What Lotion To Use In Tanning Bed? 3 Interesting Factors To Consider When Choosing A Lotion!

Using a tanning bed is a quick alternative to get the tan you desire, but what lotion to use in tanning bed?

Tanning lotions are helpful in achieving evenly tanned skin.

what lotion to use in tanning bed

It also nourishes and protects the skin so that the tan will last longer.

This will not only lead to a radiant tan, but it improves the skin in general.

That is because tanning lotions contain plenty of nutrients that the skin needs.

Most of them also contain hydrating particles that are responsible for keeping the skin wrinkle-free and tight.

Not only that, but it also prevents the skin to become itchy and dry.

But more importantly, lotion prolongs your tan.

However, you should not use just any lotion.

There are things that you need to consider when choosing which lotion to use.

Stay tuned to know everything about lotions to use for a tanning session.


Why Do You Need Lotion In Tanning Bed?

Some people think that applying lotion is not necessary before a tanning session.

Little did they know that the right tanning lotion is very helpful in achieving an even and glowing tan.

During the process of tanning, the lotion plays a vital role which is to keep the skin hydrated.

This is especially necessary if you have dry skin.

Furthermore, the tanning lotion will help in attaining the tan faster.

Tanning lotions have many variations.

Typically, it has no SPF content and this differentiates them from the lotions you use when you go out.

Most often than not, they are labeled as a moisturizing cream or bronzing lotion.

In addition, some tanning lotions are easier to apply since they come in spray form.

With that being said, you can quickly apply it to your skin before you get in a tanning bed.


Is It Ok To Use Regular Lotion?

Although this is often the case, applying just any lotion is not ideal when getting in a tanning bed.

For one thing, the regular lotion may contain some ingredients that can potentially damage the machine of the tanning bed after it has built up on the surface of the bed.

As a result, it can cause the tanning bed to deteriorate.

So you need to make sure that the tanning lotion that you will be using does not pose any damage to the bed.

Most of the tanning salon recommends particular lotions that you may or may not use while having a tanning session in their beds.


Preparing For A Tanning Session When You Use Lotion

Some steps are needed to be taken before you settle in a tanning bed.

First and foremost, you need to prepare your skin.

That includes taking a shower as well as soaping up your body.

You have to ensure that all residue and dirt and removed from your skin.

Doing this is necessary for the tan to be even.

Aside from that, you also need to exfoliate your skin lightly before you head for a tanning session.

That is because there is a tendency that the skin will bed dried out by the tanning bed.

Meaning to say, you are making sure that you will arrive in the tanning salon with prepared, hydrated, and smooth skin.

When taking a shower, you can also grab this chance to shave off the areas of the body with unwanted hair.

It is ideal for all the areas you desire to tan to be hairless, or else, the tanning lotion will sit on the hair follicles thereby resulting in uneven tan and dotted skin.

After you are done shaving and showering, you can already go to the tanning bed. But before you get in, you need to apply a moisturizer first for optimum results.

The tanning bed lights will make the bronzer in the tanning lotion active.

Make sure that the lotion is applied evenly.

But you might as well apply more amount onto the areas of the skin that appears paler.

You might want to bring a family or friend if you are not comfortable asking the tanning bed personnel to apply lotion on the areas you cannot reach like your back.

The tanning lotion must spread out evenly throughout your body.


3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Lotion To Use In Tanning Bed

As mentioned earlier, you cannot use just any lotion.

So, what lotion to use in tanning bed?

Factor #1. Bronzer

You need to decide whether or not you want the lotion to contain a DHA component or commonly known as a bronzer.

This can enhance the outcome of your tan.


Factor #2. Scent

Of course, you wouldn’t want to apply a lotion if you dislike its smell.

As such, it is important to check its scent first.


Factor #3. Consistency

Lotions are available in different consistencies.

But they all work similarly.

This is just a matter of preference on whether you like lotion or cream.


It’s A Wrap!

Once you know what lotion to use in tanning bed, you can achieve an even fairer tan in no time.

You cannot use just any lotion available at home.

Instead, get yourself a tanning lotion specifically intended for tanning beds.

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