What Shape Coffee Table With Sectional Sofa

The answer to what shape coffee table with sectional sofa is virtually limitless. In this article, you’ll find out that all the shapes of coffee tables are workable for the sectional. Both square and U-shaped couches can accommodate a square table, but only the round table is suitable for the former, while an oval table is more fitting for a U-shaped sectional. 

We’ll also discuss how you can find the best coffee table for the popular L-shaped sectional. But before we proceed with the shapes, do you know what size coffee table for sectional is the best? Check that size guide as well, and you can easily apply the knowledge when selecting the table shape below. 


What Shape Coffee Table Goes Best With A Sectional Sofa?


Square or round coffee table for square sectionals 

The best shape of a coffee table to get if you have a sectional that forms a right angle or a square is either round or square. Remember that a square sectional sofa is often used in the corner of the room. You want to maximize the space of the living room, which is why you cannot use a rectangular coffee table.

It will also help you if you know how to arrange a sectional in a small room. It’s time to let go of the belief that sectionals are too bulky to use if you have a small space. The key is by fitting it into the corner and complement it with a round or square coffee parallel to the angle. 


Square, rectangular, or oval coffee table for U-shaped sectionals

One of the most versatile sectional sofas to use for interior decorating is the U-shaped style. Compared to a square or right angle sectional, you can use a rectangular coffee table for a U-shaped sectional. However, opt for an oval shape instead of a round coffee table if you don’t want an angular table with your U-shaped sectional.

Compared to a right angle sectional, the U-shaped style provides enough room to balance out a rectangular table within it. However, you still want the coffee table to be small enough for legroom and traffic. The idea is to fill the negative space of the U-shape, but not to the point that it feels cluttered when you’re sitting on the couch. 

A proper technique to achieve balance with a small table and a bulky sectional is placing a rug underneath the latter. Know how to put a rug under a sectional to bring the two furniture items together without adding more obstruction. 


What Kind Of Coffee Table Goes With An L-Shaped Sectional?

When we think of sectionals, there’s no doubt that the L-shaped type is what immediately comes to mind. And if it’s the style you own, the shape coffee table for an L-shaped sectional is rectangular. This way, you won’t have too much negative space in the area with the shorter section of the couch. 

Place the rectangular coffee table parallel to the longer section, but make sure that it won’t be longer than the sofa itself. It would be best to familiarize yourself with how tall a sofa table should be so the result stays visually appealing and functional. And finally, note that you don’t always need to have the table perfectly centered, especially if you’re already providing symmetry with other decorations near the sofa. 


How Do I Choose A Coffee Table For A Sectional?



Take the dimensions of your sectional couch and compare it with the coffee table. It should only be two-thirds the width of the sectional’s longest part. More so, you should have around 30 inches of space around the table for comfortable traffic. 

If you find yourself with limited space, you can always learn how to reverse a sectional sofa to create a suitable orientation. 



There are different coffee tables, which means you have an array to choose from for your living room. They vary in shapes, colors, designs, and even materials to complement most types of decorating themes. You can use your sofa’s overall style as your guide and imagine how the table will look like among the other existing items in the living room. 


Do You Need End Tables With A Sectional?

Do note that coffee tables are not the same as end tables. End tables are the tables you place at each end of the sofa to add visual appeal and also hold items within reach when sitting on the couch. However, you don’t need an end table with a sectional because the area might end up looking too crowded. 

Instead, consider plants or lamps on the ends of the sectional. The coffee table close to the seats should suffice. But if you genuinely need an additional place for decorations or for holding items while lounging, try a console table. 

Decorate the table behind the couch according to your needs and aesthetic preferences for the room instead of lengthening the sectional more with end tables.



Congratulations, you are now ready to decorate the sectional with a coffee table. To recap what shape coffee table with sectional sofa, you can choose from round, oval, square, and rectangular. Rectangular and oval tables are best for U-shaped sofas, while square and round tables pair best with right angle sectionals. 

And if you have an L-shaped sectional, you can use a rectangular coffee table. We hope this article gave you helpful ideas when choosing your sectional’s coffee table. If you have other questions, leave us a comment!


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