Blanket Be?

Lap blankets, as the name suggests, are designed to cover someone’s lap or legs. They are cozy quilts that you can cuddle under during chilly nights.

Since it only covers the lap area, this blanket is typically smaller than throw blankets, although the style and size may vary. In addition, some lap blankets are made for a specific purpose. That entails that they have different measurements and sizes to tailor-fit to the person’s needs.


  • Typical lap blanket

The typical lap blankets are usually made for the comfort of almost anyone. This blanket usually measures between 36×48 inches in size. They are typically thick to give more warmth to the wearer.

This blanket doesn’t have any specific requirements or specifications. However, as the name suggests, it is the typical or normal type of lap blanket.


  • Lap blanket for wheelchair

Lap blankets for a wheelchair have more specific measurements and considerations you need to bear in mind.

The blanket needs to be thick enough to provide warmth yet not so much that it hinders the wearer’s movement. Also, it needs to be big enough to cover their legs, and yet not long enough that it gets caught in the wheels.

Typically, the perfect size for a wheelchair lap blanket is 34×44 inches. However, you may adjust the size and length as you see fit.


  • Lap blanket for nursing home

In making a lap blanket for a nursing home, it is vital to consider who will use it and how. For wheelchair users, 34×44 inches is a good size.

If it’s intended for bed use, a more oversized size blanket with 50×60 or 60×70 is an excellent measurement to start with.

Also, keep in mind that nursing homes wash everything in high heat. So you need to use fabric that could withstand that. 


What Is The Perfect Shape Of A Lap Blanket?

There are several sizes for lap blankets. Did you know that it varies in shape as well?

Most lap blankets are square or rectangular, but they can also be round or irregular. There are even triangle-shaped lap blankets!

The point is that there are no rules when it comes to making lap blankets. Not in style, size, fabric, and of course, shape.

It all comes down to the personal preference of the maker and the needs of the user.


Should You Knit Or Crochet A Lap Blanket?

In making a lap blanket, it is vital to consider whether you will knit or crochet. This is because they differ from one another.

It is not a matter of which is more superior but leans more on which method you are more experienced or comfortable with.

Knitting is easy to learn and grasp since it requires two stitches only, the knit and purl stitch. It is done by moving stitches from a needle to another, then back again.

Crocheting, however, requires a crochet hook and yarn. In addition, to crochet, one must create rows with one live stitch, making it easier to deal with mistakes.

It might be ideal to crochet when making a lap blanket since you deal with a stiffer and more delicate fabric.

Crocheting is also a better option for those afraid to make mistakes, want to test their creativity, and prefer faster projects.


How Much Time Will It Take To Finish A Lap Blanket?

How long it will take depends on the size, pattern, the method you used to make the blanket, and how many hours a day you are willing to devote to the project.

Knitting a lap blanket can take up to days, weeks even, to finish. If you chose an intricate pattern, it would take you longer to complete it.

Crocheting takes less time than knitting. A simple design can take up a whole day, but it depends on your skill level and how many hours you intend to crochet.

It’s hard to tell exactly how long it will take to finish a lap blanket, but with the right patience and a good amount of dedication, you will no doubt finish it at your preferred deadline!



Regarding the question of what size is a lap blanket, there are various answers to it. It depends on what and who the blanket is for.

You can follow the standard and recommended sizes, but there’s no harm in adjusting it to your liking. Trust your gut as an artist and creator!