What Kind of Bassinet Should I Get? Tips for Parent

In this blog post, we will teach you some things to consider when you plan to buy a new bassinet for your little one. So read on and share your thoughts in the comment section.



Tips on Choosing a Bassinet for Your Baby

It depends on if your baby sleeps with you in bed and what type of sleeper they may eventually turn out to become (side-sleeper vs. back-sleeper). Unfortunately, there are no specific guidelines for deciding whether one bassinet is better than the other. Still, it comes down to your personal preferences and what you’re looking for. However, here are some helpful tips:

Size – if you have a king-size bed or sleep with another person in your bed, there are specific bassinet models that can fit next to each of you.

Material – if you’re looking for something easier to clean up after accidents, different fabric choices are available, such as cotton and polyester. If you’re going with a more traditional look, then try finding one made of wood!

Price – consider your budget because some bassinets can be pretty expensive depending on the brand name or quality material it was built from. I can suggest no specific price range, but remember that spending a little extra may come in handy later down the line when making other baby purchases (i.e., strollers).

If those considerations don’t help answer any questions, maybe think about how long you plan to use the product? For example, are you planning only to have the baby for a few months then give it away? Or are you planning on using this bassinet until the child is old enough to transition into another bed (i.e., crib)?

Material – depending on what material your product will be made of, that can also impact whether or not you want to buy one online or in-store. For example, some materials may require special care, and others could potentially ruin the fabrics if washed incorrectly (i.e., stuffed animals).

If there’s any doubt about how best to clean certain items, consider buying something new! Researching before purchasing an item like this isn’t always necessary but definitely wouldn’t hurt especially when dealing with expensive products such as strollers & car seats.


Why do you use a bassinet?

The bassinet is a good choice for parents looking to have their babies sleep close by without worrying about them rolling off. However, it’s also important to remember that it should always be used on a firm surface, no matter the bassinet, away from toys or pillows.


How do you attach a bassinet to City Select Lux?

Step one, take the front of City Select Lux and pull it up. Step two, find where you are going to place your bassinet on the stroller’s frame. Ensure there is enough space so that when the baby grows older, they still can fit appropriately in a sitting position with their feet touching towards the back wheel well area. Once you have decided the location for the bassinet, make sure to attach straps correctly and tighten them securely as not to do this may cause damage or injury.


Do I have to assemble Baby Jogger City Select?

No assembly required! The best thing about this travel system is that they come already assembled even though it has many parts! When the opening box, all you need to do is attach the seat onto the chassis with two push buttons and then use a single lever underneath the seat base to adjust its position into four different recline positions depending on your child’s age.


What are the weight limits of Baby Jogger City Select?

Baby Jogger Travel System is equipped with a car seat adapter that will allow you to attach different infant car seats onto your stroller chassis. Still, it can’t be used for heavier children after the baby reaches 15 pounds (or when they’re about six months old). And once the baby has reached 65 pounds, you won’t be able to use this system anymore because even though the whole travel system weighs only 24 lbs., its maximum capacity is 100 lbs! So if you have more than one kid in diapers, it might not work out well.


What is included in the city select Lux stroller?

You get one regular seat with the new Lux model, which can be used from birth up until 50 pounds or 29 inches long. You also receive a second toddler-style riding board that goes over your first child’s legs when they are not using a ride onboard for older children who wants more independence but still won’t sit next to their sibling without having a separate place to sit. A third option will be a baby bassinet if you choose this luxury version instead of the standard two options above!


How do you fold the Baby Jogger in City Tour 2?

The Baby Jogger City Tour II has quick-release wheels to make it easier when you need to fold the stroller. To do this, push in the red button located at each wheel and then press down on the grey bar underneath (in front of) the seat where your child sits. This will allow you to collapse and store away until next time effortlessly!

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