What Size Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors? 3 Best Things To Consider!

Are you curious to know what size curtains for sliding glass doors?

The answer is simple the length of curtains must be in proportion to the dimension of a glass door.

what size curtains for sliding glass doors

Modern houses today are mainly about the view of sceneries outside.

Accompanied by the city’s pleasant sights and night lights, it becomes an essential part of apartments and residences worldwide.

Therefore glass, in the interior design of a house, is a sought-after trend nowadays. Glass is utilized elegantly to add in a touch of contemporary class.

Sliding glass doors became an integral part of elegant and modish interior design because they serve as borders while also providing you the outside’s visuals.

A sliding door made of glass indeed comes with many advantages and applications though your privacy is not included.

This point is where the use of curtains enters.

Curtains added to sliding glass doors will undoubtedly result in a sophisticated and ergonomically friendly home.

If you’re eager to know how to keep yourself visually connected to your vivid surrounding, keep on reading.

You’ll know different ideas from what factors to consider in choosing the best curtains, including the size of curtains for your sliding glass doors.


What Size Curtains To Choose For Sliding Doors

If you doubt what curtains are best suited for sliding glass doors, that will surely improve your home’s beauty.

We prepared three factors that will make your decision-making a lot easier.

Just keep on reading, folks.


Factor #1. The dimension of the sliding glass door

The first and the most important thing to do before choosing the best style and pattern of curtains for your glass sliding door is to know its width and length.

Knowing your glass sliding door’s dimension is essential because it will determine your curtains’ size and proportions.

The standard height of a glass sliding door available in the market is eighty (80) inches.

If your sliding door is custom-made, you can get its height by measuring from the top of the door up to its bottom part.

On the other hand, the standard width of a glass sliding door is five (5) to six (6) feet or sixty (60) to seventy-two (72) inches.

After you gathered those two measurements, you are now ready to choose the suited curtains.


Factor #2. Style and fabric of curtains

The second important factor to consider is the ergonomic and aesthetic role of the sliding door curtains.

Deciding the style and type of fabric, you will use is important because these factors will add to the overall impact of the curtains on your home.

There is a various style of curtains used. The most common are single, double, and triple curtain panels.

You can either have a single large panel of a curtain, two panels of curtains, one on each side of the sliding door, or a triple panel, a combination of two panels.

The triple panel is a curtain panel with one curtain on each side of the door and one in the middle.

On the other hand, the fabric used will determine the elegance of the curtain.

There are wide ranges of fabrics used in this type of function. Some samples of these are linens (silks) which have a shiny coating.

Warp sateens fabrics that are smooth and heavy and velvet, which is an excellent option if you opt for a traditional and regal design.


Factor #3. Color of the curtain

The third factor to be considered is the color and aesthetic pattern of the curtains you will use.

These factors must complement the decoration of your home.

Choosing the color of curtains to cover your sliding glass door is always different from choosing curtains used in your bedroom and living room.

Different areas of the house will need various curtains as well, both in functionality and style.

If your main goal is to beautify your home, consider this much of a factor.


What Size Curtains For Your Sliding Glass Doors?

What size curtains for sliding glass doors?

In measuring the curtains’ size for your sliding glass doors, first, you must measure their width from the left to the right direction of the door.

For its height, get the measurement from the upper part of curtain panels up to the floor.

Regarding the curtains’ size, you may opt for a curtain that extends three (3) inches above and one (1) inch below the sliding door frame.

Therefore your curtain’s size must be four (4) inches longer than the glass door’s height.

If you’re using a standard 80 inches door, 84 inches size curtain would be perfect.

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Final Words

I hope your questions on “what size curtains for sliding glass doors?” have been thoroughly answered.

It is said that the most important thing to consider first is the actual size of the sliding glass door where you will install the curtains.

May you find this article helpful and knowledgeable to your queries.

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