What Should The Groom Wear For A Beach Wedding

Those unsure of what should the groom wear for a beach wedding consider creating an outfit suitable for beach weddings based on the dress code. We will also share tips on the groom’s style if it’s a classic or quirky beach wedding. 

And if the bride’s mother also asks, refer her to this guide on what should the mother of the bride wear to a beach wedding. Understandably, this scenic outdoor wedding location can be confusing when knowing the appropriate guest outfit. 

what should the groom wear for a beach wedding


What Should Grooms Wear To A Beach Wedding?


Groom attire for a casual beach wedding

If you and your bride prefer a casual or laidback dress code for your beach wedding, it’s easy to decide on your groom’s outfit. But just because it’s casual, it doesn’t mean that you’ll not put any effort into what you’re wearing. 

A casual groom attire for a beach wedding is a button-up shirt in floral or summer color, whichever complements the bride or the wedding theme itself. Also, consider white slacks or shorts, depending on the season’s warmth. 

You can also opt for linen outfits and then lose the footwear for the ultimate boho and relaxed look. Otherwise, sandals are also suitable for a casual beach wedding.

Read what shoes to wear to a beach wedding for more ideas. 


Groom attire for a semi-formal beach wedding

Most couples prefer a semi-formal or dressy-casual dress code for their beach wedding, so everyone still looks nice and would dress up for the occasion. Therefore, the groom can try different suits to see which will be appropriate for the wedding theme or compliment what the bride is wearing. 

Since it’s semi-formal, you don’t need to wear a full suit or tuxedo. Instead, wear a suit and combine it with a dress shirt.

You can also opt for a button-up shirt without a tie, then unbutton some of the top buttons for a more relaxed look. If it’s chilly, you can also add a jacket to your attire; the key is ensuring that you’re wearing tailored clothes to look extra dapper. 


Groom attire for a formal beach wedding

It’s reasonable to request formal beach wedding clothing for your guests, primarily if it’s held at a classy resort. The groom can wear formal attire such as a suit or tuxedo, especially for an evening beach wedding. 

Consider wearing a bowtie while your groomsmen are wearing neckties. Then, pair the suit or tux with a white dress shirt, cufflinks, pocket square, and leather shoes.  

According to the wedding theme or season, you can also wear other colors for the suit and inner shirt. Just take the time to have the suit tailored to you, as it makes a huge difference. 

Don’t know how to fold a pocket square for a wedding? Then, read our tutorial and share it with your groomsmen! 


Beach wedding groom outfit ideas for a classic beach wedding

A classic beach wedding is usually semi-formal but lenient with the dress code. The bride is usually wearing a white maxi wedding dress, so you can wear a navy blue or gray three-piece suit to match her well. 

You can also opt for a vest over a white shirt paired with linen pants and loafers. Try showing your outfit to your partner, so they can also give suggestions on other accessories to add. 


Beach wedding groom outfit ideas for a quirky beach wedding

The beach is the perfect wedding venue for a bold or unique wedding. Think of colors and patterns you won’t usually expect at a traditional wedding ceremony. 

You can wear a velvet suit, colorful shirt, go barefoot, or add fun accessories to your groom’s attire. But of course, you still want to look appropriate for the union. 


Can A Groom Wear Shorts To A Beach Wedding?

You will find grooms wearing shorts to their beach wedding nowadays. But, of course, it should still look dressy for the occasion and never cargo or ripped denim shorts. 

Some shorts that grooms can wear at their beach wedding are navy blue, gray, brown, black, or even white that goes above or under the knees. Make sure that your groomsmen are also wearing shorts, so the wedding party at the front looks cohesive. 

What goes well with shorts? A buttoned shirt with vest, bowtie, suspenders, or on its own should pair nicely with shorts for a beach wedding.


What Color Suit Should A Groom Wear To A Beach Wedding?

One of the hardest things about groom outfits is choosing colors, especially with the suit. And as for a beach wedding, you can never go wrong with classics like dark gray, navy blue, black, or even white. 

But nowadays, beach weddings present the opportunity to be adventurous with the suit. You can consider pastels, tropical colors, or even colors not often seen in wedding suits like reds and greens. 

Ultimately, it should look appropriate with the wedding theme and the bride. But, then, make sure that it’s custom-fitted, so you’ll be in your best style on your wedding day. 



Was this helpful? We just learned what should the groom wear for a beach wedding according to different dress codes.

This can mean a suit, buttoned shirt, linen pants, shorts, shoes, or even barefoot. We hope this style guide answers your groom outfit queries. 

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