What Is The Most Popular Wedding Flower: Best 7

If you want to know what is the most popular wedding flower, consider the best seven types used for wedding floral arrangements like the bridal bouquet, centerpiece, and other decors with wedding flowers. 

We will also guide you with the traditional and most sentimental flowers to make your wedding more sentimental. And when it comes to choosing which blooms to buy, we recommend reading how to pick wedding flowers

What Is The Most Popular Wedding Flower


What Is The Most Popular Wedding Flower For Wedding Floral Needs?



When it comes to weddings, a classic flower that will come to mind is the rose. It is romantic and classy, making it popular for traditional and classic weddings. 

Depending on your wedding type, you can also experiment with the size and color of roses. And even if roses aren’t the primary wedding flowers, it’s not uncommon to see the smaller spray roses as accents in different wedding floral arrangements. 



Brides love a wedding flower not just because of its color but also because its scent is the lilac. Lilacs are also a popular wedding flower, especially in cascading bridal bouquets or boho wedding flower arrangements. 

But even though lilacs are among the most popular wedding flowers, they tend to wilt quickly after cutting. So if you’re arranging your wedding flowers, keep them hydrated. 



If you want a large floral centerpiece or a showstopping wedding bouquet, dahlias top the list for the best wedding flowers. They are fantastic face flowers; you don’t need to break the bank to buy them for the wedding. 

Furthermore, dahlias come in different colors to suit wedding seasons, themes, and venues. You can have a dahlia floral arrangement in warm colors or go with the classic white and off-color wedding theme. 


Sweet Peas

Another best bridal flower, especially for its beauty and scent is the sweet pea. Sweat peas are among the most popular wedding flowers because of their variegated colors compared to other flowers.

They easily enhance the elegance of the floral arrangement. Consider incorporating sweet peas in your bouquets or centerpieces if you want an ethereal or soft wedding. 



Peonies are the best choice if you want the most popular flower for a pink wedding. These bridal flowers are beloved because of their shape, softness, and colors. 

However, peonies may not be practical for wedding flowers if you’re limited with your budget. Instead, you can use them on the wedding bouquet or as a focal point only to save on costs. 

Read how to do your own wedding flowers if you’ll be doing the floral arrangements yourself. 



The best wedding flowers you can usually get for a great price is the ranunculus. Ranunculus are also popular wedding flowers, especially for accents in different floral arrangements. 

You can even make the wedding corsages and boutonnieres with ranunculus. What’s fantastic with them is that they are easy to revive, so those going the DIY route with wedding boutonnieres will have an easier time. 



Despite assuming they won’t look soft enough to be a wedding flower, orchids are also famous for bridal arrangements. This is because they come in unique and interesting shapes, perfect for the modern bride and groom. 

Orchids are unique compared to other wedding flowers, but this very trait is what’s helping them gain popularity. Furthermore, they are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to wish your married life the best. 


Which Is The Best Flower For A Wedding?

  • Pick the wedding flowers according to your wedding color scheme; classic wedding colors are pink and white, so the most popular flowers include dahlias and roses
  • Opt for flowers that will withstand the wedding season and venue; where you’re using the flowers should also help you decide the best size flowers to get 
  • Consider your wedding budget; flowers that are unique or those that are not in season will be pricier than common blooms


What Is The Most Popular Wedding Flower Arrangement?

Wedding flowers are usually arranged for the following wedding needs. Select the best wedding flowers according to where you’ll put or use them so that they can enhance the setting and won’t wilt quickly at the wedding. 

  • Bridal bouquet
  • Groom’s boutonniere
  • Corsages for the distinguished guests
  • Altar and aisle floral arrangements
  • Centerpieces and focal points
  • Floral wedding arch
  • Wedding car arrangement


What Is The Traditional Wedding Flower?

There’s no doubt that if one imagines a wedding flower, white roses come to mind. While no rules imply roses as the traditional wedding flower, they always top the list of the most popular wedding flowers. 

Flowers, mainly white roses, symbolize purity and loyalty, making them even more sentimental for the wedding. They can signify the purity of the new beginning of the couple being married and promise loyalty and fidelity. 



And that’s it! You just learned what is the most popular wedding flower are roses, lilacs, dahlias, sweet peas, peonies, ranunculus, and orchids. 

The top wedding flower is the rose, but more and more weddings use unique-looking blooms like orchids. Regardless, use your budget, venue, and wedding theme as guides on what will be the best wedding flowers to get. 

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