What Is The Process Of Sperm Donation? 6 Surprising Things To Consider!

Are you trying to find out what is the process of sperm donation? Well, then quit trying, no, not in a depressive way; we mean that you just landed on the perfect article. So we will answer your question, and we will give you a whole lot of other information regarding this topic as well.

Sperm donation is what we will first talk about—following with why it is done. The thing is that sperm donation is a procedure in which a man (the donor) decides to donate semen (the fluid or thick liquid that contains sperm that is released during ejaculation) to a woman (recipient) to assist her in conceiving.

what is the process of sperm donation

Without a doubt, it plays a huge role in assisting those who cannot conceive due to personal reasons. For example, a single woman who does not have a male partner but wishes to conceive might opt for sperm donation. A second example would be a couple who wish to conceive, but the man is experiencing male infertility. Sperm donation is an option for these people. We will look into the procedure and other important information. So if you wish to be informed about all this, then continue reading!


How Should A Sperm Donor Mentally Prepare?

In this paragraph, we will talk about how should a sperm donor mentally prepare himself for this decision. Well, the donor needs to look at his decision from various perspectives. And then evaluate if this is the right decision for himself. Here are a few things that he should consider:

  • Is he ready to become a biological father to a child or multiple children?
  • Is he ready to perhaps never meet the child/children conceived with his sperm?
  • Will, he agrees if one day the children conceived with his sperm wish to meet him?
  • Finally, is he going to inform his future or current family about his decision to donate sperm?

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Considerations In The Process Of Sperm Donations

Here we are starting to answer your question; what is the process of sperm donation? Well, for the donation to be made. Initially, we need to find the donor first, and here’s the screening process of selecting a donor. These are the screenings that need to be completed:


#1. Age

Sperm banks have set a specific age limit for sperm donors, 18 to 39 years old. Any man younger or older than that is not suitable. However, the age limit might slightly vary depending on the sperm banks.


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#2. Physical exam

In this exam, the blood and urine samples of the applicant are taken to test them for any infectious diseases like HIV. Moreover, if they pass all the exams and become a regular sperm donor, they will have to give these physical exams every six months.


#3. Semen testing

The applicant is required to provide several samples of his semen. Before providing every sample, he will most likely be asked to refrain from ejaculation for at least forty-eight to seventy-two hours. The samples are then analyzed based on quantity and quality.


#4. Family medical history

The applicant is required to provide the family medical history of at least two previous generations. Any hereditary disease seen in the medical history disqualifies them from becoming a donor.


#5. Psychological evaluation

You will ask the application questions like; are you concerned with your identity being revealed to your biological children. Would you like to contact your biological children in the future and stuff like do you know the recipient? If yes, then what is your relationship with the recipient?


#6. Personal and sexual history

The applicant has to give their detailed history for stuff like their sexual activities, personal information, drug use, and much more to ensure that there are no risks of having an infectious disease. If the applicant passes this screening test, they are required to sign a consent form. In that consent form, it is stated that you as a donor deny having risk factors of any infectious disease or genetic conditions.


The Actual Process Of Sperm Donation

Before the actual sperm donation, the donor is again asked to abstain from ejaculation for at least two to three days. Then after those two to three days, the donor has to appear at the sperm bank and provide his semen samples.


After The Sperm Donation Is Made

Once the donor donates, his sperm samples are frozen (cryopreserved). The samples are then kept in quarantine for a whole six months. The donor is then tested for any infectious diseases again. If his test results are negative, his frozen sperm sample will be tested again to check the quality, quantity, and movement. Finally, if the donor’s sperm samples meet the quality standard, he is officially selected. Now the sperm collected will be placed in the recipient’s reproductive organs. And here, the process of sperm donation ends.


It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, we answered your question; what is the process of sperm donation? We hope this was easy to read! You may also read about how long is the egg donation process and how does egg donation work.

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