What Is The Gift For 16th Wedding Anniversary

Those who want to know what is the gift for 16th wedding anniversary can take inspiration from the traditional and modern symbols of this wedding milestone. But more than wax and silver holloware, we’ll also talk about the stone, flower, and colors of the 16th wedding anniversary, so you’ll have plenty of gift ideas? 

You can also read where to go for our wedding anniversary if you prefer traveling instead of physical gifts. Finally, feel free to browse our blog if you’re curious about the gifts for different marriage milestones.

what is the gift for 16th wedding anniversary


What Is The Traditional 16 Year Anniversary Gift And Modern Alternatives


Traditional gift

The traditional 16th  wedding anniversary gift is wax, which means your gift options range from candles, lipsticks, styling wax, waxing sessions, and other wax-related items and experiences. But, of course, you are not limited to giving wax items, especially if you feel that they are not personal. 

And if you want a more romantic approach, why not just incorporate wax on your date night? For example, light some scented candles for a romantic staycation or use them to set your dinner for two?

You can also visit the wax museum and other places with wax as an occurring theme. Or if you can’t go out of the house because of schedule, it can be a fun bonding activity to write each other letters and then seal them with wax and a custom stamp


Modern gift

If wax anniversary gifts are not you and your spouse’s thing, the next gift idea to try is the modern gift for the 16th wedding anniversary, silver holloware. These items refer to the hollow serving ware from the name itself. 

Think of bowls over spoons, for example. They can make a fantastic addition to the house, and you can even consider having them engraved for your 16th wedding anniversary. 

If silver tableware is hard to find, you can also opt for silver decors or accessories for your spouse. Ultimately, your anniversary gift should be sentimental, even if it’s not the specific symbol for your marriage milestone. 


16th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him 

  • Masculine scented candles
  • Wax grooming kit
  • Silver ring
  • Silver sculpture 
  • Silver cocktail shaker


16th wedding anniversary gift for her

  • Feminine scented candle
  • Spa and wax certificates
  • Wax and stamp kit
  • Silver jewelry
  • Silver tea set


What Are 16 Years Of Marriage Called?

If you’re curious about what is the 16th wedding anniversary called, the clue is its traditional symbol. The 16th wedding anniversary is the wax wedding anniversary, which is quite unique since most marriage milestones are named after metals and stones. 


What is the wax anniversary?

Wax is perfect to symbolize 16 years of marriage because of its physical characteristics. It is a malleable compound that can be solid by also flow.

A relationship that can follow life’s different ups and downs will develop into a strong partnership. And a couple who’s been married for over a decade undoubtedly has proven their marriage’s wax-like characteristics. 


Should you celebrate your 16th wedding anniversary?

Are 16 years of marriage special? The average marriage only lasts around eight years, so if you and your partner have overcome this expected relationship lifespan, your anniversary is undoubtedly worth celebrating.


What Is The Symbol For 16 Years Of Marriage?

Wax is the inspiration for sixteenth-anniversary gift ideas because it is the traditional symbol for 16 years of marriage. This makes the 16th wedding anniversary unique since we are usually familiar with metallic anniversaries.


What is the modern symbol for the 16th wedding anniversary? 

But since wax can be tricky to shop for as a gift, there is also a modern symbol for 16 years of marriage. It is pretty specific, which is silver holloware. 

They are your tablewares that are hollow and made of silver. But for some couples, they use silver as their gift theme. 

And for couples who are ten years younger in married life, here is the 6th wedding anniversary gift


What Stone Is 16 Years Of Marriage?

The stone that represents the 16th wedding anniversary is peridot. Therefore, peridot is also a popular gift idea for celebrating 16 years of marriage. 

You can even get extra creative with your 16th wedding anniversary gift and combine silver and peridot. But what does peridot symbolizes? 

The peridot is associated with compassion, harmony, and peacefulness, which are characteristics of a healthy and lasting marriage. It can even be sentimental to give your partner peridot because it is said that this stone protects from nightmares.


What Flower Is For 16 Years Of Marriage?

The 16th wedding anniversary flower is the statice. It symbolizes lasting success and beauty, which are very sweet to wish for a significant other. 


What Colors Is For 16 Years Of Marriage?

The 16th wedding anniversary color is silver, but red and emerald green are also associated with this marriage milestone. 

Use these colors for your anniversary party theme to remember the 16 years fondly. 



And that’s it! We just learned what is the gift for 16th wedding anniversary, and it can be inspired by wax, silver holloware, or peridot. 

However, don’t limit yourself to this anniversary’s symbols when choosing a gift for your spouse. Instead, pick a sentimental gift that they will appreciate. 

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