What Is The Difference Between A Stove And A Range? 3 Amazing Differences!

What is the difference between a stove and a range? Of course, they have differences, mainly according to their purpose, appearance, and price. 

Often when we are walking through the kitchen or the mall, we would get confused. When it comes to the kitchen appliances, we bring all mixed up and unsure which is which. Stove and rang are commonly mistaken for each other.

What is the difference between a stove and a range

Now, we will be showing you facts about the two so that you will know the difference between them and how they would vary from one another. They might have the same purpose, to serve food, but there is a big difference in the service they can provide. 


The Differences Between A Stove And A Range

What is the difference between a stove and a range? Knowing more about a stove and a range is excellent, but seeing their differences takes it to a higher level. Now, we will be helping you know each of the first, and we will, later on, proceed to discuss the differences they have in between. Before jumping into their differences, let us first define the two and have more defined differences later. Then, let us see why these two are different and often confuse many consumers upon purchasing. 


What is a stove? 

A stove might be known in so many ways and interpretations, but it isn’t what we all think about it; a furnace is an appliance known to provide heat directly to cook food. Unfortunately, this is also often mistaken as an oven and not only as a range.

There are so many types and designs; some are even enclosed and mistaken as an oven. Stoves used coals and wood as fuel in the old times, but of course, it is now used with gas and electricity because of technology. However, stoves do have tops that support appliances used for cooking. These are called stovetops. It is where you will put the cooking appliance and the part wherein the fire goes through. 


What is a range? 

Let us move forward with the range. This is far from a stove because this is multi-purpose. It has both a stove and an oven. It is a complete package as professionals would way. This has a stove on top, but it comes with a range which makes it far different from a furnace. This one is the most common cooking tool that we can see in every household for it combines both stove and oven already. It is the most preferred because it can help owners save a lot of space and money instead of buying these two separately. 


The Difference Between A Stove And A Range

And now, we have defined both stove and rage. Let us point out their differences one by one to make them even more apparent. We will be listing them down below for you to have better access. 


Difference #1. Their purpose

The first difference we can check out is the purpose they both serve. A stove can provide heat differently, and that’s all about it. On the other hand, the range can do more than that. It can cook food by just trapping heat inside the built-in oven.


Difference #2. Appearance

This should be the first thing you can use to differentiate the two. Stove burners only have a small area, and it is very lightweight. Usually, stoves have just two burners or areas to cook at. On the other hand, the range has four or more stove burners on top of it. 

Ranges would look bulkier and taller. This is because it has an over and stove on it, which explains why it is more cumbersome. You can say that it also looks more complete he is because than a stove. The range has an extra cover layer on top, usually glass, and a furnace does not have that one. 


Difference #3. The price        

The third difference ad probably the last one that we have is the prices they both have. So knowing the first two differences can affect the third one, which we are discussing right now. And that’s about the cost of each. So, we do know that they have different purposes or uses. One is to cook directly while one has an oven. When it comes to appearance, one is more extensive and complex. Now, that can affect big time on their prices. 

A multi-purpose one is understood to be somewhat more expensive. This is because it has a significant meaning and has more materials used while making it. Now, the price of a stove could be 1/5 only of the cost of your range. So, again, if you are planning to buy one, invest for the more significant investment. 

There are so many differences that we pointed out, if you want to know more about those ovens, stoves, ranges: what’s the difference? On the other hand, if you are interested in learning more about stoves, here’s a good topic about how to clean a black stove.



What is the difference between a stove and a range? And finally, we have answered the topic we have today. You can now check out both without getting confused and mixed thoughts. A bonus for you is a recommended reading about how many watts does a stove use.

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