What Is The Best Firm Mattress On The Market: Top 5

Those curious about what is the best firm mattress on the market can check these five brands. In addition, this article offers a selection of firm beds that would be ideal for sleepers that need a stiffer sleeping surface. Some of them are even flippable to give you another option. 

However, do you know what the most comfortable mattress you can buy is? Remember that mattress firmness is not the sole factor that dictates comfort. It’s not enough that you know the answer to the best firm mattress brand, but you must also understand if a firm bed is for you.

what is the best firm mattress on the market


Which Is The Best Firm Mattress To Buy?


Plank mattress

According to Plank, their Plank mattress is the firmest, flattest, and healthiest way to sleep. If you’re familiar with the mattress firmness scale, this bed is rated between 7.5 to 9, so you know that it is even firmer than your typical firm mattress in the market. More so, what makes the Plank mattress the best firmest mattress on the market is that it is flippable, so you’ll get the ideal feel for your body type and sleeping position. 

On one side, you get a 0.75-inch quilted layer without a loft, so it’s an ultra-firm experience. On the other side, Plank has a 1.5-inch quilted layer with a bit of loft for something firm, but the tack-and-jump stitching adds some texture. And if you need more convincing, the manufacturer behind the Plank mattress is Brooklyn Bedding!


Helix Dawn Luxe mattress

Stomach sleepers and some people who sleep on their back will feel more supported sleeping on a solid bed. And for those who want a mattress that doesn’t give can consider the Helix Dawn Luxe from Helix. It has firm top layers, but you won’t lose contouring thanks to the zoned lumbar support and Helix Dynamic foam. 

The comfort layer of the Helix Dawn Luxe mattress uses gel Visco, so you know that the firm feel still offers some cushioning. On the other hand, the support layer has a higher IFD so that you won’t experience sagging and successfully maintain a neutral posture. To know more about how IFD works in foam beds, read this IFD mattress guide


Bear mattress

Another firm mattress that will be perfect for back sleepers is the Original Bear mattress. It has a firmness rating of 7.1, and the brand describes it as a bed with a solid support core and some softness at the top to make it feel medium-firm. And best of all, the Original Bear mattress has no break-in period. 

For the other features worth noting, the Bear mattress is 100% made in America, and it is certified clean and non-toxic. With this foam bed, you won’t also experience heat retention because Bear uses graphite gel memory foam, open-cell construction, and a breathable cover. And for those on a budget, you can get a queen-size Original Bear mattress for only under $1,000. 


Tempur ProAdapt

When it comes to pressure relief, Tempurpedic mattresses easily top the list. And if you want a firm Tempur bed, you can consider the Tempur ProAdapt in firm with a rating of 7 on the firmness scale. In addition, it uses the brand’s APR material, which offers advanced pressure-relieving power to keep aches and pains at bay.

People who sleep on their stomachs or heavier individuals will feel best in ProAdapt. It wouldn’t conform and give you a feeling of being swallowed by the bed. And if both you and your partner are compatible with firm beds, you won’t also experience annoying motion transfer with the Tempur ProAdapt.


Layla hybrid mattress

You might want a firm mattress but without letting go of the possibility that you can feel comfortable on a soft bed. If this is the case, try the Layla hybrid mattress, a flippable bed that comes in soft and firm. One side is rated 4, and the other is rated 7 on the firmness scale, so you get the best of both worlds. 

Another feature worth appreciating with this hybrid model from Layla is you can use it on an adjustable base. Its coil system can withstand the demand of a flexible base, so you can still get your desired angle while sleeping on a firm surface. The copper in this mattress even helps with temperature regulation antimicrobial features. 


What Mattress Is Most Firm?

The firmest mattress is any model rated 8 to 10 on the firmness scale. Some brands also consider 7 as firm, but others call it medium-firm. These hard beds are suitable for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and heavy sleepers to avoid sinking too deeply, affecting the spine. 


Which is the best firm mattress?

In the list above, the firmest bed on the market that will still feel comfortable for use is the Plank mattress. However, please check if this rating is ideal for your body type and sleeping position. For example, people under 130 pounds or sleep on their side are better with medium or soft beds for comfort and support. 



And that’s it! To recap what is the best firm mattress on the market, you can try the brands: Plank, Helix, Bear, Tempur, and Layla. These beds range from rated 7 to 9, and some of them are even flippable if you want something a tad softer. 

We hope you learned a lot from this list. Let us know if you have more questions below. 


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