What Mattress Is Best For Toddlers: 5 Factors

You have five factors to consider to know what mattress is best for toddlers. This article will discuss why each of these considerations matters and how to find the best toddler mattress type. Are you also wondering when toddlers can use a pillow?

Besides ensuring that you’re getting a suitable mattress for your toddler, you must also know when to introduce other accessories in his bed. Give that guide a quick read and learn what the experts say about creating a safe bed for your toddler. 

what mattress is best for toddlers


What Is The Best Mattress For Toddlers?


  • Size

If you’re familiar with the crib mattress size, it is usually the same as the size of a toddler mattress. The standard dimensions are 27 and 1/4 inches in width and 51 and ¼ inches in length. However, you will place the toddler mattress in the toddler bed frame, which has no rails and is lower to the ground compared to the previous crib that your child used when he was younger. 

Get the dimensions of the bed frame to ensure that there would be no gap around the mattress bigger than two fingers when you set the bed. You might also consider getting a twin-size mattress because this size is useful for a longer time. Then, you just need to get the appropriate bed frame and the option to remove the bed rails. 


  • Materials

Choosing a toddler mattress means you want it to be made from high-quality materials such as high-density foam or a sturdy spring support system. You can even opt for durable and eco-friendly mattresses such as latex beds instead of the typical synthetic foam. Additionally, remember that toddlers will want something softer than the mattresses used by babies, which are very firm. 

Are you familiar with Saatva? This brand has the Saatva Youth mattress, which they specifically designed for the safety and comfort of kids using various materials. It is even flippable so that kids can use it from age 3 to 12. 


  • Safety

The toddler mattress should not only be made from durable materials, but it must also have certifications to prove the safety of its overall construction. In addition, it should be free from harmful chemicals, and the overall structure doesn’t pose any safety issues. This is why the hypoallergenic Saatva Youth is the best toddler mattress because it uses a nontoxic antimicrobial treatment, natural flame retardant, and the foam is even CertiPUR-US certified to guarantee their healthiness. 


  • Ease of cleaning

Keeping the mattress clean is crucial because you don’t want to encourage the buildup and growth of microbes in your toddler’s bed. Therefore, it’s always helpful to check if the toddler mattress is waterproof and designed to be washable for quick cleaning. Again, this is where the Saatva Youth proves to make an excellent toddler mattress because not only does it have a water-resistant finish, but it also has a waterproof barrier inside for bacterial and mold protection. 


  • Comfort and support

A medium mattress would be ideal for a toddler because it will help maintain the proper spinal alignment. However, your child will still feel comfortable with this firmness level because it offers a cushioning compared to a baby mattress. Additionally, don’t forget to check if the toddler bed feels soft and breathable to the skin to keep your child from feeling uncomfortable and hot throughout the night. 


What Type Of Mattress Is Best For A Toddler?



An innerspring mattress is ideal, especially for toddlers that quickly feel hot. This type is also easy to find and comes at lower prices compared to other beds. 



It’s unlikely to have a toddler mattress made of memory foam because it’s too conforming and poses a risk of suffocation. Instead, you will find poly foam or latex foam toddler beds, but check their certifications for chemical safety.



One of the best types of toddler mattresses is hybrid because it combines the breathability of the innerspring and the support of a foam bed. However, hybrid mattresses are pretty pricey. 


How Thick Should A Mattress Be For A Toddler?

 A toddler mattress should be 5 to 8 inches thick to provide a comfortable cushioned surface while ensuring that it’s still low profile for your child’s safety.


How firm should a mattress be for a toddler?

The ideal mattress firmness for a toddler is medium to medium-firm. This firmness level is suitable for promoting the development of your child’s body and ensuring the proper spinal alignment. However, it’s a tad more cushioned than the firm baby mattress for better comfort. 

Here is everything you need to know about a medium-firm bed if you’re unfamiliar with this type. 


Do Toddlers Need A Special Mattress?

Toddlers need a particular mattress suitable for their developing body and won’t encourage any unnatural spine curving. The materials shouldn’t also pose any hazards or health risks that lead to injuries, irritation, and allergies. You can read this guide on what size mattress fits a toddler bed to know more about setting a safe sleeping environment for your child. 



And that’s it! We just answered what mattress is best for toddlers, and it’s possible to find it by considering five factors. They are the mattress size, materials, safety, ease of cleaning, and comfort and support. 

You also want it to fit correctly onto the frame, and the firmness is medium with a thickness between 5 to 8 inches. And if you happen to have a younger child, you can read this separate guide on how to choose a baby mattress


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