What Is The Powder In The Purple Mattress

The answer to the question of what is the powder in the Purple mattress is that it’s a polyethylene copolymer. You’ll learn more about this material below to put your mind at ease. Nonetheless, you should feel safe with the Purple mattress and take advantage of its benefits. 

What is the Purple mattress? This product boasts the best support for sleep because it relieves pressure and keeps the body aligned. But to further understand how it works, here is everything you need to know about its components.

what is the powder in the purple mattress


What’s The Powder In The Purple Mattress?


A quick history

If you’re curious about the origins of the powder in the Purple mattress, it’s created for the company’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This polymer is a sticky material that plays a significant role in the comfort and support that the Purple mattress provides. However, since Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer is tacky and sticks to itself, the company has to solve this potential issue that can occur during shipping. 

The tackiness of Purple’s polymer can pancake during shipping, which will lead to the products like mattresses becoming uncomfortable to use. As a result, Purple’s so-called Smart Comfort Grid will lose its essence. The company then discovered that coating it with polyethylene copolymer powder will keep the polymer from sticking to itself. 

This non-toxic solution that is commonly found in powder makeup and baby sunscreen is the same powder that you see in your Purple mattress. It’s responsible for keeping your bed in its perfect form regardless of the shipping. So next time you’re enjoying Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid, you have the polyethylene copolymer powder to thank. 


Is The Purple Mattress Toxic?

The Purple mattress is non-toxic, and if you’re wondering about the power it uses to maintain the Polymer’s structure, it’s also safe. It can be intimidating to hear the words polyethylene copolymer, but the company prides itself that all of its products and materials used are safe for the health. Independent labs have tested the powder to give you peace of mind about its usage in the mattress. 

Being patented and labeled 100% safe, the powder has no components or chemicals that pose health risks. These substances include those under California Proposition 65 and those regulated by the Massachusetts Right to Know Act, Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Act, and New Jersey’s Workers and Community Right to Know Act. You can check out the Safety Data Sheet of Purple to know more. 


Is the powder in the Purple mattress safe to inhale?

A concern that may pop to mind is the accidental inhalation of this powder. To put you at ease, Purple has also tested the powder coating’s safety when possibly inhaled. According to the labs, the amount of powder that one can inhale is within the standards, even for asthmatic people. 


Is the powder in the Purple mattress safe to touch?

What if you touched the powder or it came in contact with the skin? You can assume that it shouldn’t pose any risks since this powder is also found on cosmetics, baby sunscreens, and even food containers. But if you have other lingering concerns, you can always consult your doctor about this material.


What Is Inside A Purple Mattress?

For those curious about the Purple mattress’s overall composition, it uses a 2-inch Hyper-Elastic Polymer in the Purple Grid or the top layer with the powder coating, a 3.5-inch 1.8-pound density polyurethane foam on the middle layer, and a base layer composed of 4-inch 2-pound density polyurethane foam. As for the fabric, Purple uses 67% polyester, 29% viscose, 4% lycra. The mattress also uses a fire-retardant; a non-toxic knit barrier that’s not treated by chemicals. 

The Purple mattress’s SoftFlex cover is stretchable and breathable to complement the brand’s Purple grid. This grid’s elasticity and airflow are excellent for relieving pressure and providing the right firmness for support and comfort. As for the dual-layer foam, they provided good cushioning that’s high-density and meant to last long. 


Is Polyurethane Foam Toxic?

Buyers typically compare the Purple mattress to a memory foam mattress in terms of comfort and support. And since polyurethane foam is also prone to off-gassing, it’s natural to be curious if it’s toxic. The good news is there is nothing to worry about when it comes to using polyurethane foam. 

The number of compounds you inhale during off-gassing is small enough to cause any health issues. Furthermore, you can always check out if the mattress you’re using is tested and certified by CertiPUR-US to put your mind at ease. There are different polyurethane foam kinds, so it’s best to do your research about the one your mattress uses. 



The transparency of the mattress company when it comes to the materials they use is crucial. For example, do you know what is the powder in the Purple mattress? Purple uses this powder as a coating to protect the mattress’s polymer, which is responsible for their product’s comfort and support. 

You should feel at ease with this powder because it’s non-toxic and safe to inhale or touch. The mattress’s polyurethane foam is also safe for use because it’s free of harmful chemicals that pose health risks. Overall, the Purple mattress is a product that consumers should feel safe using.