What Is The Tent Of Meeting? Facts You Must Know!

Are you wondering what is the tent of meeting? Okay, here’s what you need to know:

The tent of meeting is another name that is used for the Jewish tabernacle.

What Is The Tent Of Meeting

It is built to be a place intended for worship for the people of Israel.

For a fun fact:

A tabernacle means tent, and Moses gave the design and pattern of this housing.

Back in the days, tabernacle functioned to be a mobile house for worship.

The parts of this tent can be assembled and disassembled by the Levites and can be moved depending on their journey’s needs.

In this article, we will discuss the tent of meeting more so that you can have enough knowledge about it if you are in great confusion.

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Facts About The Tent Of Meeting

The main question is:

What is the tent of meeting?

The tent of meeting is known to as the center of worship, a place to receive oracles, a sign of God’s presence, and palladium in the times when the Israelites made a desert journey.

The phrase tent of meeting was used in the Old Testament, especially in the Exodus.

Well, it is a place where God would meet his people.

This phrase is also called the Tabernacle of Moses.

Before the time that it was constructed, it was stated that God met Moses in a temporary tent of meeting.

It is also believed that anyone who would inquire of the Lord must go to the tent of meeting located outside the camp.

Here’s what you should know too:

It was Moses who set the tent of meeting outside of the camp.

It was then known that people broke fellowship with God at the Mount of Sinai, of which they had made the golden calf (which is in Exodus 33:3).

In the New Testament, the word tent or the tabernacle is used to draw some profound spiritual conclusions about salvation.

The Hebrews and Paul writers both made a distinction between the earthly tent and the so-called heavenly tent.


Who Was Allowed In The Tent Of The Meeting?

Do you wonder if who are the people that are allowed to enter the tent of meeting?

Well, only the priests are allowed to be near it, and it is only the High Priest could have access to enter the Holy of Holies (which is the inner part of the tent of meeting).

Before they can have the right to go inside, the priests are instructed to wash, and it is required for them to change into priestly clothes.

They are also warned to hide their genitals and are prohibited from drinking wine of any strong drink before taking a step into the meeting tent.

Since you already know that it is only the High Priest, who is allowed to enter the tent of meeting, he is only then given a chance once a year on the Day of Atonement and no other days.


What Was Inside The Tent Of Meeting?

According to the Hebrew Bible, a tabernacle is a portable place for the God of Israel’s dwelling place who is known as Yahweh.

If you want to have a more detailed explanation about the tent of meeting, you can have the option to read the Book of Exodus.

This place or sanctuary has an Ark of the Covenant with a mercy seat covered with cherubim.

As for the outer part of the Holy Place, it has a candlestick or a gold lamp.

On the north side, you can see a table that lay a showbread on top of it.

For the south side, a Menorah holds about seven oil lamps to offer lights within the tent meeting’s premises.

When we go the west side, there was a golden altar of incense located before the veil.

These descriptions were believed to be a part of the Priestly source written in the fifth of the sixth BCE.

There were also sources that the scholars believed that the descriptions were more of a representation of Solomon’s Temple, while there are others who claim that it was a real blurry memory.



God’s standard in terms of holiness was genuinely high, and you can only see up to this date that God now does not demand much.

He only wants us to observe the basic rules in terms of dress code and our conduct.

Moreover, these facts are sure to lay on us that His holiness standards are much higher than ours.

God is the manifestation of the complete opposite of evil, and He hates sins, and when we people ignore his call of holiness.

As His children, we need to obey his rules to be abundant blessings for all of us.

We need to be holy in ourselves and behavior because it is written in the bible as the word of God.

We hope that we have enlightened you about the tent of meeting and that you have much information about it.

You already know what is the tent of meeting.

I hope that the questions you are eager to learn have been answered here!

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