What Is The Best Above Ground Pool Heater? 5 Best Options!

What is the best above ground pool heater? We’ve listed various brands of pool heaters below; these are a part of the latest innovations, with their usability and functionality enhanced.

For sure, you will find these pool heaters useful for regulating pool temperature, thus, enabling you to gain more enjoyment and use of the pool.

What is the best above ground pool heater

Much more, you’ll be amazed that these are available in different types. They also utilize various heating principles ensuring a warm pool. People would enjoy the swimming experience despite the weather conditions. Let us discuss more on this below, and keep reading!


What Are The Best Above Ground Pool Heaters?

Here are the best choices for an above-ground pool heater.


#1. GAME 4721

This is a popular solar pool heater effective when reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as this is also loved and built with quality in mind ensuring long-term service. It promises greater versatility when searching areas to place or mount the heater and use, and is smaller in size, thereby allowing greater versatility for various pool sizes. In contrast, the smaller pools can be more advantageous by adding 1 or 2 panels. Its adjustable legs enable you to angle it facing the sun and place it in the mulch area. The thing requires plumbing its lines, electric lines, and no need for gas lines.


#2. Smartpool WWS421P

This is an economic solar-type panel that heats pools with sunlight. This can increase water temperature by six to ten degrees under such normal conditions, with premium design. The device can heat pool water equal to the gas heater and under direct sunlight, as this kit comes with two pieces of 2ft by 20 ft panels that take up 4 feet by 20 feet or 2 feet by 80 feet. It is suitable for bigger above-ground pools of 20,000 gallons in sunny climates, as it’s about 15,000 gallons in the northern climates but with less sun. It is beneficial as it is manufactured using long-lasting and quality polypropylene. It has 2-headed elbow adapters, a direct flow system, and temperature increases from six to ten degrees.


#3. FibroPool FH120

This electric heater is suitable for above-ground and ground pools to utilize a 120-volt supply of electric sources for heating. It comes with an eight-foot cable 110-volt plug, a standardized wall outlet of a three-prong cord that depends upon the installation site that you must operate an extra line or a heavier thread in the installation. Nonetheless, it relies on the size of the wire, distance, and pool pump size.

The standard size in the US is 12-gauge carrying 20- amperes, but the standard GFI outlet is 15-amperes. So, what is the amount of amperes your pool pump has? This device adds 10-ampere to the electrical needs. This device is as cost-effective as a water heater operating under such climate conditions. It promises cost-effective operation and heats a pool a lot faster.


#4. Goplus Solar Dome

This pool heater features a bypass kit alongside distinct features. It is fantastic as a compact heater with a minimal footprint, making it suitable among pool owners desiring a heater facing the south. This circular heater is 9-inch in diameter, and its coil piping system is in the transparent enclosure and dome-shaped encapsulation. The shape brings about a greenhouse effect while it increases the surface area in the pool water.

Moreover, this heater raises water temperature by 5 degrees, which is less than the solar heater; you only have two in the connection for bigger pools reaching adequate heat increase output. It is beneficial because it minimizes space and has a simple and excellent design. It is cost-effective, making it the best solar heater for small pools. Indeed, it is more cost-efficient than the powered ones, electric or gas, as it is easier when installed and maintained since it is a little flexible compared to other panels. It may be helpful to read about  solar dome instructions.


#5. Sun2Solar Ground

What is the best above ground pool heater? The Sun2Solar Ground is also the best for its two solar panels that measure 2-inch by 20-inch, making it suitable for above-ground and in-ground pools. It features a black polyolefin that is very flexible and lightweight when guarding against ultraviolet light and absorbing solar heat. Plus, it features a 5-year warranty, and it is small in size while it is very efficient. The panel increases the temperature by ten degrees in such a typical situation, while the solar kit demands a 20-feet and 40-feet area, laying it out correctly. It is also mainly used for more concrete pools, like 15,000-gallons.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn the answer to what is the best above ground pool heater. It’s up to you to choose from only the best selections of GAME 4721, Goplus Solar Dome, Sun2Solar Ground Mounted, FibroPool FH120, Hayward Universal H-Series Pool, Spa Heater, Solar Pool Heater Pick, and Smartpool WWS421P. Any of these choices is the best, so get ready your budget. But, regulate pool temperature in any heaters to enjoy and use the pool even more. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to install an electric pool heater and how much does a solar pool heater cost.

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