What Is Trundle Bed? 4 Best Types & More!

What is trundle bed?

In a shorter description, a trundle bed is two beds made to fit in one.

Having a bed that will cater to our need for comfort in sleeping is genuinely life-changing.

After a whole day of hustling and working, we deserve to go in the comfort that our bed may give- to rest and refresh.

To gain our energy back and continue to do our tasks the next day.

We can truly rest if we are in a comfortable space.

Therefore, a spacious bed is beneficial.

But it is of our knowledge that not all have a spacious house to cater to their needs.

Some may have to save space so that all of the things will fit in the space provided.

Having these king and queen-size beds is genuinely spacious.

However, why not consider having a mattress that will cater to your need to sleep as a whole family in one room.

This bed can help to save space.

This bed also allows multiple sleepers, perfect for a big-sized family.

We can consider having trundle beds.


What Trundle Bed Is?

So, what is trundle bed?

Trundle is defined to be something to move or cause to move slowly and heavily.

This word comes from the old expression that refers to something that rolled out of the floor, precisely like the trundle bed.

It is a kind of bed that has is made to tuck in one standard bed frame.

Other manufacturers sometimes add extra shelves that can be used for storage purposes, ideal for saving spaces.

It is often two twin-sized beds.

This is perfect if you have children who want to share a room.

Also, perfect if you have relatives or friends coming for sleepovers.

It serves its purpose to keep an extra bed but without taking more of the space in someone’s bedroom.


How Do Trundle Beds Work?

So a trundle bed is two beds in one.

The top portion can be used as a traditional bed with a standard bedframe.

If you happen to need the extra bed, you just need to pull out the bed under it.

It can be easily pulled for it is made of wheels under making it easy and manageable.


Types Of Trundle Beds

There are different types of trundle beds, and here are some of them.


Type #1. Day beds

Day beds have three sides.

They have the appearance of a couch and are suitable for long walls.

However, it will give it a more sophisticated appearance.

Some users of this type of trundle bed sometimes make it as a couch in the living room.


Type #2. Sleigh beds

Sleigh beds are trundle beds with a headboard and footboard, shaped like a sleigh making its name called sleigh beds.

This bed is typically made as a trundle bed since its bed frames are usually taller than others.

However, if you add a bed underneath, you can make a trundle bed.


Type #3. Captain beds

A captain bed is big enough to add more shelves or drawers to cater to other storage purposes.

This is perfect for apartment types because it will make more space and store more items like your clothes.


Type #4. Bunk beds

This trundle bed can cater to more sleepers.

For you will have extra beds.

Ensure that you have a ladder or other means for the additional sleepers to get to the upper bed.



There are numerous benefits which you can get from having a trundle bed.

This bed is perfect for saving space, can be used for storage.

Great way to cater to guests having sleepovers.

It is also cost-effective for the price of trundle beds, being cheaper than the size of two beds.



Trundle beds sometimes have a limit when it comes to the weight capacity they can handle.

Most trundle beds can usually support up to 250 pounds.

Making it risky for more significant adults when they use this.

One thing about the trundle bed is that the extra mattress is thinner.

Sometimes leading to not preventing back pains for adults.

We also have this problem about the people who have low mobility.

Those struggling to squat down for trundle bed is known to be close to the ground.


Types of Frames

A trundle bed is also available with two types of bedframes where you can choose from.


Type #1. Pop-up frames

This pop-up bed can be drawn at the same height as the primary bed.

Thus, making it equal to a king-sized bed.

This is perfect for those sleepers who want to have extra space.


Type #2. Drawer frame

A drawer frame is the most commonly used type of trundle bed.

Aside from the extra bed, it can be used for other storage purposes, for it has additional drawers.


Tips In Buying Trundle Bed

Make sure that if you buy, it is practical enough for you.

Or you needed this kind of bed.

Make sure to have extra money when you consider this kind of bed, which is a bit pricy.

You can contact the manufacturer ahead if you want to have customized ones.

Ask for the delivery set up if you buy, for this bed is big and heavy kind of furniture.



Trundle beds are great for children, numerous family members, and relatives coming over.

It is very convenient if you usually and often host sleepovers.

But if not, you might consider purchasing the normal or the traditional bed with a matching bed frame.

Although it is very convenient in other ways, it is better to buy it when you need it.

You can’t just suddenly think of buying trundle beds.

Things like the purpose, budget, and availability of the space should be considered before deciding.

Its primary purpose is to save space.

Now, I already your question about what is trundle bed.

So if you needed more shelves and space, this is perfect for you.

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