What Is The Gift For 12th Year Wedding Anniversary

The answer to what is the gift for 12th year wedding anniversary is silk and linen. We will also give you modern gift ideas for your 12 years of marriage. 

Furthermore, it’s helpful to know the symbol for the 12th wedding anniversary to have more anniversary gift ideas you can try for your husband or wife. And as for the couple who are celebrating half of these years, you can read what is the 6th wedding anniversary gift

what is the gift for 12th year wedding anniversary


What Is The Gift For 12th Year Wedding Anniversary: Anniversary Gift Ideas


What is the traditional gift for the 12th wedding anniversary?

The traditional 12-year anniversary gifts for couples are linen and silk. They are unusual compared to other wedding anniversary gifts, but they also have an exciting symbolism that makes them a unique choice for 12 years of marriage. 

If you’re giving linen for your 12-year wedding anniversary gift, it can be interpreted as a symbol of purity and light. In addition, it can represent a clean slate for the couple who’s been married for 12 years as they enter the following marriage milestones. 

On the other hand, silk represents wealth, which you can take as a sign of prosperity and good luck in the upcoming years. Furthermore, it’s a luxurious material, which is always a gorgeous gift for your significant other. 


What is the modern gift for the 12th wedding anniversary?

If silk and linen don’t seem like the type of wedding anniversary gifts that will suit your spouse, consider the modern 12-year wedding anniversary gift, which is the pearl. Pearls are precious and make the perfect romantic jewelry to celebrate 12 years of marriage. 

It’s also believed that pearls provide protection and attract good luck to whoever owns them. And even if your spouse doesn’t like jewelry, some pearl gift ideas for the 12th wedding anniversary include decors or even a trip to the beach. 


What Is The Symbol For 12 Years Of Marriage?

Pearl is the traditional symbol for the 12th wedding anniversary. That being said, you can use it as inspiration for gift ideas if you want an alternative to traditional gifts: silk and linen. 

You can also consider the stone, flower, and color that represent 12 years of marriage as your 12-year anniversary gift ideas. But of course, you want to give your spouse gifts that are sentimental rather than blindly buying the symbols for the 12th wedding anniversary, 


What stone is 12 years of marriage?

The stone for the 12th wedding anniversary is jade, and it represents wealth, harmony, love, and healing. This makes it also a fantastic 12th wedding anniversary gift for your spouse. 

Alternatively, the stones agate, garnet, and tsavorite are also related to 12 years of marriage. However, jade is easier to source, especially if you want to get creative with your gift. 


What is the flower for 12 year anniversary?

You can also give your partner a bouquet of peonies for your 12th wedding anniversary. Peonies symbolize romance and prosperity, essential for a lasting and happy marriage. 

Sometimes, people also give a white rose to their spouse to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary. It represents eternity, which can serve as a positive outlook on your upcoming married years. 


What is the color for 12 year anniversary?

The colors related to the 12-year wedding anniversary are oyster-white. You can use it as the anniversary party theme as a celebration as your 12-year anniversary gift to your partner. 

It can also be the color of your gifts to your partner for a classy yet sentimental way to commemorate the marriage milestone. Alternatively, jade and opal colors can also be related to the 12th wedding anniversary. 


What Do I Get My Wife For Our 12-Year Anniversary?

Consider these 12th-year anniversary gift ideas for your wife. But ultimately, select something sentimental as it’s always more thoughtful:

  • Silk clothes
  • Linen sheets
  • Linen napkins
  • Pearl jewelry
  • Pearl ornament
  • Bunch of peonies
  • Peony-print clothes
  • Jade jewelry


What do I get my husband for our 12-year anniversary?

For your husband, consider these 12th wedding anniversary gift ideas inspired by the traditional and modern symbols for this marriage milestone:

  • Pearl jewelry
  • Silk clothes
  • 12-year old whiskey
  • Linen sheets
  • Oyster-white watch

You can also plan a trip with your spouse. It doesn’t have to be related to the 12th wedding anniversary, but time away from family and work is always fantastic in alleviating stress.

Here is where to go for a wedding anniversary to keep the romance alive. 


What Are The Marriage Milestones?

The major marriage milestones are the 5th, 10th, 25th, 30th, 40th, and 50th wedding anniversary. However, this doesn’t mean that the 12th wedding anniversary or any other anniversaries are not as significant. 

Always set time and effort to celebrate your marriage milestone, regardless of the duration. Use your anniversary to be present and spend time with your partner, especially in long-term marriages, where appreciation is not always shown to each other. 



And that’s it! You just learned what is the gift for 12th year wedding anniversary, which can be silk or linen. 

Pearls, peonies, jade, and oyster white items can also be fantastic wedding anniversary gift ideas to celebrate 12 years of marriage. However, it can also be a date night or a weekend getaway, whichever you think will make the milestone more enjoyable and sentimental. 

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