What Size Electric Heater For 2 Car Garage? 2 Best Ways!

Are you wondering what size electric heater for 2 car garage is the best fit? You have to figure out some basic things, and you will easily choose an electric heater that will help you stay warm. We have tried to explain things simply without using many numbers and calculations. 

You need to pick an electric heater based on its watt rating. Don’t confuse yourself between the watts and BTUs. Because BTUs are associated with propane and kerosene heaters, they don’t have to do anything with electric heating systems. Let’s start our calculations quickly!

what size electric heater for 2 car garage


Using Electric Heater For 2 Car Garage

Electric heaters are perfect for you your garage due to following reasons:


#1. Protects your car

An electric heater in a garage provides warmth to you and keeps your car comfortable. The car doesn’t enjoy the cold temperatures, just like us humans. A heater prevents the fuel and car oil from freezing and eventually defecting the car parts. Moreover, the car heater also becomes more effective due to an electric heater in the garage. 


#2. Make storing easy

The electric heater allows you to store items like clothing and leather stuff in the garage. The steady temperatures protect the cold-sensitive things and keep you cozy simultaneously. 


#3. Cheap and reliable

Electric heaters are inexpensive and easily accessible in the market. They are easy to install and operate. You don’t have to worry about refilling the electric heaters like the propane ones.


#4. Ventless

One of the plus points of an electric heater is installing it without getting into any hassle of the vent. Thus, electric heating devices are super safe and easy to set up. 


What Size Electric Heater Heats A 2 Car Garage Effectively? 

Now we are all ready to determine what size electric heater for 2 car garage is best. You need to calculate four main things to get the answer to your confusion. The four questions are:


#1. Garage size

Garage size is the thing that you need to calculate most accurately. The calculations will do your half work because only an accurate size heater warms the garage quickly and effectively. Just measure your garage’s length, width, and roof and multiply all the numbers to get the garage size in cubic feet. 


#2. Temperature rise

Temperature rise is a significant factor to consider before purchasing an electric heater. Let’s assume the average temperature of your garage is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and you want a rise of 30 degrees to change it to 62 Fahrenheit. A good heater must have the power to serve you with this much temperature change.


#3. Insulation 

Is your garage uninsulated and has drafty places? The insulation lets the heater run without any heat loss, leading to stability in electricity bills. You need to cover the sides and underneath the garage door in the daytime. This way, you will quickly figure out where the light and air are coming in. 


Ways To Know What Size Electric Heater For A 2 Car Garage

Here are the ways on how you can determine the size of your electric heater for a 2 car garage:


#1. Calculate the heater size in BTUs

You can quickly determine the electric heater size using the formula mentioned here. Say 18 (length) x 20 (width) = 390 square feet. Now multiply this amount by the roof height. Your garage’s roof height is 10 feet, 360 x 10 = 3600 cubic feet. Now you just have to multiply the cubic feet by a fixed number of 0.133, with the temperature rise required, 3600 x 0.133 x 30 = The answer is 14364. 

We will round it to 15000, and now we have derived the BTU rating required for a heater to warm a 2 car garage. But as stated earlier, the electric heater power is measured in watts; let’s divide the BTU rating (15000) by 3.4. We got an estimate of 4,411. So, you need an electric heater with a watt capacity of almost 4,500 to enjoy the coziness in your two-car garage. 


#2. Calculate the heater size in watts

The second method of estimating the heater size for a 2-car garage is pretty simple. Just derive the square feet of the garage by multiplying the length, width, and height. Say, 24x24x8 = 4608 cubic feet. Lastly, multiply this amount by 1.25 watts (4608×1.25) = 5760 and then buy a heater of the same wattage. 


Factors Affecting The Size Electric Heater For 2 Car Garage

These things also affect the size and capability of the heater:


Contact with house heating system

Does your garage get the warmth from your home’s central heating system? If yes, you can compromise on some watts of power before buying the heater because an already warm place takes less time and energy to turn into a hotspot. You may also be interested to know about best garage heaters.


Presence of objects in the garage

The heater has to work less if you have stored old items like furniture, tools, etc., in your garage. The logic behind this statement is that the large volume of things in space decreases the air volume in the same room. And a heater heats the air.  


It’s A Wrap!

Electric heaters have proved their supremacy in the heating industry. Their reliability, agility, and hassle-free operation make them everyone’s favorite. We compiled this guide on what size electric heater for 2 car garage has the power to keep your arm. You might have found it helpful because we tried to use minimum numbers to keep things simple. You may also want to know how many BTUs to heat a garage in case you want to buy a propane heater. You may also want to read about how to install a garage heater and how to wire a 220V garage heater.

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