What Should Men Wear To A Summer Wedding: Attire Guide

If you’re unsure what should men wear to a summer wedding, we will discuss different dress codes expected in a summer wedding. We’ll also provide outfit and styling tips for men to help you look your best in the event while maintaining the proper guest etiquette.

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what should men wear to a summer wedding


Wedding Outfit Ideas: What Should Men Wear To A Summer Wedding


Formal wedding attire for men

Summer weddings can still have a formal dress code, even in hot weather. The key is picking the suitable materials for your shirt, suit, or jacket to remain comfortable. 

An example of men’s wedding attire during summer is a light-colored suit and white dress shirt or a dinner jacket with a collared dress shirt and black dress trousers. Formal summer weddings can also be black-tie or white-tie, where you need to wear even more formal outfits. 

For example, a suit with a bow tie is ideal for a black-tie summer wedding or a tailcoat with a dress shirt, waistcoat, and trousers for a white-tie event. Check the time and venue of the summer wedding to pick the comfortable colors and fabrics for your ensemble.  


Semi-formal summer wedding attire

A more common dress code for summer weddings is semi-formal or smart casual. Men’s attire for these dress codes should be dressy without needing to wear tuxedos. 

For example, try a light blue tailored jacket with chinos. You can also opt for a gray suit without the tie or change the colors to follow the summer wedding’s color scheme. 

Another tip is to consider what you’ll wear to a business meeting and then play it up to suit the wedding theme. For example, wear colorful socks that show with your trousers or substitute men’s dress shoes with brogues. 


Casual summer wedding attire for men

Because of the heat or to take advantage of the outdoor location, some couples have a casual summer wedding. Men’s wedding attire for a casual summer wedding can be a long-sleeved shirt with chinos or casual trousers.

Try tucking your shirt for a neater look and consider accessories like a belt and a watch to look even smarter. You can also wear deck shoes or loafers to dress up your casual outfit. 

Dark jeans and sneakers might be allowed, especially for casual summer backyard weddings. However, do not wear ripped jeans or a graphic t-shirt as they would seem too relaxed for a wedding. 


Destination summer wedding attire for men

Some couples have summer weddings to get the most out of their chosen tropical destination for the wedding. Men can consider dressy beach wedding attire for these types of summer weddings. 

Pick light fabrics for your attire if it’s an outdoor venue such as a summer beach wedding. Check the dress code on the invitation to know how formal you must dress up. 

A cotton shirt, a linen suit, light-colored trousers, deck shoes, or flip flops are some of the pieces you can expect for a destination summer wedding. Prints on your buttoned shirt can also look festive for what guys should wear attending a destination wedding during summer. 

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Can I Wear Suit At Summer Wedding?

A common question about what should guys wear to a summer wedding is if suits are appropriate. The answer is yes since some summer weddings still require guests to be formal, mainly indoor and evening events. 

You can pick a pastel or light neutral-colored suit if it’s a semi-casual summer wedding in the morning or afternoon. Losing the tie and deciding what shirt to wear inside will be dictated by the wedding dress code.

If it is hot, pick lightweight fabrics for your men’s suit. For example, linen, cotton, or wool would be comfortable during a hot summer wedding that requires suits. 


What Color Should Men Wear To Summer Wedding?

The colors men can wear to a summer wedding depend on the ceremony’s theme, season, time, and venue. But typically, the best outfits are in light colors for comfort since summer is hot. 

Consider shirts and suits in khaki brown, light blue, tan, light gray, or pastels, as some summer weddings want a pleasant color scheme. Just avoid the color that the groom or the groomsmen are wearing. 

Patterns like florals can also suit a summer wedding men’s attire. Perhaps it’s a destination wedding by the beach, so don’t be afraid to pick fun color combinations for your outfit. 


What Should You Not Wear To A Summer Wedding?

Here are some don’ts when planning your summer wedding attire:

  • Avoid dark colors as they can be uncomfortable during swelter weather
  • Casual attire like t-shirts, shorts, joggers, or flip flops are inappropriate for any wedding; note that flip flops can be acceptable in some beach summer weddings
  • Be mindful of some suit fabrics as they are thick and hot for the summer season



Was this attire guide helpful? To recap what should men wear to a summer wedding, it can range from a suit, shirt, jacket, chinos, trousers, deck shoes, or even flip flops. 

Remember that the formality and venue of summer weddings are different. However, a tip to remember is to pick light colors and fabrics for maximum comfort during the hot season. 

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