What Size Generator Do I Need To Run A Space Heater? 3 Awesome Things To Consider!

Do you know what size generator do I need to run a space heater? If not yet, don’t worry since you’re in the right place; we’re here to help you out. 

Many individuals rely on space heaters during the harsh cold season to keep warm. If you don’t like being without electricity at the house, you’ll need a generator that can manage the power of your space heater.

what size generator do I need to run a space heater

It’s usually safe to use a modest space heater, just under 1500 wattage for brief periods. It might be dangerous if any other exposed flames were near since they could trigger an outburst or start firing. It’s better not to use a bigger space heater, including those requiring 5000 wattages or above, because they’ll quickly deplete your gas supply and perhaps harm your generator’s excessive heat. Now let us check at certain things to think about before determining the suitable generator size for your space heater. Let’s have fun!


Is It Good To Run Space Heater On A Generator?

It’s not good to use a generator to power a space heater. However, it can even be done if the generator consumes 2000W to keep secure. The function of a generator is to provide power to gadgets and devices that demand a constant electricity supply. Lamps, freezers, televisions, and other commonplace objects are among them. These generators feature circuit breakers installed to protect your house from becoming overwhelmed with power. When you’re using a generator to power an item like a space heater, the circuit breaker in the house will fail because it senses too much electricity coming into it. This will cause you to lose all power till the breaker is reset.


What Size Generator To Run Your Space Heater?

In this paragraph, you’ll learn what size generator do I need to run a space heater. Your space heater’s wattage will determine this. It’s advisable to acquire a generator with more electricity than you’ll need if you utilize many appliances. A space heater of 1500-watt is best to use on the generator. You’ll need three times the operating watts to start your furnace blower. Here are the things that you should consider when choosing the size of generator you will use to run your space heater:


#1. Dimensions of the area

This relates to the space heater size you’re trying to heat, whether within your home or outside. A bigger area necessitates a more practical space heater and, as a result, you need a generator that is more powerful. 


#2. Location of the heater

Space heaters must still make you feel comfortable when outside, but heat can quickly leave. When you’re utilizing a space heater entirely outdoors, you could notice that it doesn’t heat quite enough room as it does when it’s used indoors. That’s also due to the lack of windows or doors to stay warm in, yet employing an outside heater will retain you hotter than possessing nothing at all.


#3. Capability to heat the area

The quantity of square footage that a space heater may warm is coverage capability. If you use a tiny space heater in a wide area, the heat will dissipate too rapidly, leaving the room cold and uncomfortable. Between 25 to 400 sq ft can be covered with a space heater. The required power is between 250 and 4,000 wattages. For every square foot that space heater will warm, a decent rule of the thumb would be to have 10 wattages of generator power. You may also be interested to know about a space heater can warm a small space.


Tip For Safety While Using Space Heaters On Generator

Below are some safety procedures to take while using a generator to power a space heater or other appliance. Don’t use a generator indoors because it emits lethal carbon monoxide. Put the generator out of the way of windows open at all times. Whereas the generator is running, stay at a minimum 2-3 blocks away. Avoid leaving a generator running when you are asleep or away. When working with youngsters, don’t ever let a generator unattended. To avoid triggering a circuit or burning cables, the space heater can only be used for an hour each time.

Switch the space heater in and out with the help of a timer. Ensure there are functional smoke alarms in every room nearby your generator. Don’t use the generator while using other electrical equipment. This might cause significant difficulties by overloading the heater. Retain all youngsters and animals far from the generators and any wires or cables. If anything goes wrong with the generator and it begins to burn, flame, or stink like burning, be prepared to turn off the electricity at the main breaker. All gasoline tanks should be kept outside, which they will never probably break.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope you all get the answer to what size generator do I need to run a space heater. The generator size you’ll have to operate your space heater is determined by various factors. Above, we’ve discussed all these factors that will help you out while sizing the generator for your heater. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about how to safely use a space heater and what is the most efficient space heater. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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