What Kind Of Mattress Cover Should I Use On A Puffy Mattress

If you’re unsure what kind of mattress cover should I use on a Puffy mattress, why not get it from the brand itself? We will talk about the features of the Puffy mattress protector and why it will be your best cover for the bed. You will also learn about the sheets offered by Puffy.

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what kind of mattress cover should i use on a puffy mattress


What Mattress Cover To Use On A Puffy Mattress?

The best mattress cover to use on the Puffy mattress is the Puffy waterproof mattress protector. You’ll be buying from the same brand so that you can feel secured with the compatibility and quality of the accessory. This mattress cover from Puffy also comes in standard sizes, which means you can use it in other mattresses as well. 

But why should you opt for the Puffy mattress protector compared to other covers in the market? With a starting price of $79 for the twin size, is this product worth it? Let us check its notable features below:


Easy to clean

Your mattress cover serves as the first layer of protection against dust, spills, and any other mess on the bed. Therefore, it should be easy to clean to keep your mattress hygienic. In addition, the Puffy mattress protector is compatible with cleaning in the washing machine to help you save time and effort for every clean-up. 


Easy to install

The mattress cover from Puffy comes in standard sizes, which makes it compatible with any bed. So, of course, it will fit perfectly with the Puffy mattress. But what makes installation even smoother is that it has elastic pockets that will secure and give the finish a snug fit.


Cool to use

Puffy uses bamboo rayon fabric for its mattress cover. This material is not just soft to touch, but it’s also breathable for better temperature regulation of the bed. But if you still wonder why is my Puffy mattress so hot, we have written another article about this issue. 


Excellent mattress protection 

The mattress cover should effectively keep your bed clean, and the Puffy mattress protector is excellent at this job. It is breathable, but it’s waterproof to keep spills and stains off the bed. And best of all, you won’t hear or feel weird sounds and textures typical to waterproof covers made with plastic.



If you are sensitive to materials used on beds, you will be pleased that the Puffy waterproof mattress protector is hypoallergenic. It is made with bamboo rayon fabric, which won’t irritate your skin or respiratory system. Additionally, even allergens like dust mites won’t be an issue since this mattress cover is tightly woven. 


Does Puffy Mattress Come With A Cover?

The Puffy mattress comes with a cover, and it is even one of its best features. It is the hypoallergenic and stain-resistant layer called the Cloud cover on the top, and the brand even uses a non-slip grip cover at the base to keep your mattress from sliding around. 


Where to buy a Puffy mattress cover?

If you’re still interested in the Puffy waterproof mattress protector, you can buy it directly from their website, similar to purchasing a mattress. It also comes with a 101-night sleep trial, and you can return it alongside the mattress if you’re not satisfied with the bed products. But in the long run, you can enjoy Puffy’s lifetime warranty even with their mattress protector. 

Do you want to know how to take advantage of the Puffy mattress warranty? Read our discussion about this brand’s policy. 


How long does it take for the Puffy mattress protector to get delivered?

Puffy will ship the Puffy mattress protector within one to three business days via FedEx. There are no shipping fees within the contiguous United States, and even the return for a 100% refund is free. If you’re also interested in how fast a Puffy mattress is delivered, we have also reviewed that topic. 


Where To Buy Sheets For My Puffy Lux Mattress?

The Puffy Lux mattress also comes with a hypoallergenic, and stain-resistant cover called the Cloud cover and the brand’s grip base cover for anti-slip. But if you also need to buy sheets for the most popular hybrid model from Puffy, you can consider the 300-thread count Puffy bamboo sheets. The Puffy sheets are made from 100% pure bamboo viscose.

Therefore, they are naturally silky, breathable, and hypoallergenic. The installation will also be smooth because they are the deep-pocket fitted type available in standard sizes. And for added peace of mind, the Puffy bamboo sheets are Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified to guarantee that they are free of harmful chemicals and the quality passed the industry standards. 



And that’s it! To recap what kind of mattress cover should I use on a Puffy mattress, you can consider the Puffy waterproof mattress protector. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Puffy already uses a hypoallergenic and stain-resistant cover on their beds, and even the base is covered with a non-slip material. 

Overall, do not skip on high-quality bedding and accessories for your mattress. They are not only important for aesthetics and feel, but they can also help extend the lifespan of your bed. 


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