What Is Tungsten Wedding Bands: Pros And Cons

The answer to what is tungsten wedding bands will be easier to understand if you know what tungsten is. We’ll discuss what tungsten wedding bands look like and what makes tungsten ideal for rings. 

And speaking of wedding bands, have you already selected what to wear at your wedding? Here is how to pick a wedding band to find the perfect symbols for your union. 

what is tungsten wedding bands


Are Tungsten Rings For You: What Is Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten wedding rings are made of tungsten carbide, from the name itself. Tungsten carbide is a combination of tungsten and carbon, and it’s among the trendiest materials used on rings nowadays. 

A tungsten wedding band possesses the qualities of tungsten carbide, which is durable and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, you can easily distinguish a tungsten ring from other wedding bands because it’s black to deep gray in color. 

Furthermore, you can quickly get tungsten carbide polished to fit the wedding band style you want. Continue reading below to know if tungsten wedding bands are for you.


What are the pros and cons of tungsten rings?



  • Tungsten wedding bands are reasonably priced
  • A tungsten wedding ring should easily resist scratches
  • A tungsten wedding band is hard enough to main its shape
  • Tungsten wedding rings are naturally hypoallergenic compared to other metals
  • Tungsten wedding rings should be easy to remove from the finger should an emergency need arises 
  • The natural gunmetal gray color of tungsten rings is attractive, and some jewelers can even provide you with black, gold, or white tungsten bands to match your aesthetic



  • Tungsten wedding bands are not indestructible
  • If needed, tungsten rings are not resizeable compared to other wedding rings made from silver, gold, or platinum
  • Tungsten wedding rings are not traded or easily valued like gold jewelry
  • Some people might prefer the classic silver or gold ring to dark gray bands
  • The style of a tungsten ring may not look bridal 


Is Tungsten A Good Metal For A Wedding Band?

Tungsten is a good metal for a wedding ring because of its durability. Tungsten carbide wedding rings are gaining popularity nowadays, especially for men’s wedding rings. 

If the jeweler used high-quality tungsten carbide for the wedding band, it could be four times as hard as a titanium wedding ring and even harder than an 18-karat gold wedding ring. However, this same property should be considered if you want to resize your wedding band after some time eventually. 

So are tungsten wedding rings for you? This metal is the perfect choice for people who have an active lifestyle as it won’t get scratched easily and if they find a black band more stylish than a classic yellow wedding ring. 

You can check who buys the man’s wedding ring if you’re curious about the groom’s wedding band etiquette. Perhaps he’ll love a tungsten wedding band. 


Is Tungsten Better Than White Gold?

Tungsten will outlast white gold for wedding bands, but you must understand the difference between these two materials first. White gold wedding bands are usually made from yellow gold and white metals like silver or nickel. 

Therefore, the yellow gold becomes stronger. On the other hand, a tungsten wedding ring is made from tungsten carbide, which is extremely dense and can withstand conditions like high heat. 

However, this durability also makes the engraving and resizing impossible or difficult. Keep these characteristics in mind to decide if you want white gold or tungsten wedding ring. 


Can You Shower With A Tungsten Ring?

Wedding rings are rarely taken off, even while bathing or showering. Check with the jeweler’s care instructions for your tungsten ring, but in general, a tungsten carbide band won’t rust even if you wear it while showering. 


Does tungsten turn your finger green?

Some tungsten wedding bands can turn your finger green. It depends if the jeweler used cobalt as it can oxidize and stain the skin green. 

So if you don’t want a tungsten ring that will leave a green stain on your finger, ask the jeweler if they used nickel on the band instead of cobalt. It’s also a more robust choice than cobalt but expects a higher price point. 


Why Tungsten Rings Are So Cheap?

Understandably, it’s suspicious to buy cheap wedding rings because their quality and longevity will be questionable. On the other hand, it’s better to invest in pricey but reasonable wedding bands because you can trust the materials and craftsmanship for durability. 

You can distinguish cheap from quality tungsten wedding bands because of the precision during manufacturing. For example, cheap tungsten rings are 2.5 mm thicker because of the shorter grinding process to mass-produce them. 

They are also asymmetrical with uneven edges or off-center inlays. You also don’t want sharp edges when wearing the tungsten ring, and the band’s finish should be precise.

How to find the best quality tungsten wedding band? First, opt for something with a lifetime warranty as it’s an indicator of the jeweler’s trust in their ring. 



Was this wedding ring guide helpful? You just learned what is tungsten wedding bands, which are bands made from tungsten carbide. 

Couples opt for these unique dark gray rings not just because of aesthetics but also for their durability. And if you want more tips regarding wedding bands, feel free to browse our blog to help you find the best one for your wedding needs. 

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