What Size Bed is in a Sleeper Loveseat?

Sleeper loveseats are multifunctional pieces that can be a good purchase for your home—but only if you buy the right size sofa for your space. What size bed is in a sleeper loveseat?

Having a sleeper loveseat instead of a couch in your living room may be one method to address space constraints if you have them. It allows you to convert any space into a guest room or even a bedroom if you live in a studio flat.

What Size Bed is in a Sleeper Loveseat

Before we get started, let’s discuss some fundamentals.

What is a Loveseat?

This two-seater sofa made its debut on the furniture market in the 17th century. Its main aim was not to encourage snuggling and affection but to provide greater sitting room for females, as the trend at the time was large-layered skirts with hoops.

They are now utilized as useful space-saving seats in tiny homes or apartments, as well as part of living room sets. Just thought we debunked the loveseat myth doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the romanticism of their function.

A loveseat has no defined length since it may come in a number of lengths to accommodate a variety of rooms and locations. A loveseat’s typical range, measured from armrest to armrest, is between 48 and 72 inches.

Sleeper Loveseat

A loveseat sleeper is essentially a two-person couch with a foldable mattress hidden behind the cushions. This retractable sofa may be used as a bed, although it is not intended for long-term sleeping. It may be an excellent place for your out-of-town guests to stay for a few nights.

A loveseat sleeper bridges the gap between an armchair and a big couch. It’s ideal for those who wish to recline and relax in something larger than an armchair but smaller than a full-sized couch.

What Size Bed is in a Sleeper Loveseat? This step-by-step guide will ensure that you consider everything during the process.

Step 1

Take width, length, and height dimensions of your sleeper loveseat mechanism to ensure proper fit. While it may appear to be an unusual place to begin, choosing the proper size bed is critical if you want to be satisfied with your purchase. 

Choosing a size that is too large may prevent the mechanism from working properly, while selecting a size that is too small may impact how the couch feels when you sit on it while the mechanism and mattress are folded up within the loveseat.

Calculate the Width

The following are typical widths, as measured across your body when lying down on the mattress: Twin mattresses range in size from 24 to 38 inches. Full-size mattresses range in size from 39 to 54 inches. Mattresses for queen couch beds: 55-60 inches. Super queen mattresses range in size from 61 to 65 inches.

Calculate the Length

The lengths of sleeper loveseats, measured from above your head to below your toes when lying down, generally range from 68 to 74 inches. As a result, while determining the right size for your replacement, measure the actual metal frame rather than the mattress that came with the loveseat.

Measure the Thickness

A properly sized bed sleeper loveseat is important, and may make the difference between a comfortable and an uncomfortable sofa bed; whether you use it as a couch for sitting while the mechanism is folded up, or as a bed for sleeping when the mechanism is completely opened. 

Furthermore, improper mattress size may prevent the mechanism from operating correctly and shorten its useful life.

Step 2

Consider Your Area

Sleeper loveseats are multipurpose furniture that may be a fantastic addition to your home—but only if you get the correct size bed for your area. 

You must evaluate if the sleeper will fit into your area when completely open and whether it has adequate room for non-toe-stubbing foot traffic when fully extended.

Step 3 

Space is limited.

If you have a very tiny room, a twin-size sleeper loveseat, which is less than 5 feet broad and excellent for sleeping one person, maybe the perfect solution for you. A twin-size sleeper loveseat mattress can be up to 39 inches broad.

When fully opened, the length may be approximately 54 inches wide and 85 inches long. These sleepers are also known as chair and half beds or chair beds. 

Because of their size, don’t expect them to be any cheaper. They should be examined for their appropriateness for smaller spaces rather than their pricing.

Step 4

Large Area

When space is not a concern, a queen-size sleeper loveseat is the most accessible option. You’ll have no trouble finding queen-sized sleepers in a variety of designs and materials, as well as with your chosen type of mattress. At this size, there is a wide range of options.

A queen-size sleeper loveseat can easily accommodate three people while also serving as a comfy bed for two. The entire sofa, from arm to arm, might possibly measure 84 inches broad. 

When the bed is opened, the couch might possibly measure 90 inches long from the back to the end of the mattress, depending on the design of the piece.


Size does matter. Make sure you choose the right size sleeper loveseat for you and your space.

While functionality is crucial, think about your needs before purchasing a sleeper loveseat. Consider if it will be used mostly as a bed or for sitting.


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