What Is The Best Website For Wedding Invitations

Consider the top five websites if you don’t know what is the best website for wedding invitations. We’ll compare each website to help you make the most appealing invites that suit your needs and budget. 

Furthermore, you’ll learn the etiquette for online wedding invitations. And if you want only to use your Word at home, here’s how to make wedding invitations on Microsoft Word

what is the best website for wedding invitations


What Is The Best Website For Wedding Invitations To Try



One of the best websites to try for all your wedding needs is Etsy. And for wedding invites, you have a selection of affordable but gorgeous designs on Etsy

Etsy sellers offer an abundant selection of wedding invitation types and designs. For example, you may want to DIY your wedding invitations so that you can purchase a template on Etsy for under $11. 

You can edit and print it at home after changing the wording and adding images to the invitation set that includes the RSVP. Alternatively, Etsy also offers a trendy acrylic wedding invitation, which costs under $2 and has over 2,000 customers. 



When it comes to templates for invitations for weddings, the best website to try would have to be Shutterfly. They are relatively affordable from a starting price of under $2, and there’s a vast collection of themes and designs to match your wedding. 

You can also take advantage of Shutterfly’s website to find the format you want for your invitations. Perhaps you want a tri-fold or a simple flat invitation, for example. 

The only potential limitation in using this website for wedding invitations is some people might find the designs too suitable for younger and modern couples. Regardless, consider browsing their vintage or classic designs for invitations that would be perfect even for older couples. 


Paper Source

A popular stationery store for weddings and other occasions is Paper Source. And if you want invites that would wow the guests, you can browse the options from famous designers like Oscar de la Renta through this website. 

A plus with using Paper Source is you can build your wedding invitation suite on this website alone. Compared to other options where the only templates available are for the main invitation card, you can also do the other cards you need for the suite on this website. 

An invitation suite will look classier if it uses a single theme. Furthermore, you can get your wedding announcements and thank you cards from Paper Source. 



While Zola is more commonly used for the wedding registry, you can also do your invites on this popular wedding website. You can even make your matching suite in Zola for a more organized way of informing your guests of everything they’ll need to know for the wedding. 

A relatively affordable design is the Roberts Portrait at $1.99 as of this writing. It’s a standard 5 x 7-inch invitation, and you can select its color, foil color, paper, and silhouette. 

If needed, you can add matching wedding stationery such as a thank you card. And best of all, Zola is generous with freebies like addressing, shipping, envelopes, change the dates, or you can get back print and QR codes. 



Besides Zola, Minted is another popular wedding website offering wedding invitations. With Minted, you’ll get free addressing and custom envelopes as well. 

And if you need a suite because of the information you have for the guests, you can browse through Minted’s designs that will suit anywhere from romantic to contemporary themes. A specific invitation suite to consider in Minted is the Softly Swept theme. 

You’ll get 100 pieces for $251, and you can even get a matching accessory like the belly band. 


What Are The Best Free Online Invitations?

Canva offers a free invitation maker if you have no budget to purchase a template. You can also make one at home using Microsoft Word and print them yourself. 

For Canva, you can use their templates or create from scratch. To save time, do the former, so you only need to input text and images to personalize your online invites. 

Once done, you can download and print the invitation. Some couples considering online invites can also share what they made. 


Is It Okay To Do Online Wedding Invitations?

It’s okay to do online wedding invitations to save on postage costs, especially for intimate weddings. Instead of spending on mail, you can send your invites by sharing them online with your guests. 

However, ensure that your guests will see the invitations, and they won’t forget to RSVP. You can also talk to the household members of guests who are not well-versed in using the web. 

Some websites offer an easy way for the guests to RSVP, so check them out for easier organizing your guest list. 

But another way to save on invitation costs is to print them yourself. Here’s how to print wedding invitations at home for an easy tutorial. 



And that’s it! To recap what is the best website for wedding invitations, try Etsy, Shutterfly, Paper Source, Zola, and Minted. 

Etsy offers physical invites, while the other websites provide affordable templates for different wedding themes. And for a free invitation maker, try Canva or do your invites at home using Word. 

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