What Is The Zero-Gravity Position On An Adjustable Bed? 4 Best Benefits!

What is the zero-gravity position on an adjustable bed? A zero gravity position is one of the most comfortable sleeping positions.

Wherein it entails elevating your head and knee level slightly over your heart.

What is the zero-gravity position on an adjustable bed

Thus, it forms a 120-degree angle with your torso and legs.

To achieve this position, select the custom button or click zero gravity on your remote.

Then, it will slightly elevate both your head and legs above the level of your heart.

Moreover, this position helps increase the body’s natural capacity to rest.

Since you are experiencing a balanced distribution of gravity over your whole body.

Studies believed that this position depicts inspiration from venturing into space.

As a result, NASA created the “Zero-G” position.

Astronauts recline in with this fixed position while preparing to launch to equalize.

The pressure they will feel amid rapid changes in gravitational pull.

If you want to know, learn, and discover more about zero gravity position on an adjustable bed, keep reading this article!


The Zero Gravity Position

What is the zero-gravity position on an adjustable bed?

The zero gravity position is not just a simple position.

There is a specific angle for it to be called that name.

Here are some signs that will help you determine if you are doing the zero gravity position:

  • Your body is in the zero stress zone when you bend your hips at a 120° angle
  • You relax your muscles, and you decompress your spinal vertebrae
  • The experience widening of your nasal channels and airways
  • As you raise your legs, it lessens the stress on your body, particularly your heart
  • The position of our heart and stomach is somewhat below the level of the head and knees
  • You are in a V position

Whenever it comes to sleeping, the zero-gravity posture relieves your body of its weight strain.

You will no longer experience compressed vertebrae in your spine.

You will have a relaxed hip, and your elevated knees reduce strain on your lower back.

The benefits of adopting this position for your health status and well-being are numerous.


How To Adjust Your Adjustable Bed In Zero Gravity Position?

Numerous adjustable beds include a Zero-G preset that allows you to adjust your bed into a zero-gravity position quickly.

Although if your mattress does not have a preset, you may still configure the position and change it into zero gravity.

To adjust, it varies with the type of adjustable bed you have.

Here are the two types of adjustable beds and steps on how to aim the zero gravity:


Step #1.Adjustable beds with a zero-gravity preset

If your adjustable bed has a zero-gravity setting, you may switch to it with a single press of a button.

Several adjustable bed frames have wireless remote controls.

There are also Bluetooth-controlled adjustable beds.

Look for a Zero-G button on the bed’s matching remote to see whether your mattress has one of these options.


Step #2.Adjustable beds without a zero-gravity preset

Various adjustable bed types, particularly older versions, may lack a zero-gravity setting.

You may change it to zero gravity manually in this situation.

NASA recommends a 128° angle between both the torso and the thigh.

Also, NASA suggests a 133° angle between both the calf and the hamstrings.

Lift your upper torso to a 120-degree angle with your thighs to adjust your adjustable beds to zero gravity position.

Maintain a bend in your knees while keeping above the level of your heart.

With those simple steps mentioned, you will be able to achieve zero gravity!


Benefits Of Zero Gravity Position

The zero gravity position has a lot of health benefits. Here are some:


Benefit #1. Improves heart circulation

The zero-gravity posture reduces your heart pressure.

In addition, the perfect angle enables your body to circulate your blood more effectively and successfully.


Benefit #2. Improves body digestion

Food flows more readily down the esophagus to the stomach whenever the head is in a vertical position.

The force of gravity prevents stomach acids from rising into the esophagus.

Thus, it helps your body digest the food you consume effortlessly.


Benefit #3. Lessens snoring and improves breathing

The zero-gravity position helps you relieve the pressure present in your lungs, where you breathe easier.

It is beneficial not just for individuals who snore but also for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

When you sleep in the zero-gravity position, you slightly raise your head.

It allows your airways to stay open and allow for better breathing.

Keeping the airways from closing reduces the risk of snoring.


Benefit #4. Reduces back pain and lessens neck pain

Because the spine is naturally formed like an S, laying with your back straight puts pressure on it.

Zero-gravity distributes your weight equally to minimize tension on your spinal column and preserve proper alignment.

Sleeping with good posture may considerably reduce neck and lower back discomfort while also providing a night of more restful sleep.



Zero gravity is one of the most advantageous and convenient sleeping positions you can achieve in your adjustable bed.

It has a lot of health benefits.

It lessens snoring, improves breathing, reduces neck and back pains, and improves your circulation and digestion.

There are adjustable beds where you can automatically set the bed into zero gravity or do it manually.

And that is all for “what is the zero-gravity position on an adjustable bed?”

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