What Makes Puffy The Best Mattress: 5 Top Reasons

Those wondering what makes Puffy the best mattress can think of five reasons. In this article, we will go through the mattress features that make Puffy worth the purchase. You will also find the best one for you since the brand offers three models to choose from. 

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what makes puffy the best mattress


Why Is Puffy The Best Mattress?


Proper support and pressure relief

Puffy is the best mattress because it provides the ideal middle ground between support and pressure relief. If you’re familiar with the Puffy mattress firmness, it’s not too soft nor too stiff for the sleeper. You’ll still get cushioning to relieve the tension on the heavy regions of the body, but it is firm enough to keep you from sinking and losing a good sleeping posture. 

If you check the anatomy of the Puffy mattress, its core support foam is even made of high-density material. Therefore, it won’t lose its structure and ensure that you maintain a well-supported spine for a long time. But to provide some comfort and a cloud-like feel, the third layer of the Puffy mattress will cradle your body according to your sleeping position. 


Temperature regulation

When you read about the statement of Puffy’s CEO, one of their priorities when they designed the Puffy mattress is to provide the sleeper a cool bed. This was a successful goal because temperature regulation is perhaps one of the best features of the Puffy mattress. All the models are designed to minimize heat retention, even their memory foam bed. 

If you check the Puffy mattress, it uses a two-inch Cooling Cloud foam and two-inch Climate Comfort foam for its second and third layers. Therefore, you’ll get a gel-infused foam on the surface, and even the pressure-relieving material will help with temperature regulation. But if you want the ultimate cooling sleeping experience, try the Puffy Royal because it has a 1.5-inch infused cooling top layer and the brand’s Cloud Air technology on the fourth layer for maximum airflow. 


Motion isolation 

If you share the bed, the Puffy mattress would be a fantastic choice because it is designed to minimize motion transfer. As a result, you or your partner won’t get disturbed each time the other is changing positions or getting in and out of bed. And since the Puffy mattress suits all types of sleepers, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of the bed for both you and your partner. 

What if you prefer a hybrid mattress? The Puffy Lux is the brand’s most popular mattress, and it is a hybrid. Thanks to its contour-adapt coil base, it is also effective for motion isolation, so it’s worth considering if you share the bed.



The Puffy mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, which shows how the company trusts the longevity of its product. So you can expect that the expected lifespan of the Puffy mattress is commendable compared to other foam and hybrid beds in the market. But how is this possible?

Puffy only uses the best materials for constructing their mattresses. Some notable ones include their gel-infused Visco polyurethane foam called the Cooling Cloud foam and the Climate Comfort Foam, a polyurethane foam manufactured using their Variable Pressure Foaming process. The materials are even CertiPUR-US-certified and OEKO-TEX Standard 100-certified to ensure quality, safety, and sustainability. 



Versatility is another reason that makes Puffy the best mattress. It is compatible with all surfaces, whether you’re using box springs, a platform base, adjustable frame, foundation, or even just the floor. Even the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal are hybrid beds that don’t require box springs. 

The Puffy mattress is also versatile because it suits all sleeping positions. For example, you can get pressure relief when side sleeping, back support when back sleeping and the right firmness to keep your spine neutral when stomach sleeping. And finally, you’ll be surprised that learning how to wash a Puffy mattress is quick, and it doesn’t require special products and practices to keep it clean. 


Puffy Mattress: Which Is Best For You


Puffy mattress (Memory foam)

  • Puffy’s flagship mattress
  • 10 inches thick
  • Perfect for sleepers that want a medium-firm surface 
  • Ideal for people that need the contouring relief from memory foam without the heat retention

Puffy Lux (Hybrid)

  • Most popular Puffy mattress
  • 12 inches thick
  • Perfect for side sleepers because of its medium-plush feel
  • The structure is ideal for people that need more back and neck support

Puffy Royal (Hybrid)

  • Puffy’s premium mattress
  • 14 inches thick
  • Perfect for people that sleep hot
  • Ideal for sleepers with body pain because of its targeted support


And that’s it! To recap, what makes Puffy the best mattress is the proper support and pressure relief, temperature regulation, motion isolation, durability, and versatility. You can even select from three mattress models to find the perfect match for your needs. 

Of course, you must also understand how to care for a Puffy mattress to ensure that it will perform at its best. So please give that a quick read for some helpful maintenance tricks. 


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