What Kind Of Mattress Does Drury Inn Use And More

For those who wonder what kind of mattress does Drury Inn use, it’s the Millenium style bedding. We found out that the Drury Inn mattress brand is Justice Bedding, and we will discuss their products in more detail below. It will always be helpful to know the mattress used by Drury Inn since their guests leave good reviews about their stays. 

And speaking of inns, are you also interested in what type of mattress Holiday Inn Express uses? Feel free to check that as well. A bonus secret is that we have researched almost all the hotel mattresses in our blogs. So use our knowledge base search bar and find out that bed you slept on in a hotel!

what kind of mattress does drury inn use


What Type Of Mattress Does Drury Inn Use?

According to Drury Hotels, they get their mattresses from Justice Bedding. The company provides Millenium style bedding mattresses for Drury Inn hotels which they made exclusively for the hotel chain.  And if you check out Justice Furniture’s mattress collection, they have the Vibe, Natural Latex, Energize, Classic, and Grand Hotel. 

The Grand Hotel mattress collection of Justice Furniture includes the Grand Hotel mattress, Grand Hotel Luxury Mattress, and Lodge Firm mattress. You can get them from your local Justice dealer by entering your zip code in their showroom search bar. However, they didn’t include the custom mattresses they made for Drury Inn in their mattress collections.


What kind of bedding does Drury Inn use?

The bedding used by Drury Inn includes pillows from Guest Supply, and Downlite Bedding even has the Downlite Hotel & Resort Down Alternative Allergen Pillow. It is assembled in the US and is even AAFA-certified to confirm its safety for allergy sufferers. The pillow uses a cotton fabric and fiberfill, and the overall feel is medium density. 


What Kind Of Mattress Does Sleep Inn Use?

You might be familiar with Sleep Inn by Choice Hotels, which also gets their bedding from Downlite Bedding. The bedding manufacturer provides polyester and down alternative pillows to Sleep Inn. But if you’re curious about the Sleep Inn mattress brand, it is the Quality Sleeper by Serta

Choice Hotels commissioned Serta to make mattresses for their brands, including Sleep Inn, Rodeway Inn, Comfort, Quality, Clarion, Econo Lodge, and MainStay Suites. 


What Mattress Do 5 Star Hotels Use?

The mattress in five-star hotels varies from pillowtop mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and the most common, hybrid mattresses. Let’s take a look at the mattress used by popular luxury hotels:


What mattress does Four Seasons use?

The mattress used by Four Seasons is an adjustable bed. You can find out how they could do that by understanding how their trusted manufacturer built it for them. However, it’s not surprising that Four Seasons want an adjustable mattress because it allows all types of people to get their ideal bed.  


What mattress does Hyatt use?

If you found out what the Hyatt mattress brand is, you wouldn’t be surprised because this company also provides for other hotels. Can you guess what type of mattress Hyatt uses? It’s a pillowtop bed partnered with a down duvet and 250 thread count sheet. 


What mattress does Hilton use?

The Hilton mattress is unique in the market because the hotel gets it custom-made. You can expect that five-star hotels and luxury hotels have specifications for their bed, and that’s why your sleeping experience from them is unmatched. 


What mattress does Sheraton use?

The kind of mattress Sheraton uses is a Euro-top bed with pocketed coils. We have also found out the three types of mattresses you can find in Sheraton hotels, so please read our separate article to know more about each model. Five-star hotels carefully select the materials for their beds to ensure the most luxurious experience for their guests. 


What Makes Marriotts Comfortable?

The mattress used in Marriott hotels has a unique comfortability from other hotel mattresses because Marriott designed their beds according to the feedback they receive from guests. Furthermore, remember that the hotel mattress is not the only factor that makes the bed comfortable. 

Marriott also uses high-quality accessories and bedding to create the coziest experience. Did you know that even Marriott’s pillows come from the same brand they trust for their mattresses? If you want to know more, read our separate article about them. 


What Level Of Firmness Are Hotel Mattresses?

The most common firmness level in hotel mattresses is medium-firm. However, it’s common for luxurious hotels to offer different firmness level choices for their guests. Nonetheless, medium-firm is a safe one to get because almost all sleepers will feel supported and comfortable with it. 


Are Hotel Collection Mattresses Good?

Hotel Collection mattresses from different mattress manufacturers such as Sealy and Serta are of excellent quality. These beds are trusted by various hotel brands and are proven by the rave reviews they got from guests. However, you can always find a similarly constructed mattress if you don’t have the budget for a hotel-approved model. 



And that’s it! If you enjoyed your stay and wanted to know what kind of mattress does Drury Inn use, you can check out Justice Bedding. The Millenium style bedding mattress they exclusively created for Drury Inn may not be available in their collections, but they have hotel mattresses worth checking out.

Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to give hotel collection mattresses a chance. Hotels trust them, so if you have the budget, you might as well splurge on a luxurious bed. And if you have a specific hotel in mind, try out the search bar!

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