What Size Is A European Pillow? Best Size Guide

If you want to answer what size is a European pillow, it is 26 by 26 inches. However, the emphasis is necessary that there are various European pillows in the market. You can expect different values from these dimensions and still consider such pillows a Euro pillow. 

Why should you know Euro pillow sizes? A European pillow is a square pillow that you can treat both as a bed and a decorative pillow. Familiarizing yourself with the dimensions to expect will help you select the ideal pillow to get and the accessories like shams for them. 

What Size Is A European Pillow


How Big Is A European Pillow?

Understanding pillow sizes should not stop with the dimensions of bed pillows. You also want to familiarize yourself with decorative pillows like the Euro or European pillow. Furthermore, European pillows are not solely ornamental, and their square shape makes them versatile for usage. 



So what size is a European pillow? It comes in different measurements, but one can consider 26 by 26 inches as its regular size. This is why most Euro shams for these pillows are available 26 by 26 inches and 27 by 27 inches.



The square European pillow makes an excellent addition in couches or beds behind your king, queen, and standard bed pillows because of this size. However, do note that you can also find European pillows in smaller sizes. They include 24 by 24 inches, 22 by 22 inches, 20 by 20 inches, 18 by 18 inches, and the smallest, 16 by 16 inches. 


What Size Is A European Sham?

As mentioned earlier, European pillows use a decorative cover called Euro sham, and its size is commonly similar to the pillow, which is 26 by 26 inches. However, you can make a Euro sham yourself and allocate an inch of allowance as well. You’ll notice a significant difference between European shams and American style shams because of the former’s size and resulting square shape to complement European pillows.

It’s also worth noting that when shopping for European shams, you’ll notice that some manufacturers use them interchangeably with European pillows. It can be confusing because shams pertain to a pillow’s decorative front. Nonetheless, don’t be surprised if European sham and European pillow are treated similarly. 


What Is The Purpose Of A European Pillow?

European pillows make excellent display pillows on the bed or sofa. In hotels, they are meant to make space look more luxurious or comfortable. They can either be styled monochromatic or colorful, depending on what complements the sofa, room, bed linen, duvet cover, or other bed pillows.

However, homeowners also get European pillows for propping them up while sitting in bed or couch. Since you’ll layer European pillows against the headboard or sofa, you can use them behind your back. Some even get fluffy materials so they can hold the European pillow like a plush. 


How To Layer European Pillows On A Bed


King-size bed

European pillows are versatile for decorating different bed sizes. For example, you can layer pillows in a king-size bed by starting with two king-size pillows against the headboard, followed by three European pillows, and two king-size pillows. Finally, add a bolster in front. 


Queen-size bed and twin-size bed

For a queen-size bed, you’ll just start with two standard-size pillows against the headboard, layer with two European pillows in front, and finished with a bolster. What about a twin-size bed? Your first layer against the headboard is one European pillow followed by a bolster or standard pillow for this small bed. 

These are just some examples of how to arrange European pillows with bed pillows on various bed sizes. You can always play with the shapes of pillow types, as well as shams and pillow covers, to achieve your desired style. There are no Euro pillow sizes mentioned because you must decide which pillows would fit your arrangement best.  


How To Layer European Pillows In A Sofa

There are many uses for European pillows, and some even use them as a typical bed pillow. But since they come in different sizes, they would also be best for layering in sofas. For example, if you have a couch around 89 inches wide, you’ll mix these square pillows or add a lumbar pillow. 


One to three layers

A simple way to layer pillows on a regular sofa is using two 22 by 22-inch Euro pillows on both sides. Then, if you want another layer, you can add two 20 by 20-inch Euro pillows. You can also add one 20 by 20-inch Euro pillow or replace the 20 by 20-inch Euro pillows with a lumbar pillow around 20 inches wide and 2 inches high for the third layer. 



If you’re familiar with bed pillow sizes, you should also know decorative pillow sizes. For example, what size is a European pillow? This square pillow is one of the most common ornamental pillows that typically comes 26 by 26 inches. 

You can let your imagination run wild with this pillow when it comes to decorating your bed and couch. You’ll be glad that there are also variations in dimensions, and European pillows also offer smaller sizes. They range from 24 by 24 inches to even 16 by 16 inches.

European pillows can be both ornamental and useful in the bed or sofa. You can style them according to what you think will match the room or bed pillows. Therefore, understanding European pillow sizes will be useful when buying them.