What Kind Of Bed Frame Works For The Puffy Mattress

Those who want to know what kind of bed frame works for the Puffy mattress will be pleased with its versatility. But just because it works for all bed frames doesn’t mean you can select any. So why not get the specific frame from Puffy, to begin with?

You might also be interested in tips to keep the Puffy mattress on the base. Of course, it will always be helpful to know the proper way to set up a bed to keep it stable and lengthen its lifespan. You can also read about what other mattresses compare to the Puffy mattress for reference. 

what kind of bed frame works for the puffy mattress


What Bed Frame To Use For The Puffy Mattress?

One of the reasons that make Puffy a good mattress is its compatibility with all surfaces. You can use it on any bed frame, as long as both have compatible sizes and the base has no damages that can affect its effectiveness in supporting the bed. But if you want to save the hassle of potentially buying the wrong frame or using a damaged frame, Puffy also has an upholstered bed frame that you can purchase. 


Puffy upholstered bed frame

The Puffy upholstered bed frame comes in full, king, queen, and California king sizes. It even includes the rolling slats upon your purchase, and the perks such as the trial period and warranty are the same as what Puffy uses for their mattresses. Therefore, you’ll also get 101 nights to try the bed frame from Puffy, and you can feel secure with its lifetime warranty. 


Is the Puffy bed frame worth it?

The Puffy bed frame starts at $899, and it is worth the purchase because of its features that will satisfy function and visual appeal.


  • Construction

The Puffy bed frame is built to last thanks to its premium fabric and stitches, premium wooden slats, and heavy-duty hardware. In addition, you’ll get solid support for your original memory foam Puffy mattress without needing a box spring since it already comes with the base. It is even designed to support up to 600 pounds.


  • Comfort

Because the Puffy bed frame is upholstered, you can comfortably sit upright on your bed. The padding on the headboard can cushion your back when sitting in bed. Furthermore, the frame is quiet for a distraction-free sleep. 


  • Convenience

The Puffy bed frame is shipped via FedEx, like the Puffy mattresses. It is relatively easy to assemble, so setting your bed is frustration-free. And in the long run, the cloth upholstery of the Puffy bed frame is easy to clean for quick maintenance. 


  • Aesthetics

The Puffy bed frame is not only durable and helpful. It is also visually appealing thanks to its upholstered finish with a cool, neutral-gray color. It should be easy to match with any bedroom style. 


Do You Need A Boxspring With A Puffy Mattress?

You don’t need a box spring with a Puffy mattress, but you can use one if you want your finished bed to have more give. However, Puffy designed even their hybrid mattresses, Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal,  to be used directly on the bed frame even without box springs. This is more convenient compared to traditional spring beds that require a box spring.


Can you put a Puffy mattress directly on the floor?

If you prefer the style of having the bed directly on the floor, you’ll be pleased that the Puffy mattress is among the models that can be used this way. However, consider elevating your mattress regardless to help with air circulation. It will also be healthier to sleep at a reasonable distance from the floor to avoid close contact with the dirt and critters on the ground. 


Can You Use A Regular Bed Frame With A Puffy Mattress?

You can use a regular bed frame with a Puffy mattress as long as it has no damages and is the right size. For example, you don’t want your mattress sliding around because the frame is too big or its edges are unsupported because your frame is too small. You can also use other supports for the Puffy mattress, including box springs, platform bases, or adjustable foundations.

Did you know that besides the Puffy upholstered frame, the brand also has other bases? For example, you can consider the Puffy mattress foundation or Puffy adjustable base as well. 


Puffy foundation

The Puffy foundation is a heavy-duty, 15-inch tall steel base that can support up to 1,000 pounds. It even comes with a non-slip pad to keep your mattress in place. But even though it’s built to last, it’s still lightweight and easy to set up because it requires no tools. 


Puffy adjustable base

If you want more control with your bed’s angles, you can try the Puffy adjustable base. It has three-speed, dual-independent massage motors, adjustable leg height, and a universal headboard mount. It even comes with USB ports and LED lighting. 



And that’s it! This article answered what kind of bed frame works for the puffy mattress, and we found out that you can use any right-size frame without damages. You can also get the upholstered bed frame from Puffy, or any base for that matter. 

But what if you don’t know what to do about Puffy mattress too soft? We wrote a separate article about this issue because getting the right frame is not the only solution.

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