What Is The 65th Wedding Anniversary Called

The answer to what is the 65th wedding anniversary called is blue sapphire. But why is this the chosen traditional symbol for this marriage milestone?

We’ll discuss everything to know about celebrating and commemorating 65 years of marriage. And if you have other curious questions regarding marriage milestones and durations, we recommend browsing our blog. 

what is the 65th wedding anniversary called

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What Is The 65th Wedding Anniversary Called?


Blue sapphire anniversary

The 65 years of marriage is called the blue sapphire wedding anniversary. The gorgeous blue gemstone fits this marriage milestone as blue sapphires were believed to offer good fortune and protection. 

For a couple to be married for over 50 years, they can only look forward to the best years as the blue sapphire gemstone embody. Furthermore, blue sapphire is also known to symbolize loyalty, which any couple who has been together for 65 years has proven with flying colors. 

Interestingly, the 65 wedding anniversary is also called other names in different countries, so don’t be confused if it’s not referred to as the blue sapphire anniversary sometimes. For example, it is also related to platinum, iron, rosewood, castles, and blue hydrangeas. 


Is 65 Years A Special Wedding Anniversary?

Being married for 65 years is indeed a significant and special milestone. After all, you’ve lasted together longer than the 60th or diamond wedding anniversary. 

While the 65th wedding anniversary is not a major celebration like the 50th or 60 years of marriage, it deserves recognition as with all wedding anniversaries. But what makes the 65th wedding anniversary extra special is it’s not commonly seen nowadays. 

Couples in the US typically only last between 7 to 8 years, so imagine how surprising it would be for anyone to know a couple that last eight times longer than the statistics. So if you and your spouse or perhaps your parents have been married for 65 years, familiarize yourself with the symbols and celebrate this notable and incredibly rare milestone. 


What Is The Symbol For 65 Years Of Marriage?

The traditional and modern symbol for the 65th wedding anniversary is the gemstone blue sapphire. This gorgeous stone fits the rare and impressive marriage duration because blue sapphire is thought to enhance your wisdom and integrity.

Of course, younger couples can always look up to couples who lasted and endured more than 50 years of marriage. Furthermore, loyalty, hope, and abundance are correlated to the blue sapphire, all of which are essential elements of a long-lasting marriage. 


What color is the 65th wedding anniversary?

Like the gemstone of the 65th wedding anniversary, blue is the color assigned to symbolize this marriage duration. In particular, the calming sky blue is the color of the 65th wedding anniversary.

Sky blue is suitable for commemorating 65 years of marriage as the calming shade conveys peace, trust, loyalty, and even infinity. When you’ve been with your spouse for 65 years, there is always a sense of peace and understanding as you know them to the core and you’ve been through different challenges together. 


What flower is the 65th wedding anniversary?

Another blue-colored symbol for the 65th wedding anniversary is the blue hydrangea. This is the flower for 65 years of marriage, representing apology.

Conflicts are typical in any relationship, especially long-term ones. Understandably, we get uncomfortable with the idea of regret and apologies, but a healthy relationship values sincerity and admitting mistakes. 

Perhaps the secret to marriage over 60 years is knowing when to apologize and how to apologize when needed. Therefore, don’t be scared to give your partner a bouquet of blue hydrangeas as you welcome more years of marriage. 


What Is The Gift For 65 Years?

The perfect gift for the 65th wedding anniversary is its symbol: blue sapphire. The blue sapphire is thought to provide protection and expression. 

You can consider giving your spouse blue sapphire jewelry as protection from evil and harm. It is even a famous stone for rings because of its long-lasting and romantic characteristics. 

Read what anniversary do you upgrade wedding rings as you may want to incorporate this gemstone into your bands. 

Here are some more gift ideas for him and her when celebrating 65 years of marriage:


65th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

  • Blue sapphire wedding ring upgrade
  • Blue sapphire watch
  • Blue label liquor
  • Blue clothes such as suits or accessories like belts, ties, etc
  • Blue shoes


65th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

  • Blue sapphire wedding ring upgrade
  • Blue hydrangea bouquet
  • Blue pastries and sweets
  • Blue dress, shoes, or bags
  • Blue makeup

Note that you don’t have to limit yourselves with gifts. A date or trip for two is always appreciated as you talk about how far you’ve come with the relationship. 



And that’s it! To recap what is the 65th wedding anniversary called, it is the blue sapphire wedding anniversary. 

This rare and inspiring marriage milestone is worth commemorating as most marriages nowadays don’t even last for 10 years. And best of all, the symbol blue sapphire is very fitting for jewelry, especially if you’re looking to upgrade your wedding bands. 

Let us know below how you think you’ll celebrate this milestone!

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