What Mattress Does Marriott Courtyard Use: Top 2

If you want to know what mattress does Marriott Courtyard use, it is the hotel’s signature Courtyard mattress. Tempur Sealy also has an Exclusive Marriott Collection where they include Marriott Courtyard as one of the Marriott properties that use their orthopedically-designed mattress. But if you want the Courtyard mattress, you can order it directly from Shop Courtyard. 

You are also probably aware that the Marriott mattress brand is Simmons, which created their ever-popular Marriott bed. Are you interested in the mattresses used at other Marriott hotels? Try our search bar for your favorite Marriott hotel, or check this type of mattress Sheraton uses after this article. 

what mattress does marriott courtyard use


What Kind Of Mattress Does Marriott Courtyard Use?


The Courtyard Mattress

The Courtyard bed is the mattress used in Marriott Courtyard. This model is specifically designed for Courtyard hotels, and it’s only exclusively found in these hotels. Homeowners can even consider getting this Courtyard-exclusive mattress for their own bedroom by visiting Shop Marriott or, specifically, Shop Courtyard. 

The Courtyard hotel bed is essentially a pocket coil mattress. It is sought-after because it doesn’t sag and creates motion disturbance as easily as other mattresses. You will also feel luxurious with the top layer of diamond tufting. 


Artesia HD

Tempur Sealy has an Exclusive Marriott Collection, and their Artesia HD bed is also used in Marriott Courtyard. More so, you can find it in Residence Inn, Fairfield, Autograph Collection hotels, and other hotels under Marriott. The Artesia HD is an orthopedic bed designed by Sealy Posturepedic for even more Marriott properties like the JW Marriott, Renaissance Hotels, and Springhill Suites.

It’s also worth noting that the mattress company also has an Exclusive Hilton collection. Both Marriott and mattresses used at Hilton hotels get rave reviews from their guests, so you can always check their collections from Tempur Sealy. For example, try comparing the mattress in Marriott Courtyard and the Hilton Garden Inn mattress brand. 


What Is The Mattress Used By Marriott’s Residence Inn?

Marriott’s Residence Inn is among Marriott’s Longer Stays hotels, so the bed they use is specifically designed for guests to use long-term. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the Residence Inn by Marriott mattress brand is Tempur Sealy. And if you’re curious what type of mattress Marriott’s Residence Inn uses, it is Artesia HD by Tempur Sealy Hospitality found in their Exclusive Marriott Collection. 

What makes the Artesia HD perfect for extended stays that Marriott uses for several properties as well? Tempur Sealy prides itself on the durability of this mattress thanks to its supportive core, high-density foams, and hospitality-grade foundation. And of course, both the guests and housekeeping will love this bed because of its orthopedic design, edge support, antimicrobial and water-resistant fabrics, and no-skid foundation. 


Why Are Marriott Beds So Comfortable?

When searching for the best hotel mattress, the Marriott beds are among that top the list. And according to Marriott themselves, the meticulous selection and testing of their materials according to their guests’ feedback is the reason why Marriott beds are so comfortable. Don’t forget that Marriott properties only trust reputable and well-known mattress manufacturers.

Simmons and Sealy are among the brands that Marriott trusts, so you’ll know that the craftsmanship of the beds in Marriott hotels will always be fantastic. Furthermore, hotels like Marriott also ensure that the bedding and the room itself will help the guest feel more comfortable. The mattress is not the sole reason why Marriott beds are among the highly-praised ones in the industry. 


Which Jamison Mattress Does Marriott Use?

Marriott International uses the Marriott Supreme Plush from Jamison Bedding. According to Jamison, it is the original Marriott mattress for over 50 years. And the good news is you can even own one for home use. The Marriott Supreme Plush Jamison mattress is available from twin to Cal king, and you’ll get it with a ten-year warranty. 

The Supreme Plush bed uses a designer stretch knit cover, a one-inch gel quilting foam, ultra-soft gel foam for its comfort layer, a two-inch CertiPUR-US foam, and a five-inch proprietary resort hotel density gradient foam core. It is made in the US, and Jamison specifically designed it to suit all body types. In addition, you’ll get a medium plush mattress, which is the typical firmness level of luxury hotel mattresses.


What Is The Best Marriott Mattress?

It will be difficult to label a single Marriott mattress and call it the best among the others. Remember that comfort is subjective, and users vary with their ideal support. Instead, consider comparing the different Marriott hotel beds to find which you think has the features that will provide the most benefits for your personal preferences and needs. 

For example, the Marriott bed is a one-sided mattress known for the best support and longevity. There is also Tempur Sealy’s Artesia HD, which is orthopedically designed. And, of course, the Marriott Supreme Plush offers a cooling sleeping experience with the right softness and firmness.



Did you enjoy your stay at Marriott Courtyard? To recap the answer to what mattress does Marriott Courtyard use, it can either be The Courtyard Mattress and Artesia HD. You can purchase the Marriott Courtyard mattress for your bedroom if you want the same sleeping experience you had in your stay. 

We hope you also learned a lot about the Marriott hotel mattress brands. Let us know in the comments if you have more questions!


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