What Is The Best Industrial Sewing Machine: Top 3

We found what is the best industrial sewing machine from the top three brands in the market. This list includes industrial machines for overlocking and even zigzag locking. 

We’ll also discuss whether getting an industrial sewing machine is worth it and what makes a unit industrial. Additionally, do you know what is the best heavy-duty sewing machine?

what is the best industrial sewing machine

Some might say any industrial machine is automatically heavy-duty, but not all industrial units can sew heavyweight materials. So it’s crucial to get a suitable machine for the materials you’re working with. 


What Is The Best Industrial Sewing Machine To Buy?


Juki MO-6800S 

Juki is among the top brands to check when buying an industrial sewing machine. And if you’re looking for a model for overlocking or safety stitching, the best one to get is the Juki MO-6800S

This machine is capable of 7,000 stitches per minute, and it even uses a so-called dry technology to prevent oil stains on your sewing projects. The machine head also bears the control box and operation panel for intuitive use with energy consumption worth praising. 

Some additional notable features on the Juki MO-6800S include the automatic thread trimmer and fabric sensor. This way, you won’t accidentally use the cutter if there is no material. 

If you’re interested to know more about this brand, read who makes Juki sewing machines


Brother Z-8560A

Brother offers an array of notable industrial sewing machines. But if you need a model capable of zigzag lock stitches, get the Brother Z-8560A that also has a thread trimmer.

Sewing with the Brother Z-8560A won’t let you down regardless of your speed because it’s designed to prevent slippage and needle deflection. This ensures perfect zigzag stitches each time when working on projects fast. 

There are even 14 sewing patterns built-in, and you can store your own with the CF card. And finally, do not worry about getting oil stains on your material because of the machine’s sealed oil tank. 


Consew CP206RL 

When looking for industrial sewing machines, you can expect that among the top recommendations come from Consew. In particular, you can get the lockstitch model, the Consew CP206RL

Consew CP206RL is a single-needle lockstitch machine with a horizontal oscillating hook. It’s capable of working with most materials ranging from light fabrics to even upholstery and laminated materials. 

So if you’re getting an industrial sewing machine for making heavy-duty products and equipment such as those used for sports and outdoors, it would be ideal for getting something as powerful as the Consew CP206RL. It even comes with its own hard plastic case if you need to bring your machine with you. 

Do you want to get an idea of how to set up a Consew machine? Here’s a tutorial on how to thread a Consew sewing machine


Is An Industrial Sewing Machine Worth It?

Do you need an industrial sewing machine? Should you buy an industrial sewing machine?

The answer to these questions depends on what you expect about the capacity and performance of your sewing machine. This is especially crucial since industrial sewing projects are demanding not just with time but also consistent quality. 

Sewing businesses must always produce high-quality products according to the demand of buyers. Therefore, it’s worth investing in an industrial sewing machine because it’s designed to work fast and provide quality stitches, regardless of the material. 

While your regular sewing machine might work for a few months doing industrial projects, chances are it will give out quickly, or you’ll feel limited with its capacity. But if you’re only doing regular sewing and occasional mini-projects, then a powerful household machine should suffice. 


What Makes A Sewing Machine Industrial?

A sewing machine is considered industrial if it is powerful enough for mass production without inconsistencies in quality. It will also work quickly to match the demands of the business. 

And when getting an industrial sewing machine, you’ll come across various types:

  • Single needle/double needle lock stitch machines that are useful for joining multiple fabrics together 
  • Overlock machines for serging projects and ensure secured overedge stitches seen in garments
  • Flatlock machines that will make perfect hems or decorative stitches to add interest to the project

There are also other industrial machines for specific tasks like the bartack machine for reinforcing seams, button attaching and buttonhole machines to install buttons quickly and precisely, and zigzag machines for creating perfect zigzag stitches each time.


What Is The Difference Between A Home And An Industrial Sewing Machine?


Home sewing machine

  • Designed for domestic use only 
  • Equipped with various types of stitches 
  • Relatively low maintenance
  • More affordable than industrial sewing machines
  • Not as fast performing as industrial machines
  • May not be compatible with sewing heavyweight fabrics
  • More portable than industrial machines


Industrial sewing machine

  • Often designed for a specific sewing task, e.g., zigzag stitches or overedge stitches only
  • Pricey
  • Maintenance is not as straightforward as domestic sewing machines
  • Sews fast
  • Most can work with heavyweight fabrics
  • Can handle daily wear and tear 
  • Heavy 



And that’s it! We just reviewed what is the best industrial sewing machine and considered models from Juki, Brother, and Consew. 

They include overlocking and zigzag machines to perform according to the demands of mass production. As a result, you won’t feel limited with speed and power, and they are all designed to withstand the abuse from daily quick sewing. 

We hope this was a good list. Leave us a question if you have any. 

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