What Kind Of Mattress Is Best For Stomach Sleepers

The answer to what kind of mattress is best for stomach sleepers reveals three types. They are foam, innerspring, and hybrid. This article will discuss what to consider with each mattress type. 

Furthermore, you might benefit from the best pillow for stomach sleepers. Besides getting the best mattress type if you sleep on your stomach, you should also know what pillows to use. A well-set bed can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and terrible sleep quality. 

what kind of mattress is best for stomach sleepers


What Is The Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers?


Foam mattresses

There are different types of foam mattresses, but polyurethane, memory foam, and latex beds will be ideal for stomach sleepers. However, the emphasis is necessary on selecting a firm foam mattress made of high-density materials, and the overall structure is relatively thin. On the other hand, you don’t want a soft, thick foam bed made of low-density materials, especially as a stomach sleeper, because it won’t support you enough with the already compromising sleeping position. 


Innerspring mattresses

Stomach sleepers can use innerspring mattresses because this type comes in different structures and materials. You can select an innerspring bed with a thin comfort layer so your upper body and hips can still get pressure relief. However, opt for an innerspring mattress with a durable and reliable spring support system because sagging will misalign the spine further when you sleep on your stomach. 


Hybrid mattresses

The best mattress for stomach sleepers is a hybrid mattress because it combines foam and innerspring bed characteristics. The coil support will provide an excellent structure to keep your body aligned, but the foam layer at the top will relieve the stress on the heavy parts of your body. 


Do Stomach Sleepers Need Soft Or Firm Mattress?

Stomach sleepers should never use a soft mattress, but instead, the best mattress firmness for stomach sleepers is medium-firm to firm. This means that you must select beds rated 6 or higher on the firmness scale rather than something with a rating of under 5. You can check this mattress firmness guide if you’re not familiar with the mattress firmness scale. 

Why should stomach sleepers use a firm mattress? Sleeping on your stomach is already unnatural to the spine, so using a sinking bed will further twist your body. Instead, you want a surface that will keep you supported but still have a bit of cushioning since your upper torso is getting your body weight when you sleep on your stomach. 


Other considerations

Please note that you also need to consider your body type and not just your sleeping position. For example, stomach sleepers under 230 pounds will prefer a medium bed with a mattress rating of 5 because firm beds can feel too stiff. On the other hand, heavier stomach sleepers must use firm beds because they are more prone to sinkage. 

Read the three most important factors to know which mattress is best for sleeping according to your requirements.  


How Should A Stomach Sleeper Sleep?

  1. Use a thin and medium-firm to firm mattress to prevent further misalignment of the spine
  2. Avoid using a fluffy pillow or omit it altogether to avoid having the neck at a higher level than the rest of the body
  3. If you must use a pillow, use a thin and flat one to keep your neck and head from being at an awkward angle
  4. Add a pillow under your pelvis to relieve the pressure that your spine receives when stomach sleeping 
  5. Make it a habit to stretch in the morning to restore your body’s natural position and reduce the discomfort

What’s The Worst Way To Sleep?

The worst way to sleep is on your stomach because this orientation is unnatural for the spine. If you’re using a pillow, you’re even adding strain to the neck and your back. In addition, lying on your stomach can encourage the spine to arch as it compensates for the weight placed in the middle of your body.

So what is the best sleeping position? The most recommended way to sleep is on your back because the spine is neutral in this orientation. You can also sleep on your side if back sleeping feels awkward for you, but remember to place a pillow between your legs to level the spine, hips, and pelvis. 


Why Sleeping On Your Stomach Is Bad?


Poor sleeping posture

The most significant reason experts and health professionals are against stomach sleeping is its unsupportiveness for a neutral spine. As a result, your body twists in an awkward position, and your mid-portion receives most of the weight. You are also straining your back more if you sleep on your stomach. 


Leads to body pain

The awkward body orientation when you lie on your stomach will lead to aches and pain in the long run. You might wake up with neck or lower back pain as these regions compensate for improper body support. The muscles can’t also relax when you choose this position compared to back or side sleeping. 



Was this article helpful? To recap what kind of mattress is best for stomach sleepers, you can choose from foam, innerspring, and hybrid beds. First, however, make sure that the bed is thin and firm to prevent sinkage.

Furthermore, please consider changing to back or side sleeping because stomach sleeping does not promote a neutral spine. And if you want some additional sleep health tips, here are the types of mattresses that doctors recommend.

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