What Is The Most Energy Efficient Space Heater? 7 Best Choices!

What is the most energy efficient space heater? The Delonghi, Vortex space heater, Lasko 5409, Lasko space heater, Brighton 750/1000, Lasko model 100 My Heat, and more.

They are space heaters requiring a small electrical power to operate. You only need to place it inside small and medium spaces in a room.

What is the most energy efficient space heater

The standard space heaters can produce 500 to 1500 watts. One that has 900-watts you operate for 60 minutes in a day and seven days a week will cost approximately $5 every month for it to work. So, if you are searching for the most capable to heat your room, below is what you should be buying.


The Most Energy Efficient Space Heater

What is the most energy efficient space heater? Here are the lists of space heaters that are energy efficient:


#1. Vornado MVH

This model can warm up a living area in the fastest manner. It is a powerful and small heater with three-heat settings that enable pushing heat a lot more easily. The Vornado MVH uses a circulation and air fan design vortex as this has a cool-to-the-touch feature outside the compartment that guards against burns. Plus, it offers safety among children that makes a suitable option for homes, dorms, bedrooms, and offices. It distributes heated air powerfully in the entire room. It has essential features like an adjustable thermostat, complete assembly, a safety shut-off switch, and three heat settings. Longevity is also never an issue with this model.


#2. Premium Pick: Dr. Infrared

An infrared heater makes a good option for heating a space quickly and quietly, as this creates a wise choice for those searching for a device that heats vast rooms. This quartz heater comes with a 1500-watt capacity for heating. It has abundant features and remote-controlled ease and convenience that make it outstanding in value. Plus, it is the best and most energy-efficient heater when you heat a substantial room. You will love how attractive the wood exterior is. It comes with an overheating shut-off, tip-over, remote control, and built-in timer. It makes a popular heater for larger spaces, warming them up fast. It produces dry heat, which typically affects air quality.


#3. Lasko 755320

This tower heater is excellent in that it stands below 23 inches tall. It emits the proper heat, and it doesn’t require much space on the floor. It includes a blower, an automatic timer, low and high thermostat settings, and ceramic heating factor with a shut-off switch, 1500-watt of maximum power. It also performs its job in those spaces with 350 sq. ft. Some keep this model in garages for a more comfortable temperature in the winter season. It is speedy when used to heat a space. It also has a blower feature to distribute heat fast. Thus, users like you will not wait more hours to achieve the temperature in a room. Plus, it has an automatic timer, cool-to-the-touch exterior, and a taller height.


#4. Pelonis “oil-filled”

This model is among the popular heaters to purchase on the market, as it offers to heat a bedroom, home, and office. Moreover, it has no fan, making it the quietest space heater recommended and rated. But what it includes are vital features such as three heating options, LCD screen, remote control, programmable thermostat, and ten-hour timer. It has swivel caster wheels, a power indicator light, and a 1-year manufacturer warranty. While it doesn’t feature a fan, it dries out the home and even your skin. It also radiates heat using an efficient and oil-filled design in a radiator. It’s simply famous to those with bigger spaces that require warming up.


#5. Lasko 5409

If you’re looking for an answer to this question, “what is the most energy-efficient space heater?” This model is robust, although it is a small heater. It does well when utilized in small and medium sizes of rooms. It is ideal for small spaces offering a combination of size, affordability, features, overall durability, and functional heating capacity. It’s simply the best to use for office, home, bedrooms, dorm rooms, bathrooms, and recreational vehicles. Also, this makes a good choice for most office workspaces. Its noise level will not distract or bother you. The noise is white and has an excellent background.


#6. Delonghi HCX911E

This panel space heater is popular with its space-saving design. It also solves issues that no other space heater could solve. It features a silent heat and radiating feature coming from a thermic panel. It is also off the thermostat with 2-heat settings, including a thermal overload switch that shuts it off when overheating occurs.


#7. Mini Ceramic 1500 Watt

This space heater model is available in black, blue, white, and pink. Moreover, it features safety protection against overheating, including a tip-over. It also consists of ceramic elements for heating. And then, you can say nothing negative about its great value and high quality. This heater is also suitable for offices, bathrooms, and bedrooms. It’s best to also know why the space heater plug gets hot.


It’s A Wrap!

What is the most energy efficient space heater? This question has already been answered with the choices mentioned. So you better choose which is ideal for you. They are more capable of heating your room, making them high quality and great value. You may want to read related articles; know how to prevent space heater from blowing the fuse and how to choose a space heater.

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