What Is The 6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you want to know what is the 6th wedding anniversary gift, you can consider two things. They are traditional gifts based on the symbols associated with the 6th wedding anniversary. 

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what is the 6th wedding anniversary gift


What Is The Traditional 6th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

There are two 6th marriage anniversary gift ideas: candy or sugar and iron. You can use them as inspiration when selecting a gift or include them as the theme of whatever item you’ll give for the 6th wedding anniversary. 

Besides the traditional gift for gift ideas, note that there is also a modern 6th-anniversary wedding gift. It is the wood, which can be your choice if you don’t want or can’t find a candy or iron gift. 

With something sweet like candy or sugar, something strong like iron, or something rustic like wood relating to the 6th wedding anniversary, here are some unique, thoughtful, and creative anniversary gift ideas to give him or her or even to the couple if you know those celebrating this marriage milestone:


Traditional 6th wedding anniversary: candy/sugar anniversary gift ideas

  • Candy gift basket
  • Personalized candies
  • Handmade chocolates
  • Chocolate wheel
  • Chocolate fondue set
  • Cotton candy maker
  • Quirky candy making kit
  • Sweet liqueurs
  • Selected treat box of your partner’s favorites sweets
  • Candy lingerie


Traditional 6th wedding anniversary: iron anniversary gift ideas

  • Iron cookware
  • Iron home decor
  • Personalized iron jewelry
  • Iron sculptures
  • Iron home decor
  • Iron fireplace tools 


Modern 6th wedding anniversary: Wooden anniversary gift ideas

  • Wooden decors
  • Wooden utensil seat
  • Matching wooden watches
  • Unique wooden boardgames
  • Customized wooden coasters


What Is The Symbol For The 6th Wedding Anniversary?

There are two symbols associated with the 6th wedding anniversary. The main one is iron, but some sources mention sugar, specifically candy, as the symbol for the 6th wedding anniversary. 

In terms of symbolism, both are pretty fitting for a couple who’s been married for six years. And while the 6th wedding anniversary is not as widely celebrated as the 5th wedding anniversary like other odd-numbered anniversaries, you will find that it has a modern symbol: wood. 

Iron items will make fantastic traditional 6th wedding anniversary gifts as iron itself represent strength, which all relationships must have. On the other hand, candy as another traditional 6th anniversary gift can also be seen as the relationship’s reward and pleasure.

Finally, wooden anniversary gifts are as fitting, especially if you want a modern or contemporary 6th wedding anniversary. After all, it represents life and growth, which is probably just starting once you overcome the 6th year of marriage. 


What is the gemstone for the 6 year wedding anniversary?

There are two gemstones associated with the 6th wedding anniversary: turquoise and amethyst. More than being beautiful gems, these two are also associated with characteristics you can wish for in a relationship that has already proven itself for six years. 

For instance, turquoise represents tranquility and endurance, while amethyst is related to trust and understanding. Note that these are essential components for a lasting relationship, so you can also consider these gems as gifts for your partner. 


What is the color for the 6 year wedding anniversary?

Another fantastic 6th-year wedding anniversary gift would be a surprise party for your significant other. But to make it more fitting for the celebration, use the 6th wedding anniversary color, white, as the party theme. 

The gem colors of amethyst and turquoise can also be incorporated into your 6th wedding anniversary party. And of course, don’t forget to integrate iron, candy, and wooden elements in the decors. 


What is the flower for the 6 year wedding anniversary?

Do you prefer to surprise your spouse with a bouquet on your wedding anniversary? Consider the flower related to this occasion, the beautiful calla lily. 

The meaning of calla lily is often related to fertility. Some couples who get married early on might wait for several years before deciding to have a family. 

If you and your spouse think it’s finally the right time to have a child, then a calla lily bouquet on your 6th wedding anniversary can be considered good luck.


How To Celebrate The 6th Wedding Anniversary?

  • Consider doing a woodworking project
  • Visit a candy factory together
  • Try candy tasting
  • Participate in pastry cooking classes
  • Rent a weekend cabin 
  • Go to rustic-themed parks and activity centers
  • Have an intimate party using white, amethyst, and turquoise colors as the theme
  • Have a staycation watching your favorite movies
  • Surprise spa date
  • Out-of-the-country getaway



And that’s it! We just found out what is the 6th wedding anniversary gift which is anything inspired by candy, iron, or wood. 

You can also consider turquoise, amethyst, or a bouquet of calla lilies since these are all symbols of a 6-year marriage. However, you can also do dates and activities associated with candies, iron, and wood. 

Do you want to surprise your spouse with a handmade ring from wood? Check this tutorial on how to make a wedding ring for a unique 6th wedding anniversary gift. 

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