What Is The Most Comfortable Mattress You Can Buy

The answer to what is the most comfortable mattress you can buy requires you to understand four factors. First, we’ll go through firmness, thickness, support, and breathability. This article will also discuss various types of beds. 

Furthermore, consider checking which mattress is best for sleeping. There, you can select the most comfortable bed for your sleeping position and body type. Then, apply those additional factors with the ones discussed below. 

what is the most comfortable mattress you can buy


How To Find The Most Comfortable Mattress You Can Buy

It would be easy to list several mattress models and call them the most comfortable in the market. However, you will benefit more if you know the four best factors to consider to ensure that you’ll get the most comfortable mattress. Every person varies in preferences and needs, so selecting the mattress yourself using these factors is much better. 

Once you know what to look for, here are the five best stores to buy a mattress


Ideal firmness

The most comfortable mattress will have the ideal firmness for the sleeper. You can start by familiarizing yourself with the mattress ILD or with the firmness scale to understand the firmness ratings of mattress manufacturers. For example, a mattress rating of 1 will be the softest, and 10 will be the firmest to give you a quick idea. 

A safe firmness rating to guarantee a comfortable mattress is between 6 to 7 on the firmness scale. This is called the medium firmness, where you get some cushioning, but the bed is still firm enough to keep your spine neutral. However, people who need pressure relief should use a softer mattress for the contouring, while individuals who sink too deeply should use a stiffer bed to avoid bad sleeping posture that affects comfort. 


Ideal thickness

The mattress thickness will significantly affect your comfort, but if so, how thick should a mattress be? Ten inches is a good baseline, but you have to consider your sleeping position. For example, back sleepers can sleep on a 12-inch bed, side sleepers can use a 14-inch mattress, while stomach sleepers should use a 10-inch mattress and never anything thicker. 

If you don’t get the ideal mattress thickness, you won’t feel comfortable because your muscles won’t relax due to not being adequately supported. You also have to consider if you are a lightweight individual because a thick or high-profile bed will make it awkward to get in and out of it. On the contrary, if you weigh 230 pounds or more, a thin mattress won’t keep you supported. 



Support is a subjective characteristic of the mattress because every person is different. For example, you might feel more supported in a mattress that follows your body’s contours, while another person might feel more comfortable if the bed doesn’t have any sinkage. Furthermore, you have to compare the type of mattress because some might feel more comfortable in the bounciness of a spring bed, while others prefer the feel of a foam bed. 



Our body temperature changes during sleep, and this can affect comfort, especially during the warmer months. Therefore, the most comfortable mattress should offer good temperature regulation and have features such as a breathable cover or heat-dissipating parts such as gel materials. Some beds also promote better airflow than others, including open-cell foam or springs at the bottom instead of pure foam. 


What Is The Most Comfortable Type Of Mattress?


Foam mattresses

A foam mattress made of memory foam or latex foam will be the most comfortable for you if you need a cradling surface. This characteristic is especially beneficial if you experience body pain because the foam will mold along with the pressure points. If you sleep on your side, you’ll also benefit from a foam mattress because it can keep your shoulders and hips supported. 


Innerspring and hybrid mattresses

People who sleep hot or experience conditions such as night sweats will feel the most comfortable with an innerspring mattress. It has better airflow than a 100% foam bed, but you can also combine the two with a hybrid. A hybrid mattress offers the cushioning of a foam bed but the bounciness and breathability of an air mattress. 


Air mattresses

Since comfort is unique for every person, the adjustability of an air mattress can be beneficial. For example, you can adjust the mattress firmness by releasing or adding air into the bed. And if you want to make the air mattress feel more like a regular bed, you can always use high-quality bedding. 

Some other notable mattresses that might feel comfortable for you are pillow top mattresses or adjustable mattresses. A pillow top has an additional cushion layer for more plushness, while an adjustable bed mattress uses a base to help you modify its angle accordingly. 


What Is The #1 Rated Mattress?

The top-rated mattress is subjected to changes, depending on the criteria you’re using. However, the Nectar memory foam mattress has 36,325 reviews and a rating of 4.8 over 5 on the brand’s website. In addition, it has various awards from Sleep Foundation, USA Today, Tuck Award, and Mattress Advisor from 2019 to 2021. 



We hope this article helped you! To recap what is the most comfortable mattress you can buy, there is not a single model to mention because every person is different. Instead, you have to consider four factors that are influential to comfort. 

They are firmness, thickness, support, and breathability. Please compare the mattress types as well to find which fits your needs and preferences. 

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