What Is The Best Cleaner To Use In A Pressure Washer? 6 Best Options!

What is the best cleaner to use in a pressure washer? There are many various cleaners to use in a pressure washer like the Sun Joe cleaner, Oxy Solve cleaner, Simple Green, Karcher car wash & Wax soap, and more.

Pressure washing involves using a high-pressure form of water spray alongside an excellent cleaner to remove mold, grime, dust, & stains.

what is the best cleaner to use in a pressure washer

The combination removes marks, deep stains, and coatings of erosion in equipment and other related structural surfaces. Always select the right cleaner, correct technique, and right equipment. Then, buy any specific pressure washer cleaner from online stores or markets. So let’s have a deep look at it!


Chemicals In The Cleaners Used In Pressure Washer

Each brand or company opts for different procedures and products to manufacture pressure washer cleaners. They utilize a chemical alternative or washing cleaner. Nonetheless, chemicals stay the same and in common. Below are the chemicals and specific terms often found in the label of a cleaner’s bottle.


#1. Citric acid

This acid form helps remove stains that stick with wood and concrete surfaces.


#2. Vinegar

Vinegar is very acidic and is useful as a cleaning agent. It’s proven safe and gentle for most surfaces like windows, kitchen surfaces, glass surfaces, and more.


#3. Oxalic acid

This ingredient helps clean rust in metal surfaces.


#4. Ammonia

Ammonia is very effective when you clean stainless steel and glass surfaces.


#5. Sodium hydroxide

This ingredient is beneficial when removing oily, fat stains and grease, particularly from steel and glass surfaces.


#6. Sodium hypochlorite

This substance contains chloride proven to remove stains and disinfect surfaces effectively.


#7. Potassium hydroxide

This makes an essential ingredient in the manufacture of liquid and soft soaps.


#8. Bleach

Bleach makes a perfect combination of sodium chloride and sodium hydroxide. It serves as a disinfectant and a sanitizer to remove mold and mildew effectively. Well, my friends, you should know that you can use bleach in a pressure washer.


Best Cleaner Products To Use In A Pressure Washer

A lot of cleaner products are serving their cleaning purposes. Always look at the labeled manual instructions of a pressure washer. Check as well if the brand or the company suggests them. So, what is the best cleaner to use in a pressure washer? Here are the options that you can opt to:


#1. Oxy solve

This residential cleaner in a pressure washer is also suitable for outdoor cleaning. It brings a significant impact for multiple cleaning purposes. It comes with several features: it works with peroxide, is green in its color, removes mildew, stains, and algae, makes up to twenty-one gallons, has non-toxic ingredients, is not harsh to the skin, & more. The Oxy Solve is very environmentally-friendly and safe without harming your body and skin. It’s suitable for metal surfaces, vinyl, fabric, wood, stone, asphalt, plastic, and concrete. Plus, it cleans through stains and synthetic grime.


#2. Karcher car type wash

The product is manufactured explicitly for cleaning vehicles using a pressure washer. This is useful for cleaning a car and providing a shine, too, plus it is proven safe when used for pressure washers. It comes with a two-in-one car wash and wax & thick foaming type of formula. It nevertheless is useful for deck cleaning and exterior window cleaning. It’s offered in the average price range, plus it makes up to twenty gallons.


#3. 13005 CT, simple green

This industrial cleaning product is helpful for de-grease and cleaning. It comes with a potent formula that removes greases and stains easily. It’s an alternative for cleaners with toxic and harsh formulas. It’s useful for surfaces plus washable surfaces such as carpets, tiles, floors, and sinks. In addition, it helps with cleaning grease stains, machines, floors, and vehicles.


#4. 13421 pro, simple green

For handling heavy-duty cleaning tasks, use the product from Simple Green. It’s carefully developed to handle various applications while it provides various services like cleaning the floors, walls, kitchens, vehicles, and industrial equipment. Remove the toughest stains, lubricants, paints, dust, corrosive products, and more. This non-toxic product is also proven safe with metal surfaces for being non-corrosive.


#5. Simple green for house sidings

Use this product for cleaning house siding and working with bricks, aluminum, vinyl, and wood. It doesn’t have any harsh nature, and it never corrodes mortar, metals, and plastic sidings. However, it does remove the most difficult stains while it cleans dirt, mildew, algae, and stains. What’s more, the formula is biodegradable and non-toxic. Above all, it is proven to be environment-friendly without harm to pets and landscaping plants.


#6. SPX-HDC1G, sun joe

The best cleaner choice in a pressure washer, plus it’s also highly recommended. It’s suitable for cleaning purposes in any pressure washer you have around. It’s environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable. It is free from bleach that makes it safer when used. It helps handle tough stains, either grime, greasy, dirt, mildew, and more. Brush and mop using this cleaner for cleaning the wood, floors, and walls. Here’s how to use Sun Joe pressure washer.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what is the best cleaner to use in a pressure washer comes the ingredients included in the products and the commercial products to buy in the market and online stores. Choose whether you want the Sun Joe cleaner, Oxy Solve cleaner, Simple Green, Karcher car wash & wax soap, and more for your pressure washer. And so, you’re good to go!

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