What Size Art Over Sofa: Best Decorating Secret

Suppose you want to know what size art over sofa, you only need to remember the two-thirds rule. You only need to know the couch length and use artwork or gallery wall with an overall width that is two-thirds of that measurement. Let us continue reading to understand this proportion more. 

How To Know What Size Art Over Sofa

Two-thirds of the sofa length

The two-thirds rule is the most effective technique you can remember when decorating over the sofa. This means measuring and knowing how long is a sofa and ensuring that your artwork or the collective width of several art pieces will only be two-thirds of it. Include the artwork’s frame in the measurement and stand back to check if everything is proportional after decorating the wall.

what size art over sofa

What about a group of artwork?

The two-thirds rule for the size art over the sofa also applies to a group of artwork. This is because you only need to measure the grouping’s overall width and if it’s two-thirds the sofa’s length. However, this doesn’t mean that you will place them closely together just to follow the two-thirds rule. 

Always have a space of 2 to 5 inches among the art pieces. This will ensure that the wall won’t look too cramped or that the elements are disconnected from being far apart. Furthermore, don’t forget that pictures and paintings vary in size.  


How Many Inches Do You Hang A Picture Above A Couch?

After identifying what size art over the sofa, remember to hang it at a distance of 8 to 10 inches above the highest point of the furniture’s backrest. You can also check this guide on how high to hang pictures over the sofa to learn more. Nonetheless, keeping the artwork or the gallery wall within this distance is ideal for visual appeal because the area won’t look crowded or empty. 

You might also see decorating guides that mention having wall art at eye level. While this works on an empty wall, it won’t be applicable if you hang the artwork above furniture. 


Do you center painting over the couch or wall?

One of the questions to ask when learning how to hang art above the sofa is if it will be centered or not. Again, you have to consider the size of the picture or gallery when deciding on the placement. Furthermore, there are different sofa styles and room layouts, and they will dictate whether having the image centered above the sofa will work or not.

Do not use the wall as your guide, but instead, find the midpoint of the couch for placing the artwork. You can also have the picture or group of pictures slightly off-centered to balance any other part of the room that you can’t reposition. You can even play with an asymmetrical style, but balance out the other side with a side table or tall indoor plant.


Can You Put A Mirror Over A Couch?

You can hang a mirror or a group of smaller mirrors above the sofa. Their reflective characteristics are helpful in interior decorating because they can make space look more open and introduce more light. This is why mirrors are best placed directly across the windows or large artwork instead of blank space. 

You also want to avoid using large mirrors over a couch, especially if the rest of the wall will be empty. Instead, it’s better to pair the mirror with other wall decors to keep everything looking cohesive. For the sizing and distance of mirrors, the rules for artworks also apply.


What Should I Put Above My Couch?


Single artwork vs gallery wall

Having only one artwork over the sofa will work as long as it provides the necessary impact for space. In addition, it should be eye-catching enough to become the focal point, whether it’s because of the colors or design of the piece itself. A single tall picture is also visually appealing in a room with a high ceiling because you’ll lose the void above the couch.

If you can’t find a piece that can command the attention on its own, it’s better to create a gallery wall. Consider them as a unit for the placement and size, and use pictures with similarities. This can mean the same frame color, material, or theme of the artwork itself.


Wall sculptures and shelves

Note that you’re not limited to flat decors above the couch. You can also use sculptures that won’t become nuisances when sitting on the sofa or even opt for shelves. The shelves can hold more decorations or act as extra storage.

Just remember to secure them well when decorating the wall behind the couch.


Do not be intimidated in styling the space above the couch. To recap this guide on what size art over sofa, the artwork or gallery wall’s width must be two-thirds of the couch’s length. However, you can make some adjustments depending on the room size and sofa style.

Overall, the two-thirds rule also applies to most decors you’ll have over the sofa. We hope we helped you achieve the perfect proportions, but let us know any comments if you have any more questions!

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