What Is The Shoe Game At A Wedding

The answer to what is the shoe game at a wedding is it’s a reception game where the bride and groom have to prove their knowledge of each other by answering questions. If you’re interested, we’ll help you know how to play the shoe game at the wedding and include fun questions to make it even more entertaining. 

You’ll also learn how long it is played and when it is done at the reception. And speaking of reception games and traditions, do you know the garter toss? 

what is the shoe game at a wedding

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Everything To Know About What Is The Shoe Game At A Wedding

The wedding shoe game refers to a popular wedding game or reception activity where the bride and groom must prove their knowledge of each other. Then, they answer questions about each other as the guests have fun guessing with them. 

It is called a shoe game because each person will hold their own and their partner’s shoes. Whoever the answer is to the question, you’ll raise the shoe they own. Instead of answering the person’s name related to the question’s answer, you will raise that person’s shoe. 

For example, if asked who is always late at parties, the bride and groom will simultaneously raise the shoe of the person they think is the answer. If the answer is the same, it can be endearing, but it’s also funny as the couple might want to disagree on the answers. 


How Do You Play The Shoe Game At A Wedding?

If you’re interested in playing the wedding shoe game, discuss it with your partner to know if they also want to participate in the popular wedding game. It’s also best to have someone prepare questions that you think will be entertaining for the guests. 

But to make it exciting, do not read about the questions. It would be best if you also got a wedding MC to make the event more lively and set the tone of the wedding game. 


How to set up a wedding shoe game

Prepare two chairs back to back at the center of the reception stage or dance floor, whichever gives the best view for the guests. Have the bride and groom sit on each chair and hold a shoe of each other as well as their remaining shoe. 

Explain that they should hold the shoe of the person that they think is the answer. You can also prepare lively background music and good lighting to make the game more enticing to watch. 


Wedding shoe game questions

If you’re asked to prepare a series of questions for the wedding shoe game, ensure they are who questions. You can have a mix of sweet and funny questions for a sentimental but entertaining reception activity. 

Another option is to brainstorm with other people close to the couple or do it at the reception itself. For example, pass a box around the reception to have guests write a question they’d want to get answered at the shoe game. 

Here are also some wedding shoe game question examples to get you started:

  • Who made the first move?
  • Who is more romantic?
  • Who said I love you first?
  • Who apologizes first?
  • Who’s the best cook?
  • Who’s the responsible one on trips?
  • Who’s messier?
  • Who’s organized?
  • Who’s often cranky?
  • Who’s likely to cry during a movie?
  • Who’s funnier?
  • Who’s possible to get late?
  • Who’s the best dresser?
  • Who hogs the bed?
  • Who’s the best kisser?
  • Who has the better butt?
  • Who always gets the last pizza?
  • Who snores louder?
  • Who controls the remote?


When Should You Play The Shoe Game At A Wedding?

The wedding shoe game can happen after the reception dinner or before the dancing part of the night. You can also play the shoe game after the guests have a few drinks to help everyone loosen up. 

It would help if you talked with the reception venue coordinator regarding the schedule of activities you plan on having at the reception. This way, you can manage the time and include other activities and games in the reception. 

Knowing when to play the shoe game will also help you understand how many questions to prepare. And for reference, please read how long do wedding receptions last


How Long Does The Wedding Shoe Game Take?

The wedding shoe game can be anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the number of questions. You can modify the game and have two teams: team bride and team groom. 

Whoever gets the most answers correct will be hailed the winner. But of course, make way for other wedding games and traditions like the bouquet and garter toss. 


How Many Questions Should You Ask During The Shoe Game?

A minimum of 25 questions should be entertaining for the shoe game. This way, you can start with sweet and straightforward questions to funnier or raunchier questions. 


How Do You End A Shoe Game?

The wedding MC can end the shoe game by announcing the next wedding activity. The final shoe game question can also be something really sweet to wrap it up. 



And that’s it! To recap what is the shoe game at a wedding, it’s a reception activity where the couple answers a series of who questions with their backs against each other. 

They’ll raise the shoe of the person they think relates best to the question. It’s fun and entertaining as some questions can be hilarious, especially for the guests.

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