What Is The Best Indoor Propane Heater? 3 Interesting Choices!

What is the best indoor propane heater? Given the myriad of options in the market, choosing the best indoor propane heater can get tricky. This type of heater is cheaper to operate, and it can quickly warm up the room, making them a better option than an electric or traditional room heater. 

Some models are also portable and compact, making them ideal for outdoor heating, such as camping. This can also be used for patio heating.

what is the best indoor propane heater

When choosing one out of the many indoor propane heater models available, some things have to be considered. You need to specifically look for some features to ensure that you get the best model suitable for your heating needs. 


Considerations To Choose The Best Indoor Propane Heater

You should analyze the product’s features before you proceed to the purchase. This wouldn’t be easy, but do not worry because this buying guide will be of great help. Below are the main aspects to consider when buying.


#1. Heating capacity

The main reason for getting an indoor heater is to heat your room. As such, a model’s heating capacity is crucial. This can be assessed by checking the BTU. The best propane heaters have a heating capacity ranging between 8000 Btu and 68000 BTU. It would help if you also considered your heating area since it will affect this. 


#2. Portability

This feature is essential if you intend to use your heater in various locations. You may want to place it in your kitchen, sleeping room, living room, or anywhere in the house. Furthermore, you may be thinking of carrying it to your workplace so that the work environment will have a controlled temperature. You can even use this device for camping. It will serve as your heating device when the weather is cold on the day of your trip. Both the weight and size of the heater will define its portability. If the device is too large, it may not fit in the space. On the other hand, if it is heavy, you can hardly carry it. 


#3. Size

Given that this is an indoor appliance, its size would also play a crucial role in your choice. Just like with other indoor devices, a compact size should be considered so that you can save more space in the room. Plus, it will not add to the clutter in the storage area. However, bear in mind that smaller devices tend to lack power. With that being said, if you need a high power output, then you should choose a bigger model. So before you buy the product, check its power requirement first. Also, check the space in your room to ensure that you will get the right size. 


#4. Reliability

A heater is composed of various critical parts. If those parts fail, it can make the heater discordant or worse. It will be useless. To ensure that it will not fail for an extended period, you should check the reliability of the heater. This is primarily dependent on its build quality as well as its parts. The parts used to manufacture the model should be of quality. Although you cannot check each feature, you can determine the allotted warranty period. If any parts fail within that period, you can have them replaced or repaired without cost.


Best Indoor Propane Heater Indoor To Choose From

Again, it can be a bit confusing to choose what is the best indoor propane heater since there is a wide variety of options available. But after you have read the buying guide above, I guess the selection process was made even easier for you. But to make things even simpler at your end, we have included here some of the best options available to narrow the choices for you even more. Read below and see which one can work best for you while considering the abovementioned factors. You may also want to read about how to safely use a propane heater indoors.


#1. Dura Heat

This propane heater is the most affordable option. But despite its lower price, it provides about 1000 sq. ft. heating. It only weighs 4 pounds – its propane tank is not included, making it very portable.


#2. Dewalt

If you want your indoor propane heater to be more heavy-duty, then this one is for you. It features immense heating capacity amounted to 68000 BTU. You can use this for your professional work. Plus, it is backed up by its 2-year warranty.


#3. Mr. Heater

If you are looking for an indoor propane heater that you can fit into your wall, then this one is the right choice. This premium option offers a heating capacity amounting to 9000 BTU. 


It’s A Wrap!

During winter or colder nights, the best indoor propane can provide you with warmth and comfort as you sleep. An open fire can make you relax. Propane heaters can give the same feeling but with lesser investment and higher safety. Now, if you ask again: what is the best indoor propane heater? Then it is the one that can suit your needs.

Essentially, what’s best for me may not be the best for you. I am trying to say that you need to consider your heating needs plus the factors above to come up with the right choice. You may want to read related articles; know how much propane does a 30,000 BTU heater use and how to fix a propane heater.

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