What Is The Difference Between California King And King Mattress

Do not worry about what is the difference between California king and king mattress because we will compare them side by side. This article will tell you how they differ in size and even the benefits of each mattress type. It’s always useful to understand how these two compare to help you select the best mattress for sleep

So without further ado, let’s get started. 

what is the difference between california king and king mattress


California King Mattress Vs King Mattress

The main difference between a California king mattress and a king mattress is in their dimensions. The king-size mattress is wider than a California king, while the California king is longer than a king bed. Therefore, they will also differ in the type of sleepers and bedroom size that will work best with each of them. 


California king mattress

  • 72 inches wide and 84 inches long
  • Smaller surface area than a king-size mattress at only 6,048 square inches
  • California king is longer than a king bed, so it benefits tall people
  • The California king is only 72 inches wide compared to the king mattress that is 76 inches wide, which makes it perfect for narrow rooms

If you’re interested in this type of bed, here are the best California king mattresses in the market


King mattress

  • 76 inches wide and 80 inches long
  • The surface area is bigger than a California king at 6,080 square inches
  • The king-size mattress is wider than a California king, so it works well for couples
  • The king-size mattress surface area can accommodate even families who are sharing the bed

Which One Is Better Cal King Or King?

There is no single answer on which is better between a Cal king and king-size bed because every sleeper varies in priority features and expected experience with the mattress. Therefore, you must check the following variables to know how to choose between these two sizes:

Body type and sleeping position

Consider your body type, such as weight and height, to help you pick between a Cal king and a king-size bed. For example, tall individuals will feel more comfortable on the Cal king because it’s 84 inches long. However, you might prefer the wider king mattress if you have a wider body type. 

Another consideration that’s related to your body type is the sleeping position you make. For example, side sleepers will need a wider bed than back or stomach sleepers. You might also move around a lot at night, so it’s better to use the king mattress. 


Solo or sharing the bed

Mattresses larger than the queen-size such as king beds, are rarely used by solo individuals. So if you have a partner, either the California king or king-size mattress would be perfect. However, families will feel more comfortable in the wider king bed, but those who sleep with pets that typically use the foot of the bed will benefit more from the longer Cal king.  


Available bedroom space

Always measure your room to know if you have enough space for the Cal king or king-size bed. The Cal king mattress will be ideal for narrow rooms, while the king bed will make enormous areas look better. Remember that you want enough room space to get in and out of bed comfortably, but the mattress should still be big enough to complement the size of the room. 


General convenience

It’s much easier to find bedding and accessories for the king mattress, but the smaller size of the Cal king makes it cheaper than a king bed. Furthermore, the king bed will need a clear path for your convenience upon delivery. If it’s difficult, consider going for the white glove delivery option. 

This delivery service will have the movers set the bed for you. And if you happen to move to another location, here are some tips for moving a king-size mattress with a pickup truck


Why Is It Called California King?

The California king is named after the state of California, where it was invented. According to the person who made this mattress, the Cal king is the perfect space for houses in California. 


Are California King Sheets Hard To Find?

California king sheets are not as easy to find as the sheets for a king-size mattress. The standard king bed is more common than a Cal king, so its accessories are more widely available. However, it’s common to find sheets and other bedding items for these sizes at the same price. 


Do California king sheets fit king-size beds?

You cannot use the sheets of a California king mattress on a king-size bed. Remember that the standard king has a wider dimension than a Cal king. 



Did this article clear your confusion with the two beds? To recap the answer to the question what is the difference between California king and king mattress, you can think of Cal king as longer, but the king is wider. Therefore, the Cal king is perfect for tall people or homes with narrow bedrooms, while the king bed is perfect for sharing the bed and if you want a mattress size with accessories that are easy to find. 

We hope this article helped you decided which to get between the two, but feel free to ask us any questions that you might still have. 

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