What Is The Most Expensive Mattress? 5 Most Expensive Mattresses

Have you ever strolled in the mall to look for a mattress and wonder how the prices would be in range; you question what is the most expensive mattress existing in the world.

Mattresses are our best friends after a long tiring day spent at work or in school.

what is the most expensive mattress

You can find it all over the entire world. Which means prices may differ.

One basis of it is the material used in it and, of course, the way of exporting and producing the mattress itself.

A standard mattress could cost about $250 to $3,000.

And that would be the range for it, and it would adjust base on the size of the bed you would want.

It would also depend on the mattress style, type, and design. If you are looking for something to sleep on, 250 Dollars budget will do.

If you aim for something luxurious, then 3000 Dollars would be the most of your budget.


The Most Expensive Mattress

So, what is the most expensive mattress?

In this world full of so many toxic, tiring, and energy-consuming things to deal with, good quality and very comfy mattresses are your only escape to get through it.

For people starting up investing in things they purchase, like furniture inside the house, it would be hard to buy costly items like a mattress.

One does not need to buy a high-valued mattress to attain the rest and comfort they would like to have at the end of a very tiring day.

Something that provides comfort and could support their body weight and pressure is more than enough.

The most expensive mattresses are often seen and found in a rich man’s house or mansion—those who have been working all along and have high attainment in life.

Some of them may choose over these five common and most expensive mattress types seen in the whole wide world.

I hope you are ready for the prices of each.

Let us start from the fifth up to the first one to give it a thrill.


#5. Hypnos mattress

Hypnos mattress is the fifth most expensive mattress type sold nationwide.

Their designs are often inspired by royal features giving off a very luxurious touch on them.

It is known and said to be “the most comfortable beds in the world.”

They sustain all the high-quality materials to produce one right and very comfortable mattress.

If you would want to purchase one, do expect it to be around $15,000.


#4. Vi-spring mattress

Vi-spring mattresses have been producing mattresses for over a century now.

It started in 1901, and it is still making high-quality and very satisfying mattresses.

They are very consistent upon giving out the same quality handmade mattresses for a beautiful sleep in those tiring days you face each day.

This mattress specializes in all the aspects a customer would want. It is made to satisfy and give the consumers a good rest.

One Vi spring mattress could cost you around $20,000. It is undoubtedly worth the price when you purchase one.

They do believe that Vi stands for six coils of one right mattress.


#3. Kluft mattress

Kluft mattresses are the third most expensive mattress type you could buy.

It has been acknowledging as the top mattress when it comes to luxury type mattresses.

It has been acknowledged as the leader for luxurious mattresses for over so many decades now.

They are after perfection when it comes to craftsmanship.

Every mattress produced is hand-stitched, and they always choose the finest and high-quality materials to use. They are said to be the basis of one luxury mattress.

One kluft mattress would be around $30,000.


#2. Hastens mattress

Hastens mattresses, compared to all the other luxury mattress is said to be on top of all.

The company runs for 150 to 160 years already.

They produce all-natural mattresses and uses very precise and mesmerizing techniques.

One of those is the ten-turn pocket spring.

It is a very horrifying type of mattress that will not be heard when you lay on top of it.

You are going to spend at least $67,000 on one.

Is it not that expensive? Chill out there is one more to come.

Prepare your eyes and your pocket for this one.


#1. Floating bed

It is not a typical mattress, surprisingly a bed, for you don’t have to use any box spring or base for it.

It floats up, and it looks like a definite masterpiece.

One magnetic floating bed is about $1.6 Million.

Yes, you have read that right. It is over a million. That is how expensive to feel like sleeping in the clouds.



Buying a mattress is all up to you by then. If you are looking for something affordable and worth it, have this out!

And we have answered, “What is the most expensive mattress?” If you are aspiring for one, hustle hard and make sure to earn a lot.

Good quality mattresses earn a fair price.