What Percentage Of Wedding Guests Don’t Give A Gift

Those curious about what percentage of wedding guests don’t give a gift can expect at least 7% not to send a wedding gift. We will also discuss what to do as a guest if you’re considering not giving a gift for various reasons. 

And if you have more etiquette questions regarding giving wedding gifts, you can browse our blog for different discussions. For example, do you and your partner want to learn how to say no gifts please on the wedding invitation?

what percentage of wedding guests don't give a gift


What Percentage Of Wedding Guests Don’t Give A Gift?

If you’re curious about how many of your guests might not give wedding gifts, it’s expected that 7 to 10% of them might not provide presents. But, much like how couples only anticipate 85% of their wedding guests to attend the wedding, you shouldn’t also expect that everyone invited will give you a wedding gift. 

Many factors and considerations cause this. For example, some guests might not give a gift if they’re not attending. 

Some people might not give a wedding present if they’ve participated in helping you with the wedding, like sponsoring the wedding attire. And of course, consider that some guests might not have the financial means to give you a wedding gift. 


Does Everyone Give Gift At Wedding?

Not all wedding guests will give wedding gifts. But since all weddings are different, it’s hard to tell if you’ll receive a wedding gift from each invited guest. 

It’s also possible that in some marriage ceremonies where the guests spend a considerable amount to attend, they might not give a wedding present. It’s a common belief that there’s no need to send one to destination weddings since the guests have spent on their travel and accommodation. 

On the contrary, some guests who can’t attend the wedding might be the ones sending gifts. And therefore, those who are present will consider it their gift to the couple. 


Do Some People Not Give Gifts At Weddings?

The answer to what percentage of wedding guests give gifts is affected by the type of guests you have and, of course, the kind of wedding itself. It’s expected that as much as 10% of the wedding guests will not give wedding gifts. 

Regardless, it would be tacky to force guests to send you a wedding present or guilt them if they don’t give one. As a result, most couples nowadays don’t even make a registry but instead opt for a gift-less wedding. 


Do we need to thank the wedding guests who didn’t give gifts?

You should still send thank you cards to your wedding guests who didn’t give a gift. They attended the wedding, and there’s no need to mention if the guests give a gift or not. 

But of course, guests who send their gifts should know your gratitude, especially if it’s something thoughtful. But in general, you will thank all the guests who attended, with or without a present. 


Is It Normal For People To Not Give Wedding Gifts?

It’s not common for people not to give wedding gifts since it’s customary, especially if you’re close to the couple. Instead, the guest can check the wedding registry for the items to send the couple. 

However, it’s also not something to be ashamed of if you can’t bring a gift for personal reasons. There’s no need to mention it, but you can always write a heartfelt card to express your happiness for the couple. 


Is It Rude To Not Give A Wedding Gift?

Couples are not expecting every guest to send them a wedding gift. But of course, you should exert an effort if you’re a close friend or relative. 

You can also ask another close guest if they want to share a gift. If budget is your issue, you can split the costs and give the couple a good gift. 


Do I Have To Give A Wedding Gift?

Guests are not forced to give gifts as any present should be mandatory. However, it can be too apparent if, say, you’re a member of the wedding party and you’re the only one who didn’t give a gift. 

Regardless, there’s no need to mention that you don’t have a wedding gift. But instead, send the couple some good wishes. 

If budget is your issue, here’s how much to give for wedding gift.


What Do You Do When Someone Doesn’t Give You A Wedding Gift?

There’s no need to call someone out if they didn’t give you a wedding gift even if you’re expecting. For example, the person might be a family member or close friend who didn’t send a wedding present. 

They might have financial issues or happen to forget it. The last thing you want is to have an awkward relationship with someone after the wedding because of a material object. 


Do We Need To Thank The Wedding Guests Who Didn’t Give Gifts?

Couples should send thank you cards to all the guests who attended. It doesn’t matter if they give a gift or not. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned what percentage of wedding guests don’t give a gift, which is between 7 to 10%. 

However, you should still thank guests who attended even if they didn’t send a gift. There’s no need to oblige everyone to give wedding gifts as people vary in economic circumstances.

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