What Platform Beds Are Available? 4 Best Types!

What platform beds are available? There are many types, and these you will know as you read further.

The platform bed is one of the most straightforward beds in all types of bed that you would usually see in traditional houses.

What platform beds are available

We might not have noticed what type of bed we are sleeping in and what benefits it could offer your body.

Yes, you might not know this, but beds do offer many benefits, especially in making us relaxed while we sleep.

You may not know that your bed is a platform bed, one of the most common types of bed available in the market.

Well, I prefer this type of bed especially if it is for the elderly and for those having trouble getting on and off the bed.

Why? Let’s take a good look at what a platform bed is.


Platform Bed

So, what is a platform bed? A platform bed is a type of bed that is lower than the other types of bed.

It has a slatted wood bed base that supports the mattress.

It is one of the simplest bed types to make.

The material used to make this bed could be wood or metal frames.

There are synthetic types, but it’s rare to find one.

It is possible to place a mattress on top of a platform without the help of a spring box which is pretty convenient.

While most people have often mistaken platform beds to be spring boxes, they differ in some things.

Box springs are made up of box-shaped wood with springs attached to support the mattress and give it a firmer feel.

It also has a fabric layer that prevents dust from coming into the component, mainly to avoid damages to the inner springs.

Some spring boxes are made of metal frames, but wooden spring boxes are most common.

What makes platform beds different from spring boxes is their purpose.

Spring boxes support the mattress while you put the spring box on top of a platform bed.


Types of Platform Bed

There are four types of platform bed that we’ll discuss today.

The difference between the types is primarily on how beneficial in for what purpose they serve.

So, what platform beds are available?


Type #1. Solid platform bed

A traditional way of making a bed is the solid platform bed.

You can put a mattress directly above the bed.

The bed base is solid, which does not require a spring box on top of the bed frame.

While this type of platform bed does not require the use of box springs, it does not mean you can’t use one.

You can still use box springs but check the mattress’s warranty to be sure that the warranty covers the use of box spring damages.

The solid material on the platform bed may be made from either wood, reinforced plastic, metal, or a combination of composite materials.


Type #2. Slat platform bed

A Slat Platform Bed offers the same features as the solid platform bed, but they differ in the bed base.

There are two types of slats in a platform bed.

The rigid slat is sturdier and more solid compared to the flexed slat.

The second type is the flex slat which can bend according to the sleeper’s weight and adjust to it.

If you prefer to have solid slats support you, or if you are heavy-weighted, I suggest you use rigid slats.


Type #3. Metal platform frame

As the name suggests, this type of platform bed is made of metal.

From its frame up to the bed base.

The metal platform bed gives a realistic look.

And it is the sturdiest compared to the other types of platform beds mentioned on this list.

This bed could provide strong support for the box spring, the mattress, and the sleeper’s weight with some proper spacing.

Although box springs are not necessary to use with this type of bed, you can still use one if you prefer to have a box spring installed.


Type #.4 DIY platform bed

I love having a custom-made bed, especially the one that suits my size and style.

If you are looking for a bed that will fit right into your budget, you can choose to make a platform bed yourself.

It may not be as stylish as the other types of platform beds, but you can customize it all you want.

You could either use a reinforced material or plywood as its bed base to strengthen the mattress support.


Why Choose A Platform Bed?

Well, for some of the many reasons, a platform bed has many benefits.

Not only for our pockets but also for our bodies.

The sleek design it offers could fit right into your taste.

It has strong support that could provide a secure sleeping space to any sleeper weight.

It can help your body medically by giving sturdy support for back pains and having trouble getting in and out of bed right after waking up.



Now that you know what platform beds are available, you should probably be interested in buying one.

I mean, having a bed to sleep in is a necessity since it will massively impact your rest as well as your performance the next day.

So if you prefer the classic, traditional and well-supported bed, the platform bed is what I strongly suggest.

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