What Should Mother Of Bride Wear To Outdoor Wedding

If you’re unsure about what should mother of bride wear to outdoor wedding, there are two considerations. Like any female guest, the bride’s mother should always consider the wedding venue and dress code when selecting dresses and outfits to wear. 

We’ve also included an etiquette guide to know the dos and don’ts of mother of the bride outfit, such as the colors to wear to her daughter’s wedding. And if it’s a casual event, here’s a read on what the mother of the bride wears to a casual wedding

what should mother of bride wear to outdoor wedding


Here’s What Should Mother Of Bride Wear To Outdoor Wedding


Consider the wedding venue

The first factor to consider when deciding what to wear to weddings for the moms of the brides is the wedding venue. Since it’s an outdoor wedding, expect you should dress for comfort. 

Will the season be cold, hot, or breezy? This will also help you know what coverage and materials to pick for your wedding attire. 

Sundresses for an outdoor destination wedding, partnered with a shawl and dressy flats should be a fantastic example for the mother of the bride’s outfit. She can also opt for a matching pantsuit or partner palazzo pants with a long-sleeved blouse and a comfortable pair of wedge shoes if pants would be more practical for the outdoor wedding venue. 


Follow the dress code

The dress code is another consideration when planning the mother of the bride attire for the outdoor wedding. The mother of the bride dresses should match the formality and theme of the outdoor wedding. 

Mothers attending the outdoor wedding of their daughters are likely to need a semi-formal or dressy-casual outfit. Ask your daughter or check the wedding invitation to know what specific outfit is appropriate. 

Of course, even if the wedding is casual, you should still dress with class and formality as the mother of the bride. Some safe choices for most semi-formal or dressy-casual outdoor weddings for the bride’s mom include an A-line floral dress with kitten heels or dressy flats or a long dress with a sleeveless top partnered with a blazer for formality. 


What Color Does The Mother Of The Bride Wear To A Wedding?

There are no rules on the colors the mother of bride dresses should have. However, the mothers should still follow the wedding etiquette of avoiding bridal colors like white and similar tones like champagne and ivory for their outfit. 

The only exception is if the bride planned the color of the mothers’ attire where she might be wearing another color, then have the mother of the groom and her mom in these bridal colors. A common theme at the wedding is to have mothers of the couple have their outfit inspired by the color scheme of the bridal party for a cohesive look in the photos. 

But if there are no specific indications on what color to wear, you can never go wrong with flattering florals, pastel shades, or even jewel colors, whichever suit the wedding theme and formality. The bride herself might even ask you to accompany her in dress shopping, so your attire can be selected by her. 


Does the mother of the bride dress need to match bridesmaids?

The mother of the bride does not have to match the bridesmaids or anyone from the bridal party. However, it’s expected at weddings for distinguished guests to have their outfits complementing the color scheme of the bridal party. 

For example, if the bridesmaids are wearing purple, then the mothers of the bride and groom can wear similar colors or tones for their outfit. In addition, some brides might have a plan for the color scheme of their closest guests. 

Will you be attending a beach wedding? More than the colors, please know what the bride’s mother should wear to a beach wedding


What Should The Mother Of The Bride Not Wear?

The dresses and outfits that the mother of the bride wear should still follow basic wedding etiquette. Here are some guidelines to remember:

  • Avoid white and other related colors like cream or beige for your wedding attire
  • Consider the vibe and theme of the wedding to know how bright the color you can wear to the wedding
  • Avoid eye-catching styles such as plunging necklines, high slits, deep backless dresses, or revealing tops
  • Like other female guests, make sure your outfit does not look bridal such as having a poofy tulle skirt, rhinestone-embedded white dress, or all-white pantsuit


Does the mother of the bride dress need to coordinate outfits with the mother of the groom?

The mothers of the couple are not obliged to have coordinating wedding outfits. However, you may want them to have similar outfits or complement each other based on the style and color scheme. 

This way, they can be distinguished from other guests, and the photos look better. What if there’s a stepmom?

Regardless of the family dynamic, there’s no need for the stepmom to be very different from the attire of the couple’s mothers. Their closeness should help the bride decide on the mothers’ outfits for her wedding. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap what should mother of bride wear to outdoor wedding, it should be suitable for the specific venue and dress code of the outdoor event. 

Dress for comfort and wear an attire that follows the formality of your daughter’s wedding. You might also coordinate with the groom’s mom or the bridal party. 

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