What Size Generator To Run A Space Heater? Read These Awesome Facts!

Are you planning to buy a generator but don’t know what size generator to run a space heater? If so, then the answer to that is pretty simple. A 2000 watt generator is more than enough to run most space heaters in the market.

These space heaters require around 1500 watts of power to run and function properly. Smaller generators can also work. Ensure that the generator’s wattage is more significant than what the space heater would consume. You can also use larger-sized generators if you plan on using other electric devices or appliances besides your space heater. 

what size generator to run a space heater

Generators are handy if you experience frequent electricity blackouts in your area or plan to stay somewhere without power and don’t want to freeze. In times of emergency, especially in areas with cold climates or weather, running a space heater with a generator can keep you warm while waiting for the power to return. Most modern homes no longer have fireplaces and rely heavily on electric-powered heaters. Read until the end to learn more about generator sizes and space heaters. Enjoy!


Why Does Generator Size Matter

So why should you even pay so much attention to the size of the generator? The answer to this is for both efficiency and safety. The generator should always have a bigger wattage than the space heater to avoid any potential risks to security and safety if the load is larger than the power that the generator can provide. Even if you only plan to use the space heater alone, you still must consider other variables. There could be power fluctuations caused by other factors, overloading the generator. 

It is better to be sure of your safety rather than risk it to save a little bit more. After all, you’d have to spend more if something terrible happened. However, it could also work the other way around if you go overboard.

It is inefficient if you purchase a high-power generator that will cost you so much more than if you bought a generator just enough for your needs. That is why it is always about finding the balance between safety and efficiency. 

Always determine your needs before buying products if you want to be efficient. If you plan to use other appliances aside from your space heater, always add up the total power you think you would need and around at least 500 watts to the generator you would be getting. What if you already have a generator, but it is rated below 2000 watts? Then if so, you could always use a space heater that your generator can handle running. Also, space heaters have low heat settings where you could set them.

They would be doing less than they could at their max settings, but they would also require lower power levels, just like how some 1500 watt space heaters have a low heat setting that would make them require only 750 watts. If your space heater does not have this function, you could buy a lower power space heater or a higher power generator. To understand what size generator to run a space heater, continue reading this article. It may also be a good idea to read about space heaters and their purposes.


Other Options You Can Take

If you do not have a space heater or a generator yet, there are other things you can consider if all you want is to keep warm during a power outage. See, using a space heater and generator can be very inefficient and a pain if you are out to get both just for the sake of heating your place. If you need the generator for other reasons, then sure do so. But if you want to keep your area warm, you can try other options, such as just lighting up the fireplace if you have one in your house.

With that, you have both a light source and keep warm. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can also buy a propane heater. 

Propane heaters last longer than space heaters running on generators, which could only last a few hours at most. Depending on the tank size and use, these can last around a day or even a week. Just make sure that your place is well ventilated for safety. Also, if there is a scheduled power outage, that would only last a few hours. In that case, you could wrap yourself with layers of clothes, drink some hot chocolate, and wait for the maintenance to finish so you can use your space heater generally if you know how long the power outage would last.


It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, you have learned a lot about what size generator to run a space heater. You may also want to read about how to use space heater on carpet  and how much electricity does a space heater use. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Your effort is appreciated, and we look forward to helping you more in the future. Always remember never to leave your space heater running unattended along with your generator. You have to consider the risk and the dangers that could happen. We want to help you again in the future. Take care of yourself, and be sure to keep on learning!  

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